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Nasa Admits It Has Not Been To The Moon? …… WHY Does NASA Lie To Us All?

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Nasa Lies

This video shows beyond any doubt that Nasa has lied about the moon landing because in this video they openly admit that today in 2015 they have not figured out how to fly through the Van Allen radiation belt around the Earth. So how did they do it for the Apollo missions? The answer is simply they never did….. this series of videos is going to show conclusively all the evidence as to why we never landed men on the moon and after that we will take a look at the real reasons behind such an enormous lie and theft of billions of dollars on a space mission that never existed.

Video 1 – Nasa Admits It Never Went To The Moon


Video 2 – Eric Dubay’s Incredible Nasa Presentation
This video shows you clips that are so ridiculous you will be kicking yourself that you never noticed it first time around. Repeated fake videos and images that once pointed out to you seem so obvious it is shocking.
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 22.19.55


The videos i am about to share with you are a continuation from our original post on this subject which went viral which you can read on this link

Watch this videos in order and if you have not watch the videos in the original post on the link above do so first.

Video 1 – Simplified, Summarised, Theorised


Video 2  – The First Amateur Rocket Proves 


Video 3 – Time Lapse Proof


Video 4 –  The Stupidity Of The Mirage


Video 5 – The Nasa Comedy Special


Video 6 – The Nazi Connection and Nasa


mind blown

Click To Read Part One

To read the original post click the image below

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