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Brendon Burchard

Demonstrate More Love and Validation

17th February 2018

Get the podcast link, summary, and related quotes and posts on my blog: Fave quote from this episode: “People want to be validated. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with [...]

Raise Your Ambition (Despite the Doubters)

16th January 2018

This was so critical to my success. If I had let my current skills, circumstances or circle of friends dictate my future, I would have never dreamed or achieved. This clip is [...]

How to Choose Real Priorities

30th December 2017

How do you choose real priorities (rather than taking on other people's false emergencies, or projects that don't really move the needle)? In this video, I share [...]

Secrets to Happiness

22nd November 2017

We don't just have happiness; we generate happiness! Watch this clip to learn how to take responsibility for the energy you bring into the world. This clip is from High [...]

Embrace The Suck!

12th November 2017

Sorry I've been slow on releasing new videos guys. I've been on the road for my book tour. Because of your support, my book High Performance Habits became a Wall [...]

High Performance Habits in 5 Minutes

4th October 2017

5 min summary of my new book HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS: How Extraordinary People Become That Way. Get on Amazon: This is the science-backed, heart-driven approach to [...]

How to Make Change Stick

13th September 2017

Get mp3, summary, and quotes from this episode: Join Brendon's email list: Join Brendon's 4MIL FB fans: ‪ Get Brendon's new book free: ‪ iTunes free [...]
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