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Brendon Burchard

How To Manage Projects With Excellence

13th May 2018

Oldie but goodie – reuploaded! 5 ways to manage projects with excellence: 1. Only do projects that matter: Life is too short to be doing a lot of busy work that is not [...]


12th May 2018

I'm back from our Thailand trip. LOVED IT. A lot of this shot from my iPhone, including the cave! SUBSCRIBE to keep up with all my new vlogs! Get THREE of my online [...]

Leaving BALI. Here’s what we saw

11th April 2018

We're just leaving Bali. It was a quick trip, but greatly needed and appreciated. Wish we could have done more but we got a lot in. Complement this vlog with my latest [...]


1st April 2018

Just finished one of my 4-day seminars. Here's behind-the-scenes, and my first unboxing ever! Join me at my next seminar, dates here: . Also complement with my new [...]
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