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Are You A Good Feminist Or A Bad Feminist?

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Infowars reporter Millie Weaver has some interesting conversations with several outspoken feminists, liberals, and progressives. These interactions reveal that some topics have a common ground between conservative and liberal women while other topics seem to perpetuate a permanent divide.

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36 Comments on Are You A Good Feminist Or A Bad Feminist?

  1. abderahmane mrani // 22nd January 2018 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    Come live in north africa and middle east and enjoy your life as a house slave with 3 other women <3 , some women cant even get out the house !

    • abderahmane mrani // 22nd January 2018 at 4:15 pm // Reply

      Optimus Fine these women and men marching have no clue about the heaven they live in , this is just propaganda and brain washing at its best sorry 🙁

    • abderahmane mrani Women still do not get equal pay for equal work. Fields of employment that men dominate always pay more, while equally important/ hard jobs that women dominate to not get paid the same. Also, these women are also fighting for things like paid Maternity Leave which is incredibly important to both the mother and child as well as to the overall economy.

    • abderahmane mrani // 22nd January 2018 at 4:29 pm // Reply

      Optimus Fine im sorry , every word i have for your arguments will lead to nothing , i speak truth you speak lies , no disrespect but im sure this conversation is pointless , have a nice day Miss / Sir

    • abderahmane mrani Hey buddy, I support men’s rights as well in mattera such as child custody. But that doesn’t mean I ignore some of the things these women are fighting for. They have some genuine concerns regarding their rights and i feel things such as paid maternity leave is something both the right and left should fight for. Thanks for the chat.

    • Optimus Fine Since when are women denied equal rights in America? Where? Who? Last time I checked women were doing what they wanted to do. No ones stopping them. As far as paid maternity leave is concerned if you’re going to have a kid stay home and take care of it. That’s your fucking job. It’s not your employer’s responsibility to pay for your decision to pump out a kid. Get it!!! Dumbass Libtard!!

  2. Girlilla’s need exercise too.

  3. Land whale fest

  4. Al Bundy….No Ma’am!

  5. If Married with children was being broadcasted in the modern day society amongsts the ugly world of feminism in today’s era … You know damn well there would be so much hate against men. Back in the mid 80s-mid 90s … Society had a sense of humor. But,these Liberals would cry like babies if Married with children was on today’s FOX.

  6. I am old enough to remember when CNN started and at the time NBC ABC and CBS all called them fake news. And I’m sure when those channels started broadcasting on television I’m sure the radio came out and called them fake News too just like the newspapers probably called radio news fake

  7. That red haird girl, you so dumb

  8. everyone has faults and no one is perfect but everyone has a voice…….too bad all we hear is bitching

  9. If some random Libtard just comes up to Millie Weaver and starts insulting her? Isn’t that a sign of hate? This should prove these people are marching for the wrong reasons.

  10. Lol she said the New York Times and Washington Post are real news sources and not propaganda.

  11. Kenneth Skogen // 22nd January 2018 at 12:26 pm // Reply

    You ask us questions that make us look crazy… LOL.

  12. Walk away men, get a doll and live for yourself. It’s the only way to end feminists. I don’t hate, but it’s time for each man to act and end this hate.
    Girls sorry but you let this happen, we will negotiate when you are willing to listen.

    • In response to the shaming that gets removed because it harms the feminists showing them as hatters.
      I love my self enough not to be abused by others. Women have nothing I need. 18 years no woman and I’m happy and safe. You can not shame logic.

  13. Hang the Traitors // 22nd January 2018 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    Theses vulgar women are usually man less childless, loveless empty heads

  14. Stop making that woman look crazy. LOL

    • Rlee bert We should focus more on Trump asking Congress to hand him 100 billion of American Tax dollars to build a fucking a wall. 100 billion dollars that could be used to uplift the working class. They have all that money for a wall, but not for us. And didn’t Trump swear that Mexico would pay for said wall?

    • Mexico will end up paying one way or another as in loss of trade deals/less money being sent from U.S. to Mexico through wire service/deportations etc.

  15. RAIDENROACH 1979 // 22nd January 2018 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    Joe Dirt had more knowledge and understanding of the stuff he said then half the idiots up there in the march .Education is she saying she needs some?God Bless everyone on this channel who sacrificed their brain cells to bring us non fake news this weekend I couldn’t have done it .

  16. Smug smile on these liberals. So cringeworthy.

  17. Trump didn’t broadcast any vulgarities out to the whole country, that was done by the anti-Trump/anti-American establishment media (ada fake news).

  18. My feminist teacher tries to change my mind about feminism “ also known as the truth “

    She just ended up being triggered and tried making a big deal in front of the other feminist

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