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63 Comments on Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

  1. Haha! #1

  2. Theodore Kariotis // 15th July 2017 at 2:47 am // Reply

    Jeff wtf. What is the name of this Eth killer coin? Come on man.

  3. Carlos Salinas // 15th July 2017 at 2:50 am // Reply

    cryptos are going through the toilet… where they initially belong

    • JohnnyBGood11 // 15th July 2017 at 7:57 am // Reply

      What a liar!

    • Get DNR Carlos, it is cheap now, great coin to invest

    • Jason Graham // 15th July 2017 at 11:45 am // Reply

      relax, the market is volatile because it is still new or unknown, just let the market force go through it’s up and down before it will settle and more people will be on board

    • Carlos Salinas // 15th July 2017 at 2:44 pm // Reply

      camacho2+ you are omnipresent! I am taking the profits of EDR and DBIX when I sell that crap I move some bucks to DNR, UBQ is at good price yo can get a 10% profit the next week!, you also need to check this ICO as long term investment.

    • You’ll be saying/thinking this all the way down to zero.

  4. jimmy douglas // 15th July 2017 at 2:51 am // Reply

    Litecoin boom starts Aug 1st. load up

    • actually if bitcoin becomes much faster from the soft fork it would actually hurt litecoin. but until then ltc should see some decent gains even in a bearish economy

    • Mitch King you thinking I should load up on lite before Aug 1st or right after? also, I’m waiting g for ethereum to hit bottom and try to get in at that point. when is antshares ico?

    • antshares ico is long over. Its currently at around 5 to 6 bucks and its a decent investment at that price imo. If your going to load up on ltc i would do it now or maybe wait til tomorrow on a dip. I think ltc will actually go down after august first if bitcoin becomes much faster. But many predict that ltc will be at 100 by the end of the year.

    • Mitch King and whats your thoughts on ethereum price after Aug 1st? tank down?

  5. Jeff Berwick picked CHAINCOIN CHC

  6. Glenn bURGESS // 15th July 2017 at 3:04 am // Reply

    Jeff you seem to change your opinions on crypto`s with the rise and fall of the markets, just admit that your bombastic advocating of the alt currencies was a mistake and perhaps even a little self serving as you have a large stake in cryto world.

  7. David Arulnathan // 15th July 2017 at 3:13 am // Reply

    ….you drink mineral water & get drunk!!…LOL

  8. mister hyerz // 15th July 2017 at 3:20 am // Reply

    Being overly dramatic to downplay the fact u telling everyone to pile in at the top, suckers down 50% on their bets listening to you. Nice psy-op, though

    • Thomas Elliott // 15th July 2017 at 9:52 pm // Reply

      Rodrigo Alvarez This is what you call a typical mistake made by less experienced investors, buying at the top and selling at the bottom is a very common theme amongst them, also you shouldn’t ever completely takes someone’s word without scepticism, especially with investment, it requires you to use your own brain. Also, profitable investment is a very long term ordeal, especially if you don’t like volitilaty, which cryptos are super volitil, and you have to ride that wave of uncertainty if you decide to take that route, it’s just the nature of these early stage cryptos being available to so many in such a big economy. Any volitil asset should be invested in with small portfolio percentages.

    • Thomas Elliott Good points. Mostly we call the buy high, sell low crowd. Dumb money or trend chasers.
      My advice to anyone looking to invest. First do some research on monetary history and the principles of economic mechanics. Investing is no joke and unless your an insider. Get rich quick plays are like winning the lottery. But armored with knowledge and the patience to use time to grow. Anyone can grow their wealth.
      As for crypto currencies, it amazes me to know end that people are falling for this “tulip bubble”. They said “oh it has a cap, so it will have rarity and hold value”. Wrong! Each crypto might have a cap, but there is no end or limit to the amount of crypto currencies that are made. Amazon, Facebook, other corporations, banks, governments are all working on establishing their own crypto currencies. Hell every hackers grandmother can create one.
      Competition and abundance drives prices and the direction of the arrow should be obvious to anyone thinking of managing their own wealth…

    • hendrik spoelstra // 15th July 2017 at 10:54 pm // Reply

      how long you been in this game?

    • hendrik spoelstra Do you mean me? And if so what game investing?

  9. just bought another 2 ounces of Gold traded my paper fiat for it…btw
    the coin shop also has a bitcoin atm cob webs on it, guy said no one
    uses it to buy and can’t sell to it …….buy Gold buy Silver … believe in blood of Jesus for salvation…

    • Martin Hann u got some major issues if you hate of jesus

    • Nazarene 777 // 15th July 2017 at 9:55 pm // Reply

      Jesus Christ is LORD!! wooohooooooo! He loves you! Dont be a hypocrite man! Dont force people into believing what you want them to believe! Salvation comes only through the Blood of Christ! One day every knee shall bow before God All mighty!

    • Nazarene 777 // 15th July 2017 at 9:55 pm // Reply

      Jesus Loves you more than you can hate Him <3

  10. Juan Carlos Hinojo // 15th July 2017 at 4:01 am // Reply

    “Buy when there is blood in this streets, even if the blood is your own…” – Baron Rothschild

    • Blood in the streets?… it’s nowhere near that yet, but it will be.  Intrinsic value of all cryptos (no matter what the “story” is) is ZERO.  When it gets near that, then there will be blood in the streets.

    • Romaneum Forum // 15th July 2017 at 5:13 pm // Reply

      the blood is not red enough yet 🙂

  11. Allen Berry // 15th July 2017 at 4:28 am // Reply

    True investors will take this opportunity to buy a lot of bitcoin, just saying but for those who are taking losses… YIKES, DONT SELL WAIT OUT THE STORM

    • Traders cant find enough buyers at the moment. There are that many sellers the system is back logged by allot (coinbase being one of them) – that should give you a hint….

    • Camille Kelly // 15th July 2017 at 9:03 am // Reply

      Allen Berry Hi just as a matter of interest, i have found a way of expanding any business and earning at the same, included is a retention wallet ? Is that epic or what! Would that interest you ? Plus I have an updated version for Skilldragon mining interrested or do you have ?

  12. deltaskyhawk // 15th July 2017 at 5:25 am // Reply

    As the usual disclaimer says: “past performance is no guarantee of future performance!”

    • DarkMGTOW Wonderboyz // 15th July 2017 at 5:30 pm // Reply

      A point also mentioned by Mr Benjamin Graham already in 1930’s in the “intelligent investor”

  13. poochpoints // 15th July 2017 at 8:12 am // Reply

    This whole “crypto currency” sounds like the “tulip bulb” craze of our day.

    • Mystery Buyer // 15th July 2017 at 8:47 pm // Reply

      Those tulip bulbs bought me two Royal Canadian Mint 10 ounce silver bars.I kept the rest of my crypto in.

  14. MediaJewhad // 15th July 2017 at 8:55 am // Reply

    Don’t worry Jeff… They are all backed by Tulips and the people with their finger on the internet / powergrid switch have your back Jeff! I am sorry I invested in physical Gold and productive farmland

    • MediaJewhad Smart guy! There will be a lag, but wheat and beef futures just jumped substantially this week. Food prices are soon to follow. Also gold is the only REAL accountant to currencies. Price suppression can delay it, but never stop it…

  15. cryptocurrencies are the prelude too a cashless society. Clearly the fed imf are behind it do you really think they would allow opposition ?

    • Never Feed the Roaches // 15th July 2017 at 1:10 pm // Reply

      Mike Jones visa and debit cards are the prelude. Crypto is pretty much distinction male right now. Completely disfunctional

    • HIDDEN DESIRES // 15th July 2017 at 9:34 pm // Reply

      Mike Jones A.I. Through CONSCIOUSNESS, Learn About it also On How the Pysche Works and The Whole Thing>Idea(CONCEPT) about Power>AUTHORITY(“God”) and the Relation with Reality >The Physical world! There is A LAW in the Universe as the same here on Earth also in us HUMANS! it’s ALL RELATED, We are all Related… a NATURAL LAW The TRUE ORDER OF THINGS. -COSMIC ORDER- in LIFE ITSELF as A WHOLE!! Stand Alone…. (STAND STRONG)

  16. Vention1MGTOW // 15th July 2017 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    I agree with everything you said except for interviewing Roger Veer. He’s a big blocker and a traitor to the bitcoin community. He advocates a strategy that will centralize control of bitcoin under a corporate elite, make it impossible for a normal person to run a full node, and throw the community under the bus. If he is successful most of the people who hold bitcoin will sell, causing a massive price crash down well below 1000. Roger, Jihad Woo and their ilk are universally hated in the bitcoin community and if they have their way they will destroy us all. Yes I know Roger has given you money and you’re obligated to him but he’s trouble.
    The bip 148 rebellion is in progress though. It’s a software solution to the big blockers and the road blocks they have thrown in front of Segwit. Segwit is the best solution the community has found so far to allow bitcoin to scale. If Segwit is adopted you can expect tremendous gains in the bitcoin price this year. Segwit is supported by 95% of bitcoiners and only a few corporate shills support the poorly coded bitcoin unlimited fork that the corporate elite want to ram down our throats.
    They may fork bitcoin and create their china coin but no one will want it. I doubt the price will be over 50 dollars if they do. And without their road blocks that will allow the genuine bitcoin to adopt segwit and scale into a currency that has nearly instant transactions and very low fees. They stand in or way but not for long. Once august rolls around bitcoin is going to rebel against the elite once again and force segwit adoption.

    • Roger Ver is on the right side. Core developers are not.

      – Bitcoin is a decentralized network, because the decision making is not from one party only, but through a consensus.

      – The reason we have Proof of Work concept and why miners are in collective charge of decision making in the code is because the hashing power can’t be bought out (bribed) and no one that doesn’t do the ” work” of mining blocks, and therefore protecting the network, is not allowed to be in charge of the code. Everyone can see the code, everyone can propose changes, but no one can on their own make any changes. This must and can be done only by the people that “work” to protect the network.

      – In order to achieve this hashing power, and to have people freely mine Bitcoin using their own money, there must be some incentives. The incentives are in 2 forms: one is from rewards of mined blocks and another is in form of transaction fees.

      – As time goes by, the block rewards are decreasing, because there is more people mining (because there are incentives) and hashing power grows (which is also good as this makes Bitcoin network SAFER and free from hi-jacking and hacking) and also because every 4 years the block rewards halves. This means the incentive from mining blocks keeps reducing over time and will at some point stop completely. In just about 7 years, if nothing changes in Bitcoin network (no new people, no addition of hashing power) the rewards from blocks compared to today, will be 1/4 for each and every miner. This means that loss of incentive from mining blocks MUST BE replaced by the other type of rewards, which is in form of transaction fees.

      And this is where it gets interesting, which no one ever even mentions… If Core developers add that extra code that allows side chains, and block size limit is not lifted, following will happen:

      1. The incentives from transaction fees will stop growing because the number of transactions (transaction capacity) will stop growing. No lager blocks means no more space for additional transactions.

      This means miners will not be able to replace loss of incentives from mining blocks with increase in incentives from transaction fees. This is a MAJOR ISSUE which destroys the very basic principle of Bitcoin, which makes it into this great new thing that we have up to now… and will make people lose incentive to keep mining Bitcoin, which will eventually make no longer safe from hijacking and hacking.

      2. The 3rd party side chains will get all the addition fees that no longer fit into main Bitcoin blocks… and this is where the incentives from 3rd parties like Blockstream, come into play, and why they have bought out many coders from Core developers team, to make these changes… as it will benefit them, and I have explained why these changes will not benefit the network safety at all, in fact, it has very real certainty that this type of change will in fact destroy free decentralized Bitcoin.

      3. Once at some point in time, when the hashing power becomes too low, because people were dropping out more and more from mining Bitcoin, the Bitcoin will reach a point when some 3rd party (and it doesn’t matter which party this is) will have enough hashing power of their own (I assume this 3rd party will most likely be the same party that has their own side chain working on top of Bitcoin protocol) to take over full control even over the main Bitcoin blockchain.

      They might be losing some money this way, because like I explained, the incentive from being miner will diminish, but they will have enough incentive from fees coming from their own side chain(s), that for them, it will be worth losing bit of money to mine main Blockchain, as they will have full control over it…. and then what?

      Do people even realize how dangerous this whole thing is, with limiting Bitcoin blocks to not allow more capacity and allowing side chains? And this is what Core developers want… not the miner, the Core developers… and why? Well they are PAID to do so… corporations that want these 3rd party layers are the real reason we have this 1MB block limit, why we have scaling issue, and why nothing has been done for some 2 years… miners have been asking from Core developers to lift this limit, but they refuse… isn’t it obvious who went rogue?


    • Vention1MGTOW // 15th July 2017 at 12:48 pm // Reply

      Ed you keep shilling for Jihad and his butt buddies. Your reputation is in ruins now. The vast majority of bitcoiners are on the side of segwit and only a few shills like you support chinacoin. Go ahead and fork it buddy. Your chinacoin will only be worth 50 dollars max.

    • I agree with Ed. Anyone who still believes in the drivel that comes out of core/blockstream hasn’t done their homework. They’ve basically been swindled and can’t look at the situation subjectively. They’ve fallen for the propaganda that core has been feeding them.

      Siding with Core is actually siding with centralization and control. Having multiple implementations and having them compete is much more decentralized. With segwit2x coming soon, finally Core will likely lose their monopoly. (Monopolies are bad for decentralization)

  17. Chris Furin // 15th July 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    Schiff will be right again.

  18. all y’all doing is stealing from each other. y’all not sticking it to man.. don’t worry there be a few more pump and dump.

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