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David Icke Answers Questions From The Hungarian Media

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44 Comments on David Icke Answers Questions From The Hungarian Media

  1. Mississippi Coops // 8th October 2018 at 8:03 am // Reply

    Good morning.

  2. Jennifer Miller // 8th October 2018 at 8:12 am // Reply


  3. Remain Anonymous // 8th October 2018 at 8:42 am // Reply

    This world is a cesspit.

  4. There you go David!! Yes , I think some of us are in a trance!!

  5. Thank God the world is slowly waking up.
    …Just waiting for that hundredth monkey.

  6. Earth is a turtle. The Noodley Appendage will save you.

  7. Information is the equivalent to that of food, or water to humans. (You’d literally die w/out it) In many situations the lack of information is really what got one killed. Most of you would probably die if dropped off in the woods, dessert, mountains, or some tall grass, because lack of information. They already keep it quiet, but take it all away and you all will be in captivity paying off that false debt with babies

  8. Dennis Durkop // 8th October 2018 at 9:28 am // Reply

    David Icke
    There is US lead naval amada off the shore Venezuela being ready to attack innocent Venezuela people being the start of WWIII! The USA is the bad guys already upholding the illegal bank and trade sanctions of Obama and Trump when nothing was done by the sovereign government of Venezuela but to preserve their sovereignty from the globalists! China and Russia back Venezuela! This is going to end very badly for the American people! Do a Youtube search: Florida Maquis

    • Don’t listen to florida maquis. He talks out of his arse all the time.

    • Dennis Durkop // 8th October 2018 at 5:06 pm // Reply

      Haris Diz
      There is the old saying better to be safe than sorry! Anyway I left the USA long ago so no worry about Muslims or Russian nukes! I will continue to listen to him over your useless opinion backed with no facts, as that is how worthless narrowminded politically correct liberals think! FM backs up with facts and photos most of the time that anyone can discern if it is viable or not! That is what his job was as a professional in the military! Your opinion is just worthless jibberish of a troll!

    • Saw that video last night GPS

  9. Hi david im a big fan of urs as u may or may not know…but do u ever get a rest? Do u ever get depressed. Also all things i know from u i know is true… but realy does it all realy matter. Cant we all just ignore everything and just live our lives with our familys be happy be thank full and enjoy every moment with our family and friends. Live love be happy and live like its our last day every day. Peace and love to u david and family.

    • FAKE RAYBAN's // 8th October 2018 at 4:23 pm // Reply

      hard core death n slavery for the lucky / which 1 is lucky I would guess the first part / tick tock time is very close to the end game /

  10. Ramona Silvestri // 8th October 2018 at 9:31 am // Reply

    Question every one every thing no matter who you are or where you are Ask why why why!!!!!!!!! When the “position of power” cannot be understood and also ignores questions you must share your concerns . Moral fabric and potential outcomes must be acknowledged Anything or decisions made secretly typically ruin things later.

  11. Ramona Silvestri // 8th October 2018 at 9:44 am // Reply

    My immediate downloads list was : baptism..yet very ill by 3 almost died twice. Was witnessing TV , Christmas holidays. Halloween, Easter (Catholic) first few years Irish nuns one Spanish nun. Parents worked hard and got results. Saw a craft at 7yrs old. 2 beings stated down at me from craft. By 12. I had an implant removed.

  12. The world is messed up by the bunny rabbits in the middle East, can’t argue with that if you do your research.

  13. I am your audience, your fan , your follower , you admirer . I totally believe in you and trust all the information you R providing for us.
    I love you dearest David .
    From Middle East .

  14. Hungary has got its collective head screwed on. Surely it cannot be wrong to want to live among your own people in your own homeland? Alas, the EU globalists don’t want us to have any identity, thus rendering us weak, broken and easily manipulated.

  15. If we’re all just the same entity “having a point of experience”, what does it matter what we think we are and do? Surely, it doesn’t matter if we want to believe we’re Ethel Smith or whatever the hell.
    Personally, I think we’re different entities, albeit, connected in some way.

  16. Melissa Argenbright // 8th October 2018 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    I am intrigued by David and his message.

  17. Two downvoters couldn’t connect the dots

  18. SpiritualAnarchist // 8th October 2018 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    The definition of anarchy has been twisted by the ‘agents’ to make it appear as chaotic, Godless, evil, and a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest regime. To me, anarchy simply means that NO person has the right to rule over another. Why can this not be applied in a peaceful, loving manner? (((They))) twist, or reinvent our language to make us live a guilt filled life of self hatred. Words like racist…How can anyone possibly be a racist, when we are ALL of the same race? ‘Anti Semite’ is tied in to being racist. How can being against a certain religion be termed as racist? When did a religion become a race? The term means anti Arabic anyway, which is exactly what the people that hide behind this label are!
    The best kind of slave is the one that believes he is free. I think that quote sums our society up beautifully.

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