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Anti-Sharia Rally In Austin Spotlights Brain Dead Left

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June 10, 2017 ACT for America, led by worldwide Islamic terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel staged roughly 30 anti sharia rallys in cities throughout America to bring typical Americans deal with to face with those that would support honor killings, female mutilation, and a creeping non conformist sharia law into the final holdout referred to as these United States of America.

Lauren Morris, a victim of female mutilation spoke in uniformity with the victims of sharia law currently impacting females in the United States.

As anticipated, the Soros shill patrol known as Antifa was in full impact. Offering no topics for a reasonable dispute. Their mind numbing teenage shrills a reverse of the designated impact of dividing the Americans that gathered to question their moronic subversion. Actually bringing average tax paying Americans on their day off together to focus on the tide of extremism threatening the Nation's future.

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