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These Are The Videos They Want Banned From YouTube

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These are the forbidden videos that the leftists and globalists absolutely do not want you to see.

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33 Comments on These Are The Videos They Want Banned From YouTube

  1. Zenobio Oibonez // 5th March 2018 at 9:09 pm // Reply


    Stand for your rights people. Never stay quiet!!

    • Debbra Hill-Frank // 5th March 2018 at 10:19 pm // Reply

      – Yes, nothing wrong with standing up for your rights. Or standing up for America.
      Problem is — Many of those people in the video can not even be civil, have control over their emotions/feelings and talk about the real issues they are standing up for.
      Makes one think they are just more slaves of Soros paid off protesting groups.

  2. shiningcross // 5th March 2018 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    Stop withholding the video YOUTUBE. We’re gonna see it whether you like it or not.

  3. Connor Hunt // 5th March 2018 at 9:14 pm // Reply


  4. Watchinthefoolshere // 5th March 2018 at 9:18 pm // Reply

    When they started Jake should have started screaming you touched me, police, help.

  5. Thumbs up for the NRA commercial at the beginning!!

  6. It sure is fun to watch Alex/Infowars get caught lying and spreading fake news about getting banned/having videos deleted. Youtube’s clarified everywhere that this is all a stunt by these guys.

    • Eric Linz – nah, it’s a stunt, like we were all saying.

    • Dunjinz Draco // 5th March 2018 at 11:20 pm // Reply

      They haven’t been banned… yet. They have 1 stirke against them. Certain videos have been deleted. There are others who have been banned, like Destroying the Illusion, David Seamen, Milo Yinapolis and many more. So yes people are being banned off youtube.

    • Derrik – what other channels are you talking about instead of the one I brought up that this is really about?

    • ComedicEinstein // 5th March 2018 at 11:37 pm // Reply

      Energyone a lot of channels have been banned like black chlid, bombards body language, antischool, and freedom faction amongst many others. Wake up and stop believing things without researching yourself.

    • ComedicEinstein ah, so not the one I brought up that this is really about eh? Thanks for making my point. XD

  7. ComingOutOfTheWoods // 5th March 2018 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    Do as me do and make as many Accounts and post these Great Video everywhere, it is all our Responsibility to play a part in this ! I put them on my FaceBook page too, my family hates me anyway LOL 🙁

  8. Why do police wear mask during raids……?

  9. Marius Barbu // 5th March 2018 at 9:29 pm // Reply

    Keep up the great work Owen

  10. Notfreeinamerica? Truthseeker // 5th March 2018 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    These people are TRULY crazy.

  11. Marius Barbu // 5th March 2018 at 9:33 pm // Reply

    I’m pro-rights, pro-self defense and pro-freedom

  12. Susan Spurlin // 5th March 2018 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    Just THINK what our world would be like if Hillary had won! Now that’s a very scary thought!

  13. Little Red Hen // 5th March 2018 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    They really need to reopen the mental asylums.

  14. Benjamin Breeg // 5th March 2018 at 10:16 pm // Reply

    Notice Demonrats never criticize Antifa violence and Goto-Hellary says: Oh, keep up the resistance on my behalf…!

  15. you guys NEED to invest in a 360° camera. NO ONE can sneak up on you then. You’ll catch every angle.

  16. Louis Bonasera // 5th March 2018 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    The reason they cover their face is they dont want to be reckognized as going to all the functions because then we will all know that they are only a small group that clearly are being funded to be able to travel and survive probably by the dnc and soros.

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