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5G – Culling The Population – David Icke

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44 Comments on 5G – Culling The Population – David Icke

  1. I appreciate you man!

  2. When I try to explain these dangers to my friends I can never present my case in such an expert manor as this. Thanks for giving me this to help express my concerns to my friends and family.

  3. Isn’t Brussels where all the EU leadership lives?

    • +anon There is zero truth behind anything you typed in your reply.

    • Dimitre Babaitov // 22nd April 2019 at 10:37 pm // Reply

      +anon Good respond. Our own optimism is killing us, it makes us blind to issues of life and dead. You seem open minded and awaken so see my short videos, if you only read the description below them, it would take only 1 minute for each video. They are 10 in total.

    • Dimitre Babaitov Thank you. I will definitely take a look and subscribe.

  4. w_ofman20 w_ofman20 // 22nd April 2019 at 8:10 am // Reply

    What makes me think that laws will be implemented to protect share holdersfrom liability in international law

    • w_ofman20 w_ofman20 It was all planed out. and placed a long time ago to generate negativit. Thay are working on the future’s control of us now!

  5. Brent Testerman // 22nd April 2019 at 8:11 am // Reply

    Thank you, kind sir.

  6. It will be a case of natural selection.
    And the cancer industry is going to profit from all the people who will get sick from the radiation!

  7. Claire Smith // 22nd April 2019 at 8:15 am // Reply

    We need David Icke This World. Needs him…….

    • Control Tower Studios // 22nd April 2019 at 12:52 pm // Reply

      We are all David Icke, David icke is all of us. Wake up and become that. We w ont have David for ever so wake up now and let’s evolve!

    • I’m sure he is. His stuff is not getting censored because of the big following he has. Things get censored and ghost censored all the time. But once someone with a big following has their stuff get censored it tends to spread like wildfire. Just like the Ted talk “war on consciousness” for example. I’m sure many people have all his videos and talks downloaded. Ready to spread the information as soon as any of the videos get taken down and I’m sure David had some people download a lot of videos as well

    • +Lee Turner he is

    • gromleif then why do they let him expose all this and no strikes etc…?

  8. Helen Mccluskey // 22nd April 2019 at 8:21 am // Reply

    Thank you David. People are awakening every day, thanks to the work you and others do. Love and

  9. Thank you for what I am sure you believe to be a well intended remark but I am fully capable of making my own decisions as to whom I trust in this point of attention I have chosen to experience at this moment and for now it is David Icke.

  10. Diane Lively // 22nd April 2019 at 8:44 am // Reply

    I love listening to you David Icke.
    Spot on!

  11. JEWrassic Liars Uncensored // 22nd April 2019 at 8:53 am // Reply

    Watch “JEWrassic Liars 26” channel and learn how to spot a fake news story in less than a minute or watch his Hoax code tutorial videos and be amazed guranteed

    • Pat Fitzgerald // 22nd April 2019 at 2:21 pm // Reply

      Better yet read a book called ‘Propaganda’, by Jacques Ellul, and learn how to spot all the b.s. tactics thrown at you every day.

  12. Even if you were to sabotage 5G cell towers… 5G will still be beamed through a increasing satellite network too… no escape anywhere on Earth.
    This is basically the net where all humans will eventually be chipped, those with criminal records first allowing release into society to easy pressure in prisons. All newborns too which will identify individuals, all your personal details… including your NI number or ID number and exact whereabouts at any time!
    It’s very likely insects & animals will be affected by 5G wavelengths too… quite likely humanity is shooting themselves in the foot, this will affect those in control too …global warming warriors would be better concentrating on stopping 5G!

    • +Chris Rebar Yeah, that’s why I said ‘rumor’. There’s so much deception and misinformation that it’s difficult to know the truth from fiction. Huh?

    • Yeah, as others have said ‘satellites’ don’t actually exist and as far as I know these frequencies won’t reflect off the atmosphere either, so we’re safe in that regard. They have installed them in street lights though.

    • Broken Mind XVII // 22nd April 2019 at 8:12 pm // Reply

      Ahhh.. good old aluminium foil…

    • Angelica Orozco // 22nd April 2019 at 9:21 pm // Reply

      Lol BS.
      They are hitting us from earth. Satellite is a hoax so we can feel hopeless and panic like you.

    • Mike Morgan I recumend you make your hat out of tin foil, knot aluminium foil.

  13. Thankyou David for your amazing dedication to the truth…

  14. “5G is it safe? By Ian R Crane”, Ian covers 5G in depth and has done interviews with Mark Steele look him up on YouTube

  15. Their determination to murder us all is impressive.

  16. Stephen Douglas // 22nd April 2019 at 10:17 am // Reply

    Dane Wiginton another great commentator on what they are doing to our planet!

  17. Will 5G work synergetically with all the aluminum, barium and strontium micro-particles ingested by the population from chemtrail fallout?

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