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David Icke exposes EU conspiracy – and is immediately proved right by secret government document

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24 hours after David Icke recorded this video this story broke to yet again prove him right on something he first wrote about Edward Heath and the EU 20 years ago:-

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50 Comments on David Icke exposes EU conspiracy – and is immediately proved right by secret government document

  1. David says some truthful things.. its sad that most people dont realize just how fuckd up this WORLD really is .. and many is just in denial of it -dont wanna hear anything

    • CHEWBACCA Agreed!! But people need to wake up! Corbyn will lead Britain into a dark abyss if he’s ever elected PM!
      He’ll be a push over if he is! A Trojan horse sort of speak!!

    • Totally agree my friend. the Establishment is long long overdue a total overhaul of the system that seeks to ruin the country & its people ! 1st on the agenda get rid of the Windsors & move on from there !

    • I am a Conservative and I say bravo David Icke.He is absolutely correct once again and the fact that he is getting”banned”from speaking shows that the authorities are frightened of him as he rightly shows them up for what they really are.And yes it is time people woke up.Keep up the good work David and do not let the bastards silence you

    • Fayz3r Normalcy bias is a factor yes but so is pure selfishness. The current capitalist system engratiates and rewards extreme selfish behavior.

    • Evo Labs Yes agreed!
      Money is the rut of all evil!
      But still suffer The Normalcy bias!

  2. Quirks and Features // 23rd November 2017 at 10:04 am // Reply

    It’s ok to be white.

  3. TheDixiechick12 // 23rd November 2017 at 10:06 am // Reply

    Most Politicians are not human,as they have no heart,thats why they have double speak,lying doesn’t bother them

  4. thealienshiznit 1987 // 23rd November 2017 at 10:20 am // Reply

    The British government has been run down to a laughable state of independent clowns who have been completely out maneuverd by every country they used to own and the rest of the world just collaborated to bring the empire down. We was all too drunk on weekday afternoons to see it coming at us and was duped and fucked right and royally.

    • thealienshiznit 1987 // 23rd November 2017 at 10:23 am // Reply

      Therefore there is no more British Isles just people fantasizing that there is. It was taken over long ago but we’ll all just wave a union jack at the queen and pretend we are living on the green green grass of home

  5. Might help if you clean the camera lens .

    • It’s actually the sun shining into the lens, (the video should have been taken at a sightly different angle), but still very watchable for the content.

    • ecirpen …And rain on the lens….and cameraman’s reflection. Great video making.

    • Haha, yes the reflection was a bit distracting. (No rain though, those small dots were light intrusion!) As I said previously, it was watchable for what David had to say….And by the way, NO, I was not the cameraman!!

    • ecirpen I was starting to wonder, but honestly light wouldn’t do that without some drops or smudges on the lens I’m sure of it. Anyway yeah it doesn’t really matter for this kind if video. He’s a nutter, but a lot of what he says makes sense. Shame he ruins any credibility with all the reptiles bollox

  6. SuperDipMonster // 23rd November 2017 at 10:44 am // Reply

    So what is it they are aiming for? It can’t be destruction because they wouldn’t have what they love most: money.

    • They are aiming for more power, control and profits.
      Just like the health system doesnt want dead people, but it wants sick people so they can milk them.
      Its pretty simple.

    • They are looking for chaos to spread across Europe, then they can bring order that’s a likely outcome

  7. He’s right.
    The EU is anti-democracy.

    • And modern liberals are brainwashed into thinking the EU represents freedom. And so they police the views or anyone that is anti EU. The powers that be are very clever, this new wave of liberals not so much.

  8. Sorrowfairiewhisper // 23rd November 2017 at 11:41 am // Reply

    EU is a dictatorship, is anti democratic, is a union on which the bureaucrats profit from and it’s a sneaky way of Brussels, trying to literally take over the whole of Europe,

    • Well said ( :

    • Spot on. Because I’m considered a peaceful person and for equality, it seems to be automatically assumed I would be an inny. I scratched my head on this until I asked for a sign of some kind in my head and I found Richie Allen’s audio recording with DI and then I knew what needed to be done.

    • Sorrowfairiewhisper
      Systemised take over politely with paper from the back door. Paper scams banks scams land taking and sovereignty dissolving scams bit by bit like planning a physical engineering feet.

  9. technojunkindatrunk // 23rd November 2017 at 12:35 pm // Reply

    To the person below addressing David’s hands…..
    David has rheumatoid arthritis. It is very painful but he still continues to educate us! To that I am grateful to him.

  10. Shared on Facebook and other social media

  11. Meddling Millie's Movement // 23rd November 2017 at 6:12 pm // Reply

    How have we, the public become the slaves of politicians, when they’re supposed to be public servants? They don’t have our best interests at heart. We need a solution because life is getting harder and if we don’t sort things out it will get worse.

    • i have a solution all governments have to go!!

    • Yes indeed many pollies are demon held incarnate.Some standing behind and out of sight are in truth fallen angels from satans mob. Read Ephesians 6:12 its a powerful expression of what humanity faces.

  12. Honestly, i cannot believe that people are STILL listening to that crazy nutter, Icke. None of the things he has covered, in very great detail, in his books have ever come to pass, or be proven to be true, have they?

    Just look at the EU, and their wish for an EU army, one currency, one court etc. After all, none of that has ever happened, has it?

    And his laughable theory about the early EC always being meant to be a United States of Europe, via mission creep? Who on earth could ever believe that? Utter rot!

    Then that rubbish about a so called Agenda 21, and the story of the world banks actually being a global financial cartel. What utter, utter tosh!

    Except there is one tiny, tiny flaw in that view of Icke I have offered above. All of the above that he has talked to over the last 25 odd years has been proven to be true.

    Pesky things, these “conspiracy theories”, because so many of them (that is the ones grounded in reality) keep on coming true, or being proven by evidence.

    • GetaGripCanada // 23rd November 2017 at 9:06 pm // Reply

      As the first response shows…..people do not read

    • GetaGripCanada, yep, precisely. Or then again, maybe bullsnutsoz simply does not understand irony, sarcasm et al.

    • haarp2012 are you a (((deceiver)))?

    • I don’t get it. Your name contradicts your statement. Your name would imply you’re an intelligent, insightful person but clearly that’s not the case.

    • MET POLICE SOCMINT GOOGLE IT // 23rd November 2017 at 11:38 pm // Reply

      haarp2012 We’ve woken up matey. We realise David Icke is a thoroughly decent, gentle, well meaning chap who is fighting to stop us all from being slaves. Whatever you think, much of what David Icke said would happen is coming true every single day. The guy warrants respect and more and more of us can see the truth.

  13. Christian Burgwald // 23rd November 2017 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    I have had an open mind all my life. I realize some people want the enemy of mankind to be what they are told. I starting reading and listening to all sides. If you have any common sense you see the lies .Left / right is just a game. The lies started hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

    • Yes Chris indeed, many pollies are demon held incarnate not fully human .Some standing behind and out of sight are in truth fallen angels from satans mob. Read Ephesians 6:12 its a powerful expression of what humanity faces.

  14. Well done David, keep exposing these evil bastards.

  15. Emma Leadbetter // 23rd November 2017 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    On the UK news tonight it was all about the upcoming budget and austerity measures for Britain because of all the debt is has amounted and wages will not recover for another 40 years is this another scare tactic for us to stay in the EU?

    • Most prob. We need to print our own money, not let these private families print our money and charge us for it, biggest scam in human history.

  16. David Icke, Alex Jones, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Graham Hancock, Alan Watts… these are incredible people that I have much respect and appreciation for and it is these people who I accredit for my awakening.

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