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ABC: Dangerous bacteria: Vibro Vulnificus in Florida ocean hospitalizes 13, kills 3

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Just weeks ago, warnings were issued about vibrio vulnificus, a cousin of the bacterium that causes Cholera and thrives in warm saltwater, being found in the ocean at popular beaches. To date, several people have already died. (The deadly bacteria can also be contracted from consuming raw seafood like oysters.)

The Sarasota County Health Department apologized for not letting the public know sooner that people had died from this dangerous flesh-eating bacteria, however, there’s excuse for their behavior and failure in letting the public know.

Last year, we lost 11 people in Florida. Yes, 11 died from this horrific bacteria. Other Gulf states have reported cases from Alabama to Texas.



(NOTE: The video below is an older one (can you believe the news doesn’t have a new one out!?) and yet, they were talking about the SAME ISSUE back then. And nothing has changed. It’s time for our lawmakers to deal with this toxic algea and red tide.)

“The Florida Department of Health reports 13 people have contracted the bacteria and 3 have died from the strain. Last year, 41 people were infected and 11 died. Florida isn’t the only state to report Vibrio vulnificus infections. Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi have also recorded cases.

Florida Department of Health experts said anyone with a compromised immune system or anyone with an open cut should not go into the water. Those who do jump into the ocean should wash off before heading home.”1

Thus far no cases have been reported in Palm Beach County.


The state health department is monitoring the situation and telling consumers to cook their oysters before eating the shellfish.


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