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David Icke exposes EU conspiracy – and is immediately proved right by secret government document

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24 hours after David Icke recorded this video this story broke to yet again prove him right on something he first wrote about Edward Heath and the EU 20 years ago:

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37 Comments on David Icke exposes EU conspiracy – and is immediately proved right by secret government document

  1. Globalization= Dictatorship

    • some aspects of globalization are ok, it is different though to globalism

    • CJTaylor 87
      I don’t share your opinion,but I respect your right to it.

    • Shaun Halliwell // 23rd November 2017 at 3:32 pm // Reply

      What’s Up? Globalism = Exploitation, by Shadow Government. (Corporate Imperialism).

    • Globalisation doesn’t necessarily equate to Dictatorship. It depends upon the context. In today’s world, yes it does. There are, however, other methods of globalising that don’t require authoritarian rulers dictating from behind the curtain. So “Globalisation” could be a great thing for everyone – companies from all over the world trading freely, people freely moving to wherever they wish, etc. [all without dictatorial rule.]

      This version of Globalisation we’re currently playing a part in isn’t good for anyone and is a dictatorship. I agree completely there. The only place I disagree with is the simplification of it. I do understand that you most likely didn’t mean to simplify it so much and wanted to convey your understanding of the current situation we’re in, so I’ll still thumb up your comment. Great point, and why I voted Brexit!

  2. Great report David. Spot on . If we settle for nothing now, we will settle for nothing later. We need to take action and halt the kakistocracy that run this world zionist Nazi communist totalitarian prison camp 2.0 . Lest we forget , people need to wake up fast. Time is running out before we are in the battery hen cages and those who don’t want it rounded up for prison camps or extermination. They got one such depopulation tool on the go with the re-introduction of bubonic plague. These evil people been using our own sweat to create our own demise with weapons , bio viruses etc to cull us down for the zionist new world order. The Beast is in the room. Britain, Pakistan, India, Jewmerica , Vatican and other families part of the illuminati zionist/ jesuit order. So many blue pill people out there though.

  3. If you’re anti EU you’d better be anti government, period. Don’t think for one second that the UK parliament have your interests at heart.

    • It’s about the ability of a people to take back their local governments, versus that govt becoming overshadowed by an un-elected centralized power.

    • 4Jesus 4Eternity // 23rd November 2017 at 7:14 pm // Reply

      UK sticking up for the royal family when they have been ripping them off and taking from their people …THIEVES!!

    • Well to be fair the Brits are so indoctrinated they WANT an Aristocracy. If they didnt they’d chop the head off again.

    • Peter Shoobridge // 23rd November 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

      Random Runner Not so much wanting aristocracy, per se, because no one other than the Queen is really admired. If you dispense with an hereditary monarchy what comes next? I think the British prefer what they have to a series of figurehead Presidents like Blair-I speak as a Brit living in the US. The real issue to my mind is unwarranted privilege, but that’s not just about the Royals.

    • Peter Shoobridge // 23rd November 2017 at 8:15 pm // Reply

      4Jesus 4Eternity The Royals are merely a diversion, although I’ve no time for any of them: it’s their Bankster buddies that are the true cancer of the people of the world.

  4. Stephen Lee - Bule British // 23rd November 2017 at 1:01 pm // Reply

    all this seems common sense to me how come most people dont get it.

  5. UKIP have become more centred removing anti-Islamists now making it an anti-establishment party for the left and right. Good move.

    • Catherine Jarman // 23rd November 2017 at 3:00 pm // Reply

      Yes great idea – lets allow the savage Islamic death cult to take our country over as it has so many others. Anyone who supports the brutality of Islam is beyond sick.
      Of course we should be anti-establishement – it is due to the traitorous establishement that thousands of young girls have been brutally raped by the numerous Muslim rape gangs, that thousands of children are tortured every year throught the savage practice of FGM, that we have Sharia law running parallel to British law, that we have honour killings, forced marriages, the return of slavery, that 2 people have been beheaded in Britain, that so many of our people have been mowed over with vehicles, stabbed to death, shot, blown up and had acid thrown at them, that we have hate preachers on the streets, Muslim no-go areas up and down the country, children being taught in Mosques to hate and desire to kill westerners, Jihadi savages invited back into the country, halal slaughter – I could go on and on. As David Icke said – wake up and start to see the brutality that is happening around you courtesy of the Islamic death cult and our traitorous estabishment.
      The Islamic death cult is evidently evil – only stupid and cruel people would support it.
      The establishment is evidently evil – only stupid and cruel people would support it.
      Henry Bolton the new UKIP leader is clearly and establishment puppet – the leadership ‘election’ was obviously fixed.

    • Catherine Jarman // 23rd November 2017 at 3:04 pm // Reply

      UKIP has become part of the establishment – not anti-establishment – what strange mythical place do you inhabit in your head?

  6. Nazi never lost the war they just changed there brand name to … evil by any name will always be the same…

  7. danieljohndeluca // 23rd November 2017 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    the 4th Reich is COMPLETELY ruling OVER Europe. ….
    WWII was won by the Sick Satanic Cannibalistic PEDOPHILIC Nazi FUXS
    ALL the evidence is out 4 consumption
    Humanity lost faith in their individual SELVES
    be FEARLESS & take control of YOUR MIND and tell the ESTABLISHMENT no more
    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

  8. Not sure why ‘secret government document’ is in the title but David doesn’t give details. I assume he’s referring to this news: If confirmed, this is an absolute bombshell. Unsurprisingly, no mention of this on BBC or in the Guardian

  9. Thanks, David. XO

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and you’re family David icke and many more my g. And g stands for friend if you don’t get it.

  11. E PLURIBUS AWESOME // 23rd November 2017 at 9:51 pm // Reply

    Godzilla will attack London! LOL!

  12. freedom isnt free, look at the attacks on trump.
    what are the uk’s royalty doing? nothing.
    is the queen totally ready to give up the whole country to the eu?
    as she has done by allowing millions of subhuman muslims in?
    you seem to need new rulers subjects, ones with england’s interests at heart

  13. Amazing how you predicted all what is happening right now. I wish more people woke up.

  14. Great work David great work

  15. Beautiful! Cheers!

  16. So all the people that doubted him can now shut up.

  17. EU Sweaty i s new EU Fresh – EU Bankrupt is new EU Solvent. BREXIT please – thankyou!

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