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Millions Of People Are Noticing Huge Anomalies…. Must Watch Video

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We have seen some bizarre and truly abstract topics over the years but nothing ever quite like this. We can all look at the world and say we do not understand why the people at the top allow poverty and inequality and we can all only ever make a best guess at what the elites are really doing.

Conspiracy Theory or fact depending on which side of the fence you sit on very rarely has a definitive proof. Even something as obvious as 9/11 with thousands of architects stating there is no way the twin towers fell without explosives has not got a definite proof. We all know with 99.9% it is not what we we are told but we just cannot prove it completely.

I say this because depending on how far you go down the rabbit hole you will always have a tiny degree of doubt because nothing is ever absolute because you were not there, you were not in the room, you did not hear the conversations etc.

The best anyone in the alternative space can do is to share the information with others and do your research. This is why what i am about to share with you is so fundamentally mind blowing because YOU WERE THERE.

You will have perfect recall on this topic because you have actually lived it and have the memory of this and it will knock your socks off.

Millions of people are noticing a list of bizarre things that they know to be true are now suddenly different….. things like:

  • Famous Lines From Movies
  • Movie Titles
  • TV Show Titles
  • Household Brand Names
  • World Famous Brand Logos
  • Song Lyrics and so much more

Now before we get to the videos you need to consider a few facts…..

  1. In Quantum Physics it is widely thought that there are an infinite number of parallel universes. This in simple terms means every single different decision you and everyone could ever possibly making plays out. So in one multiverse your a  billionaire in Monaco and in another your a rice farmer in rural china.
  2. When they fired up the Hadron Collider at CERN there were serious fears reported in the mainstream media that it could create a singularity that would open a gateway to other dimensional universes that could rip of the fabric of space and time creating a blackhole that engulfed the planet.
  3. Quantum computers have now been developed and being used that are 100 million times faster than the best home computer on the market (costing $15 million each). These computers are capable of creating artificial intelligence programs (as stated in a video below by the manufacturer).

That said now simply sit back and watch these videos and see what resonates with you as being true or flat out bizarre!

A good starting point is Jacob Israel’s Overview

This video gives a very good and rapid introduction to some of the very strange anomalies that people are noticing around the world.

Next a Brilliant Series Of Mandela Effect Anomalies

Scenes from Classic Films such as Star Wars / Forrest Gump and some seriously strange name changes of movies / TV shows / Brands / Cars / Maps / The Human Body and more…… a must watch!

Pretty Mind Blowing So Far Right?

The next video is really good as it brings several of the best short videos into one movie.
At around 21 minutes into the video it will have a live presentation from the creator of the Quantum computer that Nasa and Google own….. very very interesting.

The entire video is very good and covers an awful lot of areas….. a must watch!

Next We Have The Mandela Effect On World Geography


What are the theories as to why this might be happening?

If you are seeing some of these anomalies and they resonate with you and do not match your memories of them then you will be asking the question “How the hell can this be happening?”

The current theories are these…….

  1. CERN has opened a portal
    The theory is that CERN has opened up portal to the multiverse and two universes are merging causing anomalies and changes.
  2. An artificial intelligence is causing this
    That a Quantum computer has been able to create an artificial intelligence that is making these changes
  3. Millions of people are suffering a mass delusion
    Highly possible but this would constitute a mass phenomenon for millions of people to all experience the same surprise that they share memories of the same events that are not true. Certainly possible and cannot be ruled out.
  4. The planets shuman resonance has changed due to a shift in consciousness
    Our planet has a measurable heart beat called the shuman resonance explained in this documentary
    The shuman resonance has been reported to have increased from 7.83hz to as much as 16hz in the last 3 years. It is theorised that this is responsible for a mass awakening of peoples minds because the shuman resonance operates in a spectrum similar to brain waves. The theory is that the worlds consciousness is raising alongside the shuman resonance and that this is altering our perception of reality as we move into a higher frequency existence.

All are very fascinating theories and whether you notice the anomalies or not, it does seem that changes is happening around the world. Old institutions such as government and media are increasingly more disconnected from the people. Trust in what we are told by the establishment is at an all time low and more and more people are following their intuition to research topics ranging from Alternative Cancer Treatments to vaccine damage, banking fraud, meditation and consciousness to more far out topics such Flat Earth Theory (which shockingly has over 10 million views on Youtube per month now with over 5000 videos debating the topic!

Very interesting times are ahead with some incredible innovations coming to market that can have significant impacts on the current system such as bitcoin with the potential to completely decentralise the banking system, a plethora of working free energy devices, clean fuels, affordable safe and effective cancer cures and so much more.

The will of the people is beginning to be heard as shown by the recent Brexit by the UK leaving the European Union…. exciting times are ahead that is for sure.

To round up this article we would like to thank you for reading and if you find this topic interesting be sure to share it with friends.

Below is a selection of some more videos covering the Mandela Effect

Finally The EU President Talks To The EU Commission About Aliens

Yes you read that right…. this was widely reported all across the world in mainstream media that the European Commission chief Jean Claude Juncker said he had “heard from the leaders of other planets”.

Check mainstream media and you will see that this was discussed all over the globe…. strange but true!!

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