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3 Absolutely Massive Must Watch Flat Earth Bombshell Videos

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Flat Earth Mind Blow

The speed at which the flat earth movement is gaining momentum is quite stunning with millions of people switching on to this and seeing how the science makes more sense than it does for a globe earth. If you have not seen any of the flat earth videos yet then start with our first post on the subject which contained 15+ videos by clicking here then watch the videos about the Nasa moon landing by clicking here and then watch the ballon launch and eric dubay interview by clicking here

There is so much new information coming to light that every time we write a new post it needs to have multiple videos on it this is because it is so fast moving. As we have stated before sites are getting literally millions of hits on this as it is such a hot topic. So below there are the latest bombshell videos that have been released in the last 14 days…..

The first videos being the 2 update videos from Richard who did the recent weather balloon launch which not only show a clearly flat terrain but also bring into question if GPS is not a land based system and not via satellite!!

The second video is sooooo big it is a video showing that the mars video footage and images are actually filmed on an island off greenland!! Stunningly unbelievable and a must watch video that even shows nasa vehicles on Google Earth.

The third videos are from an Active FC1 (SW/AW) United States Navy, NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System Instructor & Master Training Specialist……In this video he confirms:

  • 1. From everything he has observed with military equipment during his last 5 year tour, there is absolutely no curvature to the Earth.
  • 2. There is no coriolis effect taken into account with the ranged weapon systems he has been working with for 10 years. The world isn’t spinning.
  • 3. That navigation systems and maps currently being used by the military on the open oceans are completely wrong.

So enjoy the videos and share them with others…. all of these are so good and so mind blowing that it is impossible to pick a favourite. So just watch them all and share them with others!!

Weather Balloon Launch Videos

The Shocking Google Earth Images Of Nasa’s Mars Team Filming In Greenland!!

The Absolute BOMBSHELL Evidence Presented By An Active US Marine 

Part 2 Of The Interview 

See The Flat Earth From The Naval Helicopter

Proof He Is Really On A Naval Ship For The Skeptics 🙂

Finally The Hilarious Video Released By Nasa Showing The Dark Side Of The Moon
This video was syndicated all over the mainstream media on sites such as the

Just to name a few! So is journalism really that dead that nobody in those prestigious firms notices that that clouds do not move or there is no shadow from the moon on the earth or that it is worse graphics than some nintendo gameboy games!!

The video below will cover each point in detail….. the evidence just continues to roll in every day!

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