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David Icke – Grenfell Tower and the Power of the Heart Over Racism

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43 Comments on David Icke – Grenfell Tower and the Power of the Heart Over Racism

  1. Happy new year Mr Icke.

  2. Glad you mentioned this it’s basically what Israel’s does kill everyone off rebuild its like farmers burning the field before a new crop

    • Byzantine yes ofcourse it’s the council’s responsibility to maintain properties subject to budget. It is not the council’s responsibility to babysit and monitor people to ensure people are behaving. Hence my comment we are not a communist state. Councils make routine visits and ofcourse the people that aren’t supposed to be there will not be. After the council is gone they return. Plus your over crowding logic. London is overcrowded what do you propose to do with people in London and those that shouldn’t be in the country. And what should be done during rush hour that’s overcrowding on the tubes should the council be blamed if some idiot starts a fire and flees the scene without reporting it?

    • Byzantine I agree they shouldn’t be let to illegals or overcrowded or be amnesty to illegals due a tragedy it sets a bad precedent. It is however not the council’s fault an idiot didnt put out a fire that caused a tragedy is my point and that’s what you were arguing so maybe you take your own advice and learn the law. But the left wants mass immigration and shout racist when people simply want to implement the law. No borders. Yet in the same breath you shout racist when suprise suprise due to these idiotic policies of mass immigration open borders you have overcrowding.

    • Mrs Mac U.K. doesn’t have open borders, never has. We are not part of Europe’s Schengen zone, but their citizens do come here. I don’t really care. However when my 3 bedroom semi burned down I got nothing.

    • Byzantine actually we do. We have open borders with other EU countries it’s called free movement. The EU has allowed mass immigration so meaning anyone can enter illegally via the EU… exactly why so much ho ha about Glenfell. When most have entered and put themselves in danger it’s not rocket science if you live on an over crowded tower block and some idiot starts a fire and runs tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for you. You weren’t meant to be here in the first place. Ofcourse any loss of life is tragic but we endorse stupidity more will come.

    • Mrs Mac Ok. You’re not English. I thought it was bad that you don’t understand who qualifies to rent a council property and that the named tenant, and only the named tenant can live in the property. Now you don’t seem to understand that the UK is not part of the EU Schengen open borders area, nor do we take part in EU Asylum Seekers Laws. Ireland and the United Kingdom – negotiated opt-outs from Schengen and continue to operate the Common Travel Area systematic border controls with other EU member states. You need a passport to enter the UK and a job, to stay here. We do not have free movement as other EU States. There are a lot of EU laws that we opted out of, even before we voted to leave.

  3. Happy New Year to you David! Keep up the good work!

  4. Stuart Mckenzie // 8th January 2018 at 10:22 am // Reply

    I would have a lot more respect for this guy if he would agknowledge the flat earth truth

  5. Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu // 8th January 2018 at 10:25 am // Reply

    A great disaster is what it takes to unite …the materials of the building were made in such a way on purpose to try and see how quickly it would light up hence these materials will be made in the future to build houses and when there are orchestrated attacks to destroy towns and cities they will light up and go up in flames in a jiffy

  6. Racism will never die until the day they come from the sky….

  7. The Grenfell Tower fire was SCAM/ SCANDAL.

    Sadiq Khan and his co-conspirators have apparently rehabilitated people all ovwr Central London in very high end places. And while some of the victims have actually been relocated to very posh neighbourhoods, most of these rehabilitation houses for victims have been usurped like most council houses, and sold to hoarders and people willing to biy these illegal houses.
    London has a huge house scandal which has been growing since Sadiq Khan took office.

    • Sandy Sandy
      Londons housing market has always been a rip-off, that hasn’t just happened recently.
      I dislike khan but I wouldn’t suggest he in anyway shape or form is in control of London’s housing. He’s a useful idiot to the zionist who are in control.

    • Sandy Sandy Its the evil corrupt Zionists that want to rejuvenate London for rich only not the mayor you prat. Or are trying to blame him because he’s Asian???

    • Sadiq Khan was not in control of Kensington and Chelsea borough when Grenfell tower fire massacre occurred. Most of the burned alive victims were non-white and Muslim. No appropriate person has been arrested for this heinous crime by the police. So David icke is wrong to say that race and ethnicity don’t matter when it clearly does for those who call the shots. Even the fire brigade who attended the Grenfell tower massacre acted suspiciously for advising residents to stay put. White Britons and their institutionalized racism are to blame for this heinous crime and its followed up non-justice.

  8. I am not white but you cannot run a country on white people are always wrong on the right and white people on the left are always right. This kind of politics is what brought Zimbabwe and most communist style countries down. Many in Glenfield were of different races and were illegal. I don’t know why racism is even a factor. The fire was started by an idiot who then instead of pitting it out packed his bags and left. It’s absurd to say it was racist it was an accident. However the left launches into full mode absurdity. Yes the building needs improvement but the many fire fighters and emergency services did a sterling job again of all races. Racism in this case was irrelevant. Can we just stick to facts and not make believe. I grew up in Zimbabwe and this kind of nonsense cause everyone to suffer in the end. Fight battles that are there not make believe to silence your opposition. You really don’t understand real oppression I am afraid you romanticize all non white people are saints. When I grew up next door in South Africa witch craft of body parts was practiced and is still today. It’s becasue of Christianity most of that stopped in Africa. Slavery is still practiced in Muslim countries yet somehow they can do no wrong. It was always practiced even by the Prophet of Islam. In summary we have good and bad people everywhere. Some ideologies are just plain evil as they endorse slavery and witch craft etc… Same in the West we see Satanic practices on the rise…. yet it’s all ignored to talk of imaginary racism… ?

  9. Geoff Birchall // 8th January 2018 at 11:26 am // Reply

    David, you are now getting 10,000 subscribed people a month. More people are beginning to understand.

  10. Liberty Crusader // 8th January 2018 at 11:44 am // Reply

    David Icke, i think reality just doesnt work that way, it would be nice if it did though.

  11. it was a bomb the flat were tje “fire started”.. a fridge does not explode it will short circuit and trip the RCD.. even if it did catch fire it still wouldnt of blown the windows out in the fashion it did. sure the windows will crack dew to the heat etc etc.. for example the family living in that flat i.e the mum and the kids were sent off some were and only the father not being bigoted in any sense of the word it was a truly horrible thing to happen colour,race,creed does not come into to it.. bit lets face the facts and the facts that are beimg told to us are a bit shady in my view.. grenfell tower was a hostel for immigrants wether that be social migrant/or people fleeing a war zone.. it seems a bit off key to me there is defintley more to the story than what is being told..

  12. And yet Grenfell STILL hasn’t turned to dust and collapsed into its footprint like the World Trade Towers 1, 2 AND 7. I guess bricks are stronger than steel and concrete.

  13. David Icke really is the archetypal atheist.

  14. David your removal from FB is another reason I’m removing myself from Zuckerdouche’s Liberalist fake social media. GAB and MINDS would welcome you with open arms.

  15. Well this video officially sums up that david kike takes jewish money to fund his speaking tours. He’s also friendly with that stinking marxist hippy russell brand who isn’t critically minded at all, or at least is flawed by what google and fellow hollywood stars permit him to say. David icke is a disinformation gateway croney. Accept it fir it is folks, controlled opposition!

  16. otto houlihan // 8th January 2018 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    Dave looks and sounds like he’s been on a 3 day bender here

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