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Humanity ‘seems’ to be in constant chaos, but perhaps it’s only because that’s the image which is constantly portrayed by mainstream media.

You may not believe it, but the mainstream media does have a tremendous amount of influence over the perception of the masses, in multiple different ways. It’s a platform that’s owned by a small group of people and the corporations they run, and these same people hold power over practically all the world’s resources.

There is no aspect of our lives that goes untouched by these people, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take our power back.

A great example of perception manipulation would be the fact that we may be living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence, according to data compiled by Steven Pinker in his 2011 book ‘Better Angels of Our Nature’.’ And yet we are being manipulated into thinking things are worse than ever. You can read more about how we’re actually living in the most peaceful time of our species’ existence hereIn an interview with Julia Beliuz of Vox, Pinker states:

“News is a misleading way to understand the world. It’s always about events that happened and not about things that didn’t happen. So when there’s a police officer that has not been shot up or city that has not had a violent demonstration, they don’t make the news. As long as violent events don’t fall to zero, there will be always be headlines to click on. The data show—since the Better Angels of Our Nature was published—rates of violence continue to go down.”

Again, it goes to show just how much of our perception is controlled and manipulated. Our minds are used against us in order to drive us into acceptance and understanding of political moves; policies and bills that the global elite impose on us in order to take away our human rights. Privacy is one of multiple examples.

But things are changing, we are starting to wake up and actually become aware and empowered by the fact that this type of thing is happening. Consciousness is shifting, and thus, the current human experience is as well. It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive.

Understanding how our world really works and who’s behind it helps empower us to see through the illusion and re-ignite our power within.

Working directly in this field, I’m amazed at just how much progress we’ve made when it comes to basic awareness of several different issues over the past 10 years.

This Is Why I Chose To Share This Video

We are waking up, and the key to this type of planetary change is us. It’s a shift in consciousnessthat involves many things, and one of them is stepping out of a victim state and a acting from a higher perspective on events that take place which not only affect our own lives, but the entire human collective.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, how we react on an individual, and collective level, to events we see around us can have a profound impact on where we are heading.

This is why, when a major peaceful protest is happening, governments will use provocateurs to create violence. It’s because they want us to react, they want us to be angry. Our peace, love and understanding is too much for them to handle so they use whatever techniques they can to break it.

In the video put out by USA Today, you’ll see how a mother reacts to her son’s killer, with nothing but forgiveness and a higher understanding.

Why This Is A Revolutionary Act

This is exactly what needs to happen in our world today. So much of our troubles could be solved, both on an individual and collective level, if we did what what this mother did above. How we react to events that play out in the world are a vital part in changing how future events transpire, and can change the energetic message encoded in the ‘field of energy’ that comes from our heart.

More On How Fear Is Used, So We Can Overcome It

Take a look at 9/11, a supposed terrorist attack that was created by those who control the United Staes government to justify the infiltration of the middle east for ulterior motives.  Our reaction there was one of anger, hate, and revenge. Meanwhile, the premises behind that attack and the invasion of the Middle East were based on false premises. In this case, we reacted in a way that does not really solve anything, but creates more cycles and repetition that which we are ‘fighting’ against.

The same thing happens in our individual lives, almost every moment of each day. Whether you are reacting in a road-rage type of manner, or some other situation where you felt you were ‘done wrong,’ most of us react in the same way that caused our reaction in the first place.

If we could all learn to understand one another and not judge, our world would transform a lot quicker, and we will touch the lives around us in an extremely impactful way, like the mother did above. We would be acting from the heart and instead coming up with solutions that end the need for violence without creating more.

So, next time you have the opportunity to react in a non-violent, peaceful manner, to a situation where you feel you are a victim, rise above that and use the experience to propel all parties involved forward, to the best of your abilities.

It takes a living from your heart and soul to do this. We can all do this, and it is one out of several aspects of actually ‘being the change.’


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