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Doctor Hyman

Are Butter and Bacon Health Foods?

30th August 2018

Some foods help us, some foods have little effect on the body, and some foods harm us. Food is nuanced and it reacts with our individual bodies, our microbiome, our hormones, [...]

Do You Know Who Produces Your Food?

28th August 2018

Not only are we disconnected from our food, we are disconnected from the people who produce it and the conditions in which it is produced. Pam Koch and I discuss the [...]

The SNAP Program’s Problems

25th August 2018

We have a multi-trillion dollar global food industry that is growing, processing, manufacturing, marketing, and serving food-like substances that are making us sick and fat. [...]

Systemic Racism In Our Food System

23rd August 2018

We may think that what we eat is a personal choice that is rooted in our cultural heritage and family customs. But when our foods are biologically addictive, the notion of [...]

Quality of Life

20th August 2018

What we eat and how we live matters, especially when it comes to optimizing health and improving quality of life. Dr. Terry Wahls talks to me about how she has helped [...]

The Most Nutrient-Dense Diet

18th August 2018

Following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Dr. Terry Wahls MD designed a dietary protocol so nutrient-dense that it could aid in healing her body. The foundation of her [...]
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