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Russia Exposes Deep State Tactics Ahead Of Impending Syria False Flag Chemical Attack

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  • The Facts:Russia has come out with detailed evidence about the next potential false flag chemical attack on Syria that not only explains the motives but also the means by which this is intended to be carried out.
  • Reflect On:If we measure the claims of Russia against the counter-claims of the West, is it so difficult to see where the truth essentially lies?

I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with one of my teammates after our weekly old-timer’s soccer game. In the team ‘scrum’ around a cooler of beer, I mentioned to him that I had started working for an alternative news website writing about what is happening in the world. This immediately triggered a rueful face and a shake of the head about the state of the world.

Teammate: Isn’t it terrible what’s happening in Syria, that monster, with the chemical weapons on his own people, the children, what’s his name?

Me: Assad?

Teammate: Yeah, Assad. They need to bomb him the hell out of there.

Of all things for him to bring up. I took a deep breath. For years I said nothing in these conversations, not because I was worried about being embarrassed, but because it just felt as though people were not ready or interested in having their views challenged. But these are different times.

Me: It’s not true. He has never attacked his people with chemical weapons. It’s fake.

Teammate: Fake? You mean that’s all made up? Nobody is actually dying?

Me:I don’t know if nobody is dying, but it’s either completely fake or the attacks are being done by the rebels with the support of Western forces.

This got us going on a longer conversation about our future. He was very concerned about the world that his children and grandchildren will inherit. I tried to console him with my optimism, and gave him reasons I believe we are in the worst of it right now, and as truth becomes exposed, war and suffering will significantly decrease. I don’t know if I convinced him completely about Assad, but I planted a seed, that I believe will grow as the veils of deception continue to come down.

A Question Of Motivation

When I do have conversations with people about Syria or other false flag scenarios, I don’t get much into the hard evidence that makes me believe these chemical weapons attacks are staged events. I talk more about the motivation.

I ask the question that if Bashar Al-Assad, President of Syria and commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces since 2000, seems to be winning the battle against rebels in his country who seek to remove him from power, then what could possibly be his motivation for authorizing chemical weapons attacks against his citizens, which ends up harming and killing innocent children? Surely he realizes this would not only bring the wrath of the international community but also a complete breakdown in the support of his own people?

Next, I ask the question as to whether Western powers (the Deep State) might have any motivation to contrive these chemical attacks and then blame them on Assad? And the answer is as plain as the nose on your face. When the whole and complete war in Syria is seen as an attempt for Western powers to remove Assad and replace him with a Western puppet that will do their bidding, the motivation, the means and the tactics virtually become self-explanatory.

Russia’s Pre-Emptive Intelligence

For those who would like to dig a little deeper beneath the surface, let’s take a look at recent Russian claims that Western powers are planning another false flag chemical attack in order to prevent the defeat of the rebels as well as preventing peace in Syria. Let’s begin with the August 23rd statement made by U. S. National Security Adviser John Bolton:

‘We are obviously concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again. Just so there’s no confusion here: if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons, we will respond very strongly, and they really ought to think about this a long time.’

Curious isn’t it that, without reason or evidence, Bolton is warning of the possibility of another chemical attack on civilians in Syria? Even though all it has done for Syria and its president is missile attacks from the West on Syrian military installations?

Even more curious are the massive military preparations being made to be ready to launch such attacks, just in case President Assad tries to do what John Bolton is warning him not to do. As this TASS article notes,

“The US Navy’s destroyer Sullivans with 56 cruise missiles on its board arrived in the Persian Gulf several days ago while a B-1B strategic bomber of the US Air Force armed with AGM-158 JASSM air-to-surface missiles was redeployed to the Al Udeid air base in Qatar.” –Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov

Konashenkov goes on to provide information of exactly how this false flag operation looks set to play out:

“According to the information confirmed simultaneously by several independent sources, the active terrorist grouping Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra) is plotting a new provocation with the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces against civilians in the Idlib province. The staging of this provocation with the active participation of the UK special services is set to serve as a new pretext for missile and bomb strikes by the United States, Great Britain and France against Syria’s government and economic facilities.

A special group of terrorists who have been trained by specialists of the UK private military company Olive to handle chemical warfare agents has also arrived in the area of Jisr ash-Shugur. For the purpose of staging an alleged chemical attack in the town of Jisr ash-Shugur in the Idlib province, terrorists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham have delivered eight containers with chlorine.”

These militants have been tasked to simulate a rescue operation for locals allegedly hurt in the chemical attack and will be clad in the outfits of the notorious White Helmets group, the spokesman said.

Response From The West

It is only fair and balanced to look at the response from the West concerning these detailed pieces of evidentiary information before we draw our conclusions. As you can see in the RT video below, which gives additional information on this subject, this is the glib and dismissive response of the U. S. spokesperson to the Russian information:

“I think that’s more ‘false flag’-type reporting, we’ve seen that before, where they try to put the blame, they try to put the onus on other groups, and we don’t buy into that.”

Uh, ok. That’s the response? The whole response? Check it for yourselves.

Honing Our Discernment

Certainly I recognize my two sources are TASS and Russia Today, which inevitably have a pro-Russian slant. I would be happy to give more credence to Western Mainstream Outlets if I could find any intelligent discussion about motivation, and evidence to back up claims. Alas, I can find none on such subjects. If somebody can point me to an intelligent discussion in Western Media about why President Bashar al-Assad would launch chemical weapons against his people, or detailed evidence as to why they believe this attack is imminent, to justify the mobilization of military power upon Syria, I would be happy to evaluate it.

I believe that by coming out with detailed, verifiable information in advance, Russia is trying to prevent unnecessary warfare and death. But you need not simply trust what I say. I would ask you to look more deeply into the information that is available, and use your growing discernment to establish what you think is true. Whether it be through articles like this or conversations with friends over a beer after a soccer game, what is important is that seeds of greater discernment are planted. The more that people begin to truly care about and recognize the truth, the more likely that we will be participating in preventing these unwanted events from happening.


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