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15+ Illustrations That Will Get You Thinking Deeply About Who You Truly Are

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  • The Facts:As humans, individually and as a collective, we hold onto duality like a sword due to the programming of society and mainstream media. We must break through this illusion and see that there is more to us than what is being portrayed on our screens.
  • Reflect On:We tend to lean more towards one side or another, but it is really about reflection, balance and inner work to get us to the height of our being. We truly are infinite, and when we realize and act on this we better see ourselves for who we truly are.

While strolling through social media or ‘surfing’ the internet, you are sure to come across numerous graphics and illustrations that are used to grab your attention. You have the standard ‘click-bait’ images and titles used to lure you in leaving you unfulfilled, and then you also have the out of this world imagery that you go to simply to discover more. But the most beautiful of cases are those that really get you thinking deeply, reflecting on the innermost part of us.

Throughout the past couple of years, I have seen plenty of new art coming forth that illustrates deeper insight, understanding and spiritual implications of what humanity is either going through or appearing as – and with that, I wanted to share one of the artists that had come up on my feed time and time again with some incredible messaging.

Her name is Medya Bulduk, and her work speaks for itself. Whether visually elaborating on releasing ourselves of fear, ego or limitations in general, or bringing together of humanity through our differences AND similarities, she does an amazing job at creating a visual story that gets you pondering.

Below are some of her works that I have pulled together via her site. What do they make you feel? What do you think about when you see these images? Who are we, truly? We have a podcast discussing this very topic if you’d like to listen.

Two children living in the present.

Most of your problems aren’t real problems.

I was once afraid of people saying, ”Who does she think she is?

Sometimes it’s easier to pretend, than to explain the unexplainable.

Not all pain is visible.

There are no bad students or children, only those who need motivation, guidance and love.


Inner growth changes our reality.

Poor mind: ”I need money to make money” Rich mind: ”Idea+pen/paper.

Hate is learned

Happiness lies within your attitude, not within what you have.



Imagine if we never saw bodies and we only saw people’s energy.

Be careful with who you choose to have in your life. Energies are real.

Stop giving people power to control your emotions and your worth. If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

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