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6 Habits Of Highly Empathetic People

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  • The Facts:A short video describes characteristics common among people with well-developed empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel another, perceive life from another’s perspective. It’s also associated with caring for one another.
  • Reflect On:Do you feel that you lack empathy in your life? How often do we react to events and people in our own life instead of trying to understand them? Why is empathy not taught in schools when it’s so important to the advancement of our species?

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy is built into what it means to be a human being, it’s something we are all born with, yet by looking at an overall picture of the human race you might be confused about that. This is likely because of the fact that just as much as there is an abundance of empathy and empathetic people on this planet, we are collectively manifesting experiences here that show a complete lack of empathy.

It seems there is much work to do to truly live in compassion, gratitude, and service to others, which is the true mark of how an intelligent and evolved civilization operates. We need to look inwards, examine our outer world, discover why it is the way it is, and why our intentions are the way they are.

It feels as though everyday unconscious life ignores the importance of empathy. From a young age, children are placed inside of ‘educational’ institutions that do not teach empathy. Memorization is a high priority, and striving to achieve high grades is made the entire focus due to the fact that it’s a qualification for the next step in what seems to be our robotic, planned out life. Become part of the machine.

This usually consists of work or post-secondary education before ultimately going to work. It’s an environment of self-preservation, one where we are taught that competition is natural and vital, not cooperation. We do not realize that our future does not depend on the survival of the fittest, but the care-taking of others, and the cooperation of humankind. There is no emphasis on or teaching of empathy, emotions, exploring feelings etc.

As a result, human beings grow up and contribute to a society full of people who have forgotten about empathy, and do not incorporate it into their lives as well as deal with their emotions.

But there is no need to lose hope, being able to observe that our world is this way is step one in understanding why a change is in the works. We individually have the power to change things, so let’s begin.

Exploring Empathy

Deep down, all of us care for another and attempt to perceive one another’s perspective. We often have a desire to help others who are in distress in one form or another at various points in our lives. Some people do this on large scales, some people do it when the opportunity presents, and some spend their entire life dedicated to serving others.

The ability to understand and take on the feelings of another can sometimes be difficult. But the ability to do that to the deepest level isn’t needed, empathy lies within your heart, and if you truly want to operate from empathy and harmony, we simply need to learn to live from the heart. From there, we can always be guided by doing what is best for all.

In my view, the amount of activism around the world is really a marker for how much empathy exists within human beings. We clearly care for others, animals and the environment. Although we may sometimes still be upset or angry through this process, we can sense that deep down something doesn’t quite feel right, so we seek change.

Through this process of activism and truth-seeking, we are often split, separated, and pit against each other. We recognize brainwashing, propaganda, and an entity that has a grasp of our world. This is where empathy comes in, we must see past the distractions and programming, and begin to feel once again. Recognize where we truly are all the same deep down, in this together and ready to create a world where we no longer require this shadowy controlling group to teach us how to get back to empathy.

Empathy is key to changing our world.

The video below explores some qualities of characteristics that are common among well practiced empathetic people.


When something happens in your life, and perhaps you perceive it to be happening “to” you by another person, try and take the road of empathy. Try to understand their actions, why they did what they did and what possible circumstances in their life could have contributed to it. Don’t be so quick to judge. Also, explore the lesson within it. Sure, don’t let danger continue, but also understand all aspects to what’s playing out.

That being said, empathy can be most difficult to possess when confronted with actions some human beings carry out on other people, but ultimately, without empathy, there is no understanding, only judgement and punishment instead of real healing and growth.


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