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Black Panther Review: Not The Movie You Thought It Was

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Owen Shroyer reviews the new Marvel, super-hero film 'Black Panther', the first of its kind to have a primarily all black cast.

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49 Comments on Black Panther Review: Not The Movie You Thought It Was

  1. Scott Robinson // 19th February 2018 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    Good, outstanding, excellent! I’m glad it was just a movie. The Black Trump… King of Clubs!

  2. Great movie


  4. Sjw’s said that white people are not alowed to watch this movie or even give a review about it. They are going to be offended by this video!

  5. What kind of a superhero goes around and robbed 7-Eleven stores and selling crack at superhuman speed that’s what you call a superhero a black panther hahaha what a joke

  6. I thought it was great. I didn’t like all the pandering political bullshit, but I was going to see it anyway. They did a great job. The cast was likable and the story was simple and beautiful. Michael B Jordan’s antihero was great.

    • Agent Jack Stone // 19th February 2018 at 9:53 pm // Reply

      shiningcross I agree. If you take out the hidden agenda it was very enjoyable and very well done.
      I beleive that there was more than just a politcal message in there though…seemed like social engineering.

  7. This is what I said for a while. Black Panther is Black Trump-ish. Killmonger was SJW BLM super hitler. Lol at the SJWs praising it for being an SJW orgasm fest. Rofl.

    • if Black Panther was Trump-ish, he wouldn’t have opened up to the UN near the end of the movie.

    • Shooter Cade maybe, but there was a recent alien invasion and there is knowledge that that was only a taste. Wakanda cant survive if the planet doesnt. Also President Trump is trying to work with nations against enemies. Look at his relationship with India, Japan and the Saudis. Plus Israel. Back to the main topic Black Pamther is doing what he must for his country to evolve and survive. Thanos is a threat that they cant handle alone.

  8. Make Blacks Great Again.

    • I think many Blacks just can’t allow themselves to realize the Obama portrait which included a “sperm shot” on his left forehead was really about the fact he’s gay. The Michelle (Michael) portrait is as though it’s trying to hide his penis as it’s believed he’s a transgender. I think once Black men (and maybe Black women) come to realize that EVERYTHING about Obama was a lie then they can begin to decompress from the brainwashing. I think the ring which had the ISIS saying written in Arabic is another clue. True Islam isn’t gay… but it’s tolerated much more than people realize. Obama was a globalist and in that sense part of “Dajjal Islam” and nothing else.

    • Make blacks afraid again

    • We already great Fool

    • Again?

    • No one is great in our times. We all need to be made ‘great again’, due to all of humanity has lost it’s way. So the op’s comment stands, but it should say ‘make humanity great again’. Since we are all fallen…

      (hint- the way to ‘make humanity great again’ is for humanity to accept that we are ‘fallen’, and accept Jesus Christ as our Salvation, Amen).

  9. Pray-4-TRUMP&Family-Every-Day.

  10. All the “Abba Do Akbar” terror attacks in Europe turned out to be HOAXES. You Tube Exposed them All. Infowars Never will.

  11. You know that the point of the movie was that Wakanda was no longer isolationist at the end of the film right? Oh, this is infowars.They don’t let facts get in the way of their nonsense.

  12. its practically King Black Trump vs the Amazing Black Lives Matter Man

    • Simi822 Actually it is not. You read too much Breitbart, and so has Owen. It is a story of Black Power.

      1) One face is that it is the most ADVANCED civilization on the planet and is so because the evil White Man never came in and imposed itself, so it was able to develop at its true potential, proving Black Power left alone is superiority. However, it decides NOT to impose itself and rule the world with its breakaway civilization of sheer Black Power.

      2) The other face of Black Power is the BLM agenda, which argues that the Black race, exploited and degraded by the evil White Man, has been deprived of its rightful place as the rulers of the world. It hates Wakanda because it refuses to embrace a racial destiny of millions and destroy the White Man’s world.

      Both visions of Black Power clash and have a sort of Hegelian learning experience. Call it a Hegelian fusion of two visions merging in the end as one.

      I also might add that the social engineering includes the typical Disney Matriarchy overtones. men are cattle even in Wakanda ruled by an accidental beta male King. Matter of time before the women pull a coup d etat on him.

      The Trump analogies are accidental, and made great material fore trolling the left but it is not the truth because that was not the intention of the directors. They say so themselves.

  13. CNN they always have the answer to any crime.

  14. FenderSchonJPX // 19th February 2018 at 7:47 pm // Reply

    Nationalism is just fine as long as it’s Muslims and Blacks.

    Western culture isn’t allowed to have their own country.

  15. The Conservative Liberal // 19th February 2018 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    Agreed Owen. Good job man.

  16. Let me get this straight. SJW’s did not want whites to see the movie on opening day, but segregation no longer exists. The irony!!!

  17. It is just a movie, but Disney and their producers knew that shills, fanboys, SJWs and other simpletons will raise it as some revolutionary, social-political movement. Hence the money keeps coming.

    • Voluntatem Dei // 20th February 2018 at 1:02 am // Reply

      Schuky9 The social engineering was subtle if not toned down given the Star Wars backlash, but the SJW agenda was in full display nevertheless.

  18. Wakanda actually exists, and it is called Detroit…

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