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Chill Out ‘IAMA’ People – It’s All An Illusion – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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52 Comments on Chill Out ‘IAMA’ People – It’s All An Illusion – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

  1. We live on the level plane, reality is indoctrination from birth.

    • wrath of the lamb // 7th September 2018 at 1:43 pm // Reply

      *I live in isolation. Do you care?*

    • Nania; Conspiracies are NOT created equal. Flatearth at the very least appears to be supported (in-part) by the Usual Suspects to discredit conspiracies-in-general, to confound, bamboozle and distract the babbling masses from critical thinking and rigorous discretion.

      FEerism feeds into the tribal identity-politics of group-mind and cult-fad populism, a symptom of postmodernity’s existential crisis, an attack on reason and rebellion against scientific fomalism via obsessive-compulsive self-indulgent narcissistic Zombie Idiocracy fatalistic nihilism.

    • NYCEONE; NOT when the classic gatekeeper pied-piper snakeoil salesman FE hardliner Dubay remains the sole judge of what constitutes ‘proof’ and credible ‘evidence’.

      The simple observational fact of a ‘horizon’ is 1st hand experiential proof of a curved planetary surface. A horizon is a perception artifact that is a prime feature ONLY found on curved-surface bodies.

      At standing eyesight 6 ft above ground on a wide level plain, the horizon is about 2.99 miles distant; Stand on your car’s roof for an additional 5 ft elevation for a total 11 ft, and you can suddenly see the horizon out an additional mile, to 4.06 miles. ONLY a curved planetary-surface accounts for this factual, measurable observation. Send this globe-earth proof to Dubay and I’ll share the $10k prize with you 50/50, K? Thanx!

    • MrGoldenV level plane your brain

    • Flat Earth is a metaphor much like the Matrix. It’s a way to speak about the globalist deception and evade the censors. Most people don’t realize there is a different meaning than the surface level.

  2. Everyone wants to be different and a bit more special than others. That’s the root of it. Everyone screams for equality but nobody really wants it.

    • Meddling Millie // 7th September 2018 at 2:30 pm // Reply

      They say they want equality but it’s supremacy they really want. All this crap they call political correctness has gone way too far and common sense is a thing of the past

    • Meddling; IMO, political correctness like proprietary ideology is an appeal to the psychology of group-conformism and cult-tribalism, readily used to perpetuate the manipulative dialectics of divide-and-rule/left-vs-right factionalism and enforced religious/partisan entrainment, ie exploiting the tension of opposition stasis by which the elite PTB protect their corporate-praetorian-mafiosa syndicate franchises of wealth-and-power. Its quite despotic, authoritarian, dehumanizing, wicked and diabolical.
      Stay vigilant!

    • Return of Zeus // 7th September 2018 at 6:08 pm // Reply

      Bourbons, Spanish Crown, King of Jerusalem, Mexican Drug Cartels, Gulf Cartel, Child Traffickers, MS13, Fascism, Santander Bank

    • *Conservatism is a MENTAL disorder*

  3. Pretty much sums it all up David . Infinite conciosness is all I AM A wrapped up in a nice little package add confusion.

    • wrath of the lamb // 7th September 2018 at 1:51 pm // Reply

      *I am gaining too much weight. Very unhappy about it. Very uncomfortable. It is trauma. It is crisis.*

    • +wrath of the lamb Me too…I am going to meet a man I love after the New Year of 2019…I am going to diet and get some new clothes too.We knew each other in High School…He liked me and I didn’t know…Lol…He never told me then…He loves me like crazy…

  4. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel // 7th September 2018 at 11:32 am // Reply

    I understand exactly what David is talking about, and he is spot on, we are labeled with some terms which don’t describe us, the real person inside, at all, all these labels are creating division among humanity. Took me many years of my life to see this also, but I’m glad I did, I never really fit into any of these groups, maybe I was left aware in some way, all my life as I never felt the need to conform, instead I felt the need to express myself, speak my mind and be good, honest and in a way perfectionist also. David is fully aware, most people are not.

  5. The I AM A identity crisis as I call it is instigated by the cursed ones mentioned in the bible in Gen. One of course has to know what they read to see this but it helps to be able to read the Latin and even older tablets to know the facts as they were presented to people at the time of the writings. Those writings make it clear there are two groups of bipeds on the planet; one the first and older than the second and having created families of others by the time the second was even conceived; in the bible in Gen chap. 1 it is about mankind the first man, the man male and female he created that was given all the animals and so forth.
    This first man is not humans reading this.
    Human beings or Human kind came to be in Chap. 2 in Gen the single sex worker to tend to the plants god the creator noticed wilted and needing care. This second man is the reader, the lowly worker, the one that can borrow from the owners and lease anything they like from them but you never really get the deeds, or titles they actually are the only ones that can own anything! The first group was where this second man, the human ADAMA man came from but he was changed, then through a series of events managed to become smarter than he was supposed to be and being too aware in no small thanks to the temptations of the first group mate that came in and put thoughts in their heads that weren’t there to begin with they get kicked out of the garden they were in where they were favored and protected right back to become property like all the other animals given to the first group!
    So you see these of the first group saw these single sex rejects walking around out there in their zone now after one of them gave them some drug to wake them up in the form of a forbidden fruit and some saw the women as sexy and took them making babies and those babies still walk the earth tracking the blood and genes of intersex people that tend to have babies of both sexes. Circumcision was started just to track the groups infiltrated by the ‘fallen’ intersex that took some of these because that is who they appoint to run the world for them!

    That is why when you look at MAXine Walters you see both male and female because that is a he/she just like Trump and MELania are both he/shes as is the entire family and most of the elite! Look at them! McCain’s wife at the funeral the other day had a prominent Adam’s apple for crying out loud! David said aliens! They are intersex tribes that breed and sell and trade children and us, eat or enslave, abuse or use for cannon fodder! Look deep at the names mentioned and if you don’t see Vegas drag queens you all deserve the selected blinders you have on. If you will allow me to slap them off your heads for a moment maybe David can write a book now about “Seeing and “Seeing for Real!” which you should type in and all read to wake up yourselves!

    • +Troy Taylor if you take your time and read what you’ve just written you’ll find out that your bipolar is truly in effect and you should refrain from touching the keyboard untill it subsides. I’m serious mate … leave it.

    • +Troy Taylor hehhe… thank you for affirming my initial prognosis. You just couldn’t leave it. IT won, yet again. But now that sufficient time has passed, the effects of this sedative comment will leave you pleased with the knowledge of the progress you have made here today … and it’s free of charge.

  6. They are not the real Hebrews.

  7. Christin Ekholm // 7th September 2018 at 11:38 am // Reply

    My soul has an awful human expierence on this earth so I could see what I could do about it after my organic death ,or just live it that way even if I would like to punish some people with tourture for what they done to me…but it might be a punishment enough to just be on this planet ,work here and give taxmoney to the people who destroyes this country so maybe I dont need to do anything about it atall

    • Christin Ekholm <3Stop by my channel for original content. Preciated;

    • Patrick Kennedy // 7th September 2018 at 1:02 pm // Reply

      Sorry you feel you have had a bad time, what happened? Hope things look up for you.

    • wrath of the lamb // 7th September 2018 at 1:50 pm // Reply

      *my soul and human life has had very terrible horrible experience too, for all eternity. Very horrible terrible.*

    • I am sorry you were so tortured and traumatised. I also was tortured and traumatised at the age of 17…He was a neighbor boy and I am 66 years old now…I hated him…It is OK to hate what or who are hateable…GOD hated him too for the sexual assault upon me that was against my will…I could nit tell anybody back then…I hated him for ever long it took fot me…I have had a happy life after…A husband who was gentle for 44 years…Two children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great- grandchildren…I pray your life will be happy too now…God Bless you…

  8. Thanks David – it´s so good, to listen to some sanity in utter insane times.

  9. I remember the first time I had peace. It was very early in my recovery…I was stressed. depressed. angery..ect all rolled into one….
    I drove me motor cycle up to the mountain with pine forrest…No humans around me.
    I set on a rock. Slowly I began to feel peace. My attention focus on being IN THE MOMENT.
    I was just BEING…in nature….REALITY…Not SOCIETY. ( man’s made)
    That was my so call SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.
    No thunder, lighting, burning bushes…or voices in my head.

  10. Why are white supremacists frowned upon everywhere in world except in Israel?

  11. Well done David…saying what can’t be said. Of course shame on Labour for bucking like this and actualy only JC showed a modicom of common sense. This is bad news for all of us. I think the horse has really bolted…died of old age and been sold as French salami. Now demonic states that create apartied regimes and produce nuclear weapons illegally…can only be critized if they arn’t called Israel.

  12. Kozmic Karma Koala // 7th September 2018 at 1:26 pm // Reply


  13. All religions are man made designed to manipulate and control the population.

    • Absolutely, they think if there is nothing to believe in then there would be anarchy because there will be no fear to possibly get in hell after evil deeds on earth.

    • +ManiacsAngel well said.

    • +jam 68 Thank you.

    • LloydBryce Carson // 7th September 2018 at 5:30 pm // Reply


    • jam 68 u can keep repeating your lies just makes us realize how bad you can’t acknowledge the truth God Bible Christianity doesn’t matter we have known the truth though out time..but regions are fake repatian serpent but Good spirit and flesh or Jesus was a connection within..
      Plus ark been found plus Chariot wheels in ocean were Moses was.. plus even angels believe in Jesus…..Even demons….ever pray see a star drop n a car drive by with a Lignt cirying on top with a huge peace sliver metal in the passenger seat? I have sliver hawks

  14. Even though the Zionist lobby groups are putting pressure on the Police to get David’s events cancelled, which is happening more and more regularly, he and his team will still find a way of finding new premises and getting the message out, sometimes with mere hours notice. I love his determination. David knows it’s the Zionists running the world and will not buckle to threats and intimidation because he is a lover of truth and humanity.

    • The “Synagogue of Satan” is Zionism, but don’t confuse that with the biblical people. The bible recognizes the Ashkanazi as a DIFFERENT people from those in bible stories. They are 80% Khazars. DNA proves all this.

    • Eric Linz …..King Bulan

  15. Spot on, Mr icke

  16. Mary McReynolds // 7th September 2018 at 3:34 pm // Reply

    Thank you for being the Mr. Rogers, gentle explainer of things needful for awakening adults. You inform the spirit and the brain.

  17. This man is a fekking GENIUS!

  18. LloydBryce Carson // 7th September 2018 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Icke IS right! I drink or drank too much, or enough, to go to AA thinking I would be only better if I devote my life to going to meetings for the rest of my life or I would end up in jails. institutions or death. 90 meetings in 90 days saying I AM an alcoholic, but some of the oldtimers would say I AM a recovered alcoholic, decades sober, and people would scoff.

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