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Hollywood Can Go F— Themselves

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Everyday Americans are at their wits ends with Hollwood's self-righteous nonsense.

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34 Comments on Hollywood Can Go F— Themselves

  1. Sassenach Gods Elect // 23rd March 2018 at 12:36 am // Reply

    I is first well golly

  2. I live by them and I give them the finger every second

  3. mega akkadian // 23rd March 2018 at 12:41 am // Reply

    They use their tongues to deceive the venom of snakes is under their lips.

  4. I hope the next ‘Big One’ takes as many leftist, corrupt, pedophile spirit cookers…

  5. Porn stars are bought by the highest bidder in every way possible. Also she is way past her used by date in her industry.

    • Fred Leparski // 23rd March 2018 at 1:20 am // Reply

      Nexus she reminds me of those Firestone tires in the 90s that we’re retreads they were used up a few times over people still bought the fucking things tho

  6. Waaaah waaaah waaah Hollywood doesnt reflect my views waaah waaah waaaaah

  7. There are some pretty good conservatives in Hollywood, you just gotta find em.
    Most folkes in A&E love trump, Clint Eastwood is a conservative, death wish was a great movie, segal and van dam are conservatives.

    Keep your eye out and make conservative take over Hollywood folks!

  8. danielvincentkelley // 23rd March 2018 at 12:48 am // Reply

    Owen, this nation is built on the FACT that EVERYBODY’S political opinion matters. It might not all be “CORRECT”, or well reasoned, or universally beneficial, nor even beneficial at large. But it matters. Maybe it matters that you have to rail against it. Maybe it matters that you should support it. But all of it matters and everybody is supposed to be able to participate in the debate. Those who are criminally seeking to separate people from their RIGHTS, are supposed to SUFFER for their CRIMES. But that they express their crime’s openly in public is simply an aid to their prosecution. It fits in the category of “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” The vast majority of these anti-gunners, don’t own any guns, so they’re already suffering the paradigm they seek to impose on gun owners. So, they got their wish. They weren’t able to impose their wish on others, but they got their wish for themselves and now they’re subject to the whims of the tyranny they’d rather not fight and that they seek to prevent other people from being able to fight. The hopes they have of pressing their wish on others, among 100 million gun owners, is nil. We clearly have a civil war impending if they’re able to convince their goon squads to expand their gun controls.

  9. Sora Roxas Namine Kairi // 23rd March 2018 at 12:48 am // Reply

    I like how they put up anti trump ads in your videos saying he shouldnt fire Mueller and that that looks really bad lmfao

  10. Jay VanDevender // 23rd March 2018 at 12:50 am // Reply

    F**k hollyweird


  12. Hollywood’s opinion is ridiculous. Aside from that…is it a condition if being on this channel that you have to impersonate Alex’s delivery style?
    Let’s have a mix…

  13. AC/DC.4.LIFE ! // 23rd March 2018 at 12:53 am // Reply


  14. What the difference between a porn star and a hooker?

    The hooker has shame

    • Fred Leparski // 23rd March 2018 at 1:18 am // Reply

      The Big G I just thought it was the camera lol I’m a fan of porn but I only like them when there acting it’s more like shut up and swallow

  15. Chris Faucett // 23rd March 2018 at 1:00 am // Reply

    Hey Alex why not some colloidal silver gum I’m pretty sure it could be coming very hot seller

  16. The left are not self aware at all.

  17. Hollywood is a cesspool of Satanic scum who pretend they have some moral high ground. Actors are very suseptable to Demonic possession. Deceiving people is there craft. It’s also what Satan does. You can see why they go together. There are way more Devil worshippers than most people want to believe. They are liars by nature. It’s part of there Doctrine. Normal rules don’t apply. That’s why they used to burn them at the stake. Yes, witches are devil worshippers make no mistake.

  18. I dont care what these crack pots spew out because i havent watched propaganda brain washing fake news in 9 years
    and I sure dont ever go to see these weirdos movies.

  19. Hollywood? Who needs them screwballs.

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