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David Icke Talks About The UN Migration Pact

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43 Comments on David Icke Talks About The UN Migration Pact

  1. Templar Rising // 26th December 2018 at 8:03 am // Reply

    The UN is the one world order mentioned in revelations…. Revelations is coming true…

  2. Canadian Eagle // 26th December 2018 at 8:04 am // Reply

    We don’t have much time to stop this!

  3. mohamen Valets // 26th December 2018 at 8:08 am // Reply

    Mr. icke greetings from a corner of venezuela, I have always followed him for a year and I have realized that since the 90 has given information for our collective awakening, thank you very much for your work, keep working as you are doing, as each day we are more the ones that we want this world to change, someday this world will change only if we change. I would like to ask you if you have information from Venezuela for this coming year? greetings and success in their labors

  4. thankyou for addressing this david <3

  5. The area where I lived (Oldbury – West Midlands) transformed massively over the last three or so years, and not for the good, it was flooded by Eastern Euopeans, Afgans and Pakistanis..90% men, the area is now a dive, litter everywhere, we moved because my daughter was continuously harrased by these men, she is 14, she was scared to go out, i called the police on multiple occasions and they did nothing!

    • Mr helface. Sorry to read that. But you have been screwed and lied to since 1947 and l feel for you English. Your government is against you in fact all Governments since the Windrush. Mate, it’s your land and history. YOU MUST TAKE IT BACK. APATHY LEADS TO THE ULTIMATE DEATH OF YOUR PEOPLE IN THIS SITUATION.

    • frankylee 70 – Poles are white Christians. Believe me, they are not the problem…..

    • MrHellface = Years ago I was in the territoral army and our H.Q. was in Oldbury near the ‘Hen and Chickens’ pub, I thumbed it from Bromsgrove every week via the M5 motorway, and I remember Oldbury had a few incomers from other cutures in those days, but it sounds like it’s absolutely horrendous now!
      I’ve lived in Brighton for the last 23 years and it’s got it’s own, for want of a better description, ‘Ghetto areas’ now! But, as David says, if I was living where they lived, and how they had to live, I’d probably up sticks and move my family somewhere with a better standard of living! These people are just tools of the elite and used like pawns in a worldwide chess game designed to bring down the present cutures of the Western world and to sow dissent and animosity in an effort to get us fighting amongst ourselves and weakening our resolve! This ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy has been used for many hundreds of years, and is still as successful now as it was in the beginning! I know that the majority of these immigrants have no desire, or intention, of ever assimilating themselves with us and our culture, in fact they, as a whole, want to change our laws and culture to suit themselves and their ways! This basic fact is well understood by the ‘faceless’ people who bring them here, in fact they go out of their way to accommodate these demands at every turn, and with the race relations act and other P.C. bullshit we are now definately looking like the underdogs in our own country!

  6. I signed the on line petition against this government signing but all I got back from government was “It’s non binding”. Time for yellow vest protests like the French if government refuse to listen before handing our borders over to an unelected body like the UN.

  7. canada does not know what to do they will lose the country

  8. Perfect Presentation !!!!! Thanks Again, David Icke

  9. Brilliant Video

  10. Jorge Enrique Beltrán Nadal // 26th December 2018 at 8:17 am // Reply

    Rothschild’s finance UN….

  11. Remain Anonymous // 26th December 2018 at 8:18 am // Reply

    The United Nations should be dissolved, it is absolutely useless.

  12. Well Said, David Icke !!!

  13. A Flemish Stacker // 26th December 2018 at 8:34 am // Reply

    Here in Belgium 80% of the people don’t wanted this UN pact. Still they aproved it. F Brussels.

  14. May signed it on 11th dec 2018 after and whilst saying she is against free movement ??!

  15. Something doesn’t add up here. If mass immigration produces a multicultural and diverse society which is so ‘good for us’ and the plan is to turn society into a homogeneous ‘blob’ then that means that society will cease to become multicultural ?
    Will those leaders then admit that multiculturalism was just a hoax or will they import millions more people from Africa and Asia?
    Secondly – if the vast majority immigrating are young males of fighting age, why are they leaving behind wives, girlfriends, parents and children alone in places that are so terrible and unsafe to live in?

  16. What about the Kalergi Plan ?

  17. The worst is yet to come. I believe these people are a Trojan Horse. When the time is right they will turn on us big time and there will be bloodshed. On Christmas Eve I got to talk to another Lefty. She was in complete denial that these people are here for an ulterior motive. That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it. I don’t know the answer because I have no way of fighting them back. Words and marches are pointless.

    • She needs to see the decapitated heads of the two white girls who went camping in Morroco. But then again these people are brilliant at being asleep when it comes to looking at nasty stuff.

    • I also talked with a leftist millenial yesterday. It is unbelievable how naive they are about these people. He angrily refused to acknowledge that they are any more dangerous as a group than native western people. He turned really hysterical when I pointed out the documented official statistical facts about their crime rates. He lives in complete denial of the reality. Total cognitive dissonance.

  18. The rape rates in Europe are going to be off the charts, because all of these young migrant men are obviously going to want to be with women, but the local women won’t want to be with these migrant men. Big trouble awaits, and it will be the European women who are going to suffer the most.

  19. The Kalergi Plan has gone world wide thanks to being pushed by Merkel via the UN. The Caucasian people need to fight back or be overwhelmed and wiped out.

  20. People want their Countries back.

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