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SNL Playing 2 Dimensional Checkers To Trumps Inter Dimensional Chess

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SNL did an attack piece on Trump and us last night. The very first 5 minutes of the show in fact has excellent ratings, however they track off after the cold start of the program. the piece says that AJ thinks Black people aren't people they are aliens and so on. It shows the new fake news level. This is desperation from these people. We get the last laugh though, about 2 millions listen to the 2 hr Sunday program. We got a big rush of traffic after the SNL piece. Possibly a million extra folks tuning in today. The 5 minute hit piece is a research study on how they produce propaganda. Example: When the aliens come Alec baldwin hides behind a military general. Begin, Not even Kennedy would walk in front of his motorcade during the inauguration & Trump is disliked a thousand times more than Kennedy ever was. Theres likewise plagiarism in play here. They take everything we say about them and they reverse and use it to us. We do not wish to make it all about Alex Jones however is sort of about AJ much like its about Trump.
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