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How to Improve Your Relationship

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In this episode of The Charged Life, high performance coach and #1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard shares simple ways to improve your relationships.

This is Brendon speaking freestyle, recorded in one take without prompter or notes. Post your comments and questions for him below, and he might do an episode answering your question freestyle.


1. Have the intention to be truly great in your relationship, to make your lover feel great, to build a great relationship together.

2. Give more ATTENTION to those you love.

3. Give more APPRECIATION to those you love.

4. Give more ADORATION to those you love.

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Brendon Burchard is one of the most followed personal development trainers of our time and a Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, his books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. He is also the founder of High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the world’s most comprehensive marketing training for authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. For these works, Larry King named Brendon "one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world."

After a car accident at 19 years old inspired him to turn his life around and follow his dreams, and then having the blessings to become a multimillionaire writer and trainer by the age of 32, Brendon has dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world. His posts now reach more than 10,000,000 people per week worldwide, and he is the star and executive producer of the #1 self-help show on both Youtube and iTunes.

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The Charged Life is a weekly self-improvement show full of #motivation, #inspiration, and #high performance strategies with motivational speaker and author Brendon Burchard. Filmed in one take, without any notes or prompter, the show has become one of the most viewed direct-to-camera personal growth video series in the history of Youtube. It's also been the #1 Podcast in all of iTunes and is regularly in the top podcasts in Self-Help and Health categories around the globe. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast here:

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41 Comments on How to Improve Your Relationship

  1. Enjoyed this ! Me and my boyfriend have only been together two months but we already argue about the silliest little things but we always end up laughing as we stop and realise we love each other so much it’s ridiculous !

  2. I love how passionate you are, so inspiring!

  3. i love your videos i watch them every morning to start my day to learn and put them  in effective to change my life and my relationship for my future. 

    if you do get anytime please give us something different ways we are able to talk to a man since we know man and woman are so different in everyway . 

    Thank you so much  for your time and effective to teach us. 

  4. Beverley Baldacchino // 6th October 2015 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    hi brendon can you do a video about reducing anxiety please?

  5. i’ve been struggling with my boyfriend for a while, and it’s a very big problem in our relationship and my life. And when i saw this vdo, i realize about what i should do to improve my relationship and myself. Thank you a lot! this is a very great vdo.

  6. Nands Peartree // 29th October 2015 at 1:31 pm // Reply

    I just wanted to cry while watching, I know I can’t blame my partner for our meaningless relationship but I was thinking e-mailing this video to my partner with the message, “Open only when fully willing to watch until the end and with no distractions ” Is it a good idea?

  7. “Love is the appreciation of the totality of a person.” Oh my goodness what a powerful line.

  8. Mary De Alvia Pitman // 30th November 2015 at 8:34 am // Reply

    I go to work without my phone and people think I’m weird. I only go through my emails a couple of times a week and I don’t watch TV because I’m too busy reading personal and professional development materials or listening to Burchard FM while I’m working out and doing my chores

    • natalee freeman // 22nd December 2015 at 6:40 pm // Reply


    • Viki Sazdova // 10th May 2017 at 6:27 pm // Reply

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    • There are several suggestions for making improvements in your partnership
      Try to communicate more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Try to give and take more
      (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Mirykal marriage plan site )

  9. Pierre Bonneau // 14th March 2016 at 12:45 am // Reply

    Brendon you set a timeless example of what it means to be alive. thank you

  10. So wonderful. Thank you so much Brendon = ))

  11. After watching this I see where I fucked up and now I’m going to try to fix it if it’s not too late

  12. quantumkhan // 17th July 2016 at 9:17 pm // Reply

    Absolutely love this! Your wife must be a lucky lady

  13. I wish I had seen this video a couple months ago, I could still be with the love of my life.

    • that’s sad man

    • Tonya Ukanah // 28th April 2017 at 3:42 am // Reply

      Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Think of like this, now you have a gift of knowledge to be better person to yourself and to the next person you decide to be with at any given time expecting unexpected for life but also know that what you learn always good for the future and for now I wish you the best of luck

    • neothunder195 // 10th July 2017 at 1:41 am // Reply

      Same here

  14. Mihaela Bouroş // 5th August 2016 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    You have such a good soul! thank you for your videos!

  15. My bf needs to watch this

  16. Brendon, your eyes show your passion and integrity. Thank you.

  17. Ive never had a girlfriend and probably never will, why am i watching this?

    • Apprentice…. Never say never, your mind is really strong if you think that it will become a self fullfilling prophecy. Maybe trying and thinking about what type of things you want in a relationship as well as working on you yourself. And try to be happy with yourself. Good luck.

    • +Apprentice
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  18. My girlfriend told me to watch This..

    • Sometimes it may feel like nagging if she said what brandon said to you. Sometimes it’s better to hear it from another guy. And be careful! Maybe this is the last step she feels like doing before she gives up on you. So maybe actually take notes and implement them?

  19. Educate Society // 13th November 2017 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    Pay attention, give appreciation and empathize with people. Thanks so much for this video!

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