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Brendon Burchard

Secrets to Increasing Confidence

16th June 2018

We often think our confidence is correlated with what we know, how SMART we are. This video debunks that. Get the full summary, additional quotes and resources here: [...]

How To Take More Initiative

7th June 2018

This is a video about taking more initiative in your life. It teaches you how your mind works. Get the full summary, additional quotes and resources here: Complement with my [...]

How To Manage Projects With Excellence

13th May 2018

Oldie but goodie – reuploaded! 5 ways to manage projects with excellence: 1. Only do projects that matter: Life is too short to be doing a lot of busy work that is not [...]


12th May 2018

I'm back from our Thailand trip. LOVED IT. A lot of this shot from my iPhone, including the cave! SUBSCRIBE to keep up with all my new vlogs! Get THREE of my online [...]

Leaving BALI. Here’s what we saw

11th April 2018

We're just leaving Bali. It was a quick trip, but greatly needed and appreciated. Wish we could have done more but we got a lot in. Complement this vlog with my latest [...]


1st April 2018

Just finished one of my 4-day seminars. Here's behind-the-scenes, and my first unboxing ever! Join me at my next seminar, dates here: . Also complement with my new [...]
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