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North Korea Remains Committed to Trump Meeting, Denuclearization

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(ANTIWAR.COMSouth Korean President Moon Jae-in has given new comments following Saturday’s surprise summit with Kim Jong-un, saying the two agree about wanting to see the Kim-Trump summit happen as planned on June 12. President Trump cancelled the summit last week, but has since suggested it may happen after all.

Moon says Kim reiterated to him his support for a deal on Korea-wide denuclearization, as well as a commitment to meet President Trump. South Korea was instrumental in getting the Trump-Kim summit set up in the first place.

Trump’s abrupt cancellation was, according to some South Korean analysts, something of an insult to Moon, who was not informed ahead of time. It makes sense, then, for Moon to be leading the push to save the summit.

This was Kim and Moon’s second summit in the past two months, and both were extremely successful. The two Korean leaders have agreed to seek a peace deal to end the Korean War, which began in 1950. The US has endorsed those efforts, though it is expected that this will be tied heavily to denuclearization.

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