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Why Is Everyone Getting Offended All The Time? This Explains It

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  • The Facts:We get offended because we’re hopelessly trapped in our ego’s, beliefs and identities. We are being trained to be this way, but also have a huge learning opportunity through this current reality. Listen to the podcast for deep details.
  • Reflect On:Are you finding yourself getting offended easily? Is it true that we can ever truly be free if we can allow someone to offend us at all times? Is it not ourselves who choose to be offended?

“I’m so offended by that.” “Wow, that was so offensive!”

Think about it: People become enraged every day about things they read online, hear in the news, or witness on social media, about topics ranging from the words people use to gender politics, race, sports teams, diet, perceptions, etc. It’s everywhere! It appears as though everything is offensive and everyone has something to say about it.

Whether it is social justice warriors going to extremes to try and make everything safe or whether it’s is us personally getting upset at someone around us who says something we don’t like, the reality of how offended everyone is getting these days comes down to something very simple: we’re hopelessly trapped in our ego’s, beliefs and identities. And this is happening systematically for multiple reasons.

The good news is, it’s also happening so we can evolve.

This is going to go a bit deeper than some societal outlooks on what is taking place today, but we need to as we need to get to the core vs just looking at it like we typically do which is to just simply say things like “Ahh people are too sensitive etc” This is about taking it to the core of why we truly operate the way we do. 

It breaks down into two key things: creating the division purposely at a high level, and the opportunity for consciousness evolution that also exists within that division.

Note: You can listen to the podcast episode here if you prefer. I only cover a few larger overview details in the article, the podcast has much more.

The Systematic Design of Division

Part one of the reason we are so offended all the time is that we are being trained to. There is a Deep State working to maintain control of a populace, whose consciousness is shifting and raising as each day goes by, and they are fearful of how much humanity is changing. This is causing them to work much harder to divide the public through getting everyone all tied up in their ego about various issues. Media is used to put out extreme situations with extreme sides so as to get people to buy into one side or another. Then we see a ton of attention being given to the battles and wars that are caused via these issues in order to further push into even greater battles.

Part of the play is to create a narrative people identify with via race, gender, age, culture etc. Then within those identities, we further divide ourselves by other factors, thus causing us to always see the differences in other vs the similarities. The narrative is then for people in each subgroup to FIGHT for what they want, causing subgroups everywhere to disagree and fight with one another.

From this point of view, this is about getting people to stay away and mad at one another so we cannot unite collectively. This also helps keep us so distracted that we cannot focus on things that truly matter. We are meant to focus on small minor issues that often take up time and energy so we do not see the big picture of what is truly happening on our planet and who is causing it. It appears the more truth comes into awareness of the public, the more distractions that come and follow.

Further, when it comes to the FIGHT, when has fighting in that way truly changed anything?

The Evolutionary Opportunity

Of course, within this landscape comes the opportunity for an evolution in human consciousness. What does this mean? When you have so much bubbling to the surface, and you have outbursts of emotion, you begin to see where people are at, what they believe, how they feel and so forth. Most importantly we get to see this about ourselves. And in that we have the opportunity to reflect on a number of things; how we identify, how much our ego and mind are in control, and what we believe about certain situations. It shows us what our perceptions look like and how we color situations and don’t allow ourselves to see them clearly.

When we get upset or offended, we see where we give up our power, our power to stay in a state of peace within ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could walk up to you and say “Republicans are all idiots!” and you, as a Republican, are able to just observe and feel unmoved emotionally? Of course! But instead we go off in anger, judgement of another and we race to find a comeback. This unconsciousness is what not only keeps the cycle going but is also what is being brought to the surface through this entire journey of people becoming intensely offended about EVERYTHING!

I go into much greater detail in the podcast as I mentioned above, this article is simply a look at some of the more high-level reflections. Please consider listening to the podcast below.


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