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Mass Migration – A Long Planned Elite Manipulation – David Icke

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56 Comments on Mass Migration – A Long Planned Elite Manipulation – David Icke

  1. Excellent Presentation !!! Thanks Again, David Icke

  2. THE GRAND COSMIC PUPPIES // 7th January 2019 at 10:50 am // Reply

    One Other Very Important Story/Reality Of 2018 … Probably, One The Most Important … Considering What Nukes Can Do … To A City Or Nation.

    More And More People … Around The World … Especially In Britain, France, Germany, The USA And Europe In General … Are “Waking Up And Recognizing” That …

    “Vladimir Putin” … “””IS NOT””” … A Dictator, Bully or BAD MAN … That Most Of The Western Mainstream Media And Most Of The World Media … Has Portraying Him to Be.

    Which Is “Soooo Important” … “””BECAUSE!!!””” … People Are Discovering … “””WHY!!!””” … Vladimir Putin And RUSSIA … Have Given “So Many Warnings” About

    The Encroaching And Surrounding NATO/USA Nuclear Military Bases And Facilities Around RUSSIA.

    This Could Very Well … “””LESSEN THE DAMAGE””” … “OR” … “””EVEN STOP!!!””” … “A Nuclear World War/World War III” … That Is Clearly Been Planned And

    Those Who Desire To Deploy.

    Vladimir Putin/RUSSIA … Have Been “””WARNING””” About This … For Over 30 Years.

    Staggering And Unprecedented Amount Of People … Are Checking Out, Researching And Weighing Up … Whether … Vladimir Putin And RUSSIA … “Are” … “THE BAD

    MAN/PEOPLE” … They Have Been Portrayed As … By The Mainstream Media Of The World … In Most Cases.

    … “””FINALLY!!!””” … The World Is “Recognizing And Acknowledging” That … “Vladimir Putin” … Is A Very Honest, Intelligent, Wise, Fair And Decent Family

    Man … Who Genuinely Cares For Russians, Humanity, Mother Earth And All Life.

    The Constant Demonisation, Ostracisation, Isolation, Lies, Disinformation And Misinformation Campaigns … “Against!” … Vladimir Putin, RUSSIA And The Russian

    People … That Has Been Taking Place … For Over 70 Years … Has Greatly Endangered And Threatened The Human Race As A Whole … “””BECAUSE!!!””” … The Forces Of Darkness And Oppression Can … “””FALSELY BLAME””” … And Justify Attacking … RUSSIA!!! … As An “Escape Goat” And “Bring In – Their New World Order Plan/Agenda – Phase 3 Of 3”.

    Plus, A Nuclear World War … Will Be The Perfect And Extremely Effective … “Deterrent, Distraction And Diversion” … For Humanity … To Go Into … Survival Mode And Greatly Decrease Their Vibration … As A Direct Result … Of The Shock, Fear, Paranoia, Instability And Insecurity.

    The Forces Of Darkness And Oppression … Have Been Secretly And Openly … Planning And Deploying This “Destabilization Program”, “Depopulation Program”,

    “Submission Program”, “Subjugation Program” And “Harvesting Program” For A Long Time And Are About To Fully Implement “Phase 3 Of 3″ … Which Much Of The Human Race … Is Going To Be Sucked Into, Entrapped Into And Accustomed/Adapted Into”.

    … “””PLEASE!!! … HUMANITY””” … … “””GIVE VLADIMIR PUTIN AND RUSSIA … A CHANCE””” … … .. “””DO NOT!!!””” … “””UNDERESTIMATE!!!””” … “””OR””” …


    … … … “Message From” … … … “””MOTHER EARTH/SOPHIA/SHE””” … … … “””THE FATHER/SOURCE/GREAT SPIRIT””” … … … “””THE

    GUARDIAN FORCES/WE, THE MANY/THE ANCESTORS””” … … … “””THE ALLIANCE/WE, THE MANY””” … … …”””AND””” … … … “””OUR/THE EMISSARY””” … … … “Also Known As” … … … “””THE GRAND COSMIC PUPPIES””” … … …

  3. Jerry Jewstein // 7th January 2019 at 10:50 am // Reply

    The 3rd world war won’t be nation against nation. It will be Islam and zionism vs everyone else.

  4. Our island cannot cope with more people, baracade the beaches sothey cant come ashore

    • +13thMonkey I feel so bad for British people

    • Their global resettlement chart shows that UK is safely able to raise ,with immigration ,its population to 184,000,000.!!!!

    • cynthia bryant // 7th January 2019 at 8:11 pm // Reply

      +Paul Duffy oh you’re saying that because I haven’t went to the office yet you guys think that I’m stupid and I don’t know what I’m reading but it’s okay lashara did you know that anthiny has been f****** me wenever stopped I mean how do you feel about that or is he lying to you and you believe it that’s was really you not know by now that he is a con really we have been doing it and never have stopped I mean I don’t know what he is telling you but I know what the truth is because if he wasn’t f****** me he wouldn’t even be at my house

  5. TrueGritProductions // 7th January 2019 at 10:57 am // Reply


  6. Zionism is funding NGO’s all across Europe to flood in the aliens whilst israel itself will not accept even one immigrant.

  7. Richard Ralph Roehl // 7th January 2019 at 11:12 am // Reply

    Diversity is NOT unity. And multiculturalism is coded terminology for genocide against white COLORED people.

    • Diversity is another way of saying destroying resistance to globalist control.

    • Chief Bigstick // 7th January 2019 at 1:45 pm // Reply

      The radical islamist are the new version nazi eugenics regeme under the pretext and protection of religion. The even scarier realization is that our U.S./Canada Border is less secure than our U.S./Mexico Border. The truth is that we Americans have no idea how many sleeper cells of the radical muslim extremist are in Canada and Mexico calculating to wage more attacks on us Americans. Our world has become an international simmering powder keg. These people DO NOT assimilate with NON muslim cultures and we’re fools to think otherwise. The 2016 U.S. Census of MIGRANT muslims living in the United States was 1,167,000. What percentage of the 1.167MILLION migrant muslims are radical, extremist, terrorist and non assimilating? If there are REAL people seeking refuge THAT sincerely are in need of help, we should be sending foreign aid to them in their own countries to help them stabilize their country and themselves. Thousands of Americans were KILLED BY ONLY 19 radical muslim terrorist in N.Y on Sept. 11, 2001; resulting in drastic legislation KNOWN as THE PATRIOT ACT and other drastic security changes such as our airports and air travel. Allowing these radicals and extremist to come into our countries so they can disrespect everything we believe in and stand for, is a disservice and disgrace to everyone that fought (some seriously injured, the thousands that were killed in action ) and those who continue to fight for the VERY BLANKET OF FREEDOM THAT WE ALL ENJOY NOW!!!

    • +Chief Bigstick 911 was a nwo energy weapon attack, it had about as much to do with Islam as a bacon sandwich.

  8. Open borders for Israel

    • MIDNIGHT SKULL97 // 7th January 2019 at 2:23 pm // Reply

      God Bless ISRAEL

    • Frazer Spence // 7th January 2019 at 4:23 pm // Reply

      Open borders for Saudi Arabia.

    • These Israeli fuckers always moaning. Have a look at a Holocaust Denier video, and this figure of 6 million has been mentioned since way back, hundreds of years ago. 6 million this/that, check it out. Torpedo these fucking shits. The folk starving are the folk you see in Glasgow, in sleeping bags, dying. I see it! Daily, they get houses in front of us? Racist? Not me, you must be secretly thinking this yourselves, no? Yes!! Scared to speak out? Civil war shortly. It’ll happen, watch. Slowly it’ll start, odd stabbing here, another there, then lots, the police? Don’t make me laugh. I saw one with a checkered turban, this wasn r racism, but it was very funny, thanks “officer” Yes flood Israel, see how they react. Me too David, Tory bastards.

    • +Paul Glancy Chill out man, you’ll have a stroke 😉 ……. but you are quite right.

  9. most do see it but they are to busywith their lives to do anything about it.yellow vests bought parts of london to a standstill on saturday.not much if any reporting on this

  10. Atomic knight // 7th January 2019 at 11:39 am // Reply

    I try not to blame the migrants themselves, but if a civil war starts in this country they will be the ones that align with the left to hurt patriots. They’ll be the liberals henchmen.

    • DeAnMachINe B484 // 7th January 2019 at 12:29 pm // Reply

      Why not? they know they are part of U.N replacement program, many of the males openly wear combat clothing here, and not hunting patterns/style either, in town, everywhere, openly

    • Atomic knight // 7th January 2019 at 12:39 pm // Reply

      DeAnMachINe B484 I said I try not, doesn’t always work though when I walk down my local high street and see these bottom feeders making our country look like a no go cesspit.

  11. Rudyard Kipling

    The Stranger

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.

  12. Anonymous 3301 // 7th January 2019 at 11:46 am // Reply

    Think Ickes crazy? He was the guy who exposed the elite peado rings like “Sir” Jimmy Saville but nobody listened. Yet David was 100% right! Credit where its due!

  13. Amanda Hughes // 7th January 2019 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    The Labour Party was founded by the working class for the working class.Hard working men gave their pennies, when a penny was a lot to give, so that working people had a voice in parliament. Now it is up to the working class to destroy Labour, it has become Frankinsteins Monster

  14. Kalergi plan in full swing. (( They )) projected their evil onto the National Socialists. (( They )) were the bad guys all along. IsraAid is sparing no expense to land as many Africans as it can on European soil. Yet Israel has its wall and routinely deports people based on race alone.

  15. DoubleDeckerAnton // 7th January 2019 at 12:15 pm // Reply

    We have lost control decades ago!
    It’s so sad to see our country fall!

    • Jane Self True, Rothschild et al. Central Bankers have their name on the Balfour Declaration. How can it be so clear to see, yet the majority of white Europeans can’t seem to figure it out? Or won’t take time to read, The Culture of Critique, or The Gulag Archipelago??

    • cynthia bryant // 7th January 2019 at 6:13 pm // Reply

      +kevin Harrison oh yes they will

    • Because clearly the dumbed down MASSES will not put up the games,tv,radio’s, phone’s and make a STAND .

    • Philmore Graves // 7th January 2019 at 10:27 pm // Reply

      The worst part about it is the traitorous filth within our own country who have allowed it to happen, even if they don’t actually want it.
      Everyone seems scared of saying or doing anything about it, but forget their kids will have to compete against the offspring of these invaders.

  16. Elizabethan Diosa // 7th January 2019 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    The immigrants are taking all the jobs at lower wages. I had supported the refugee immigration before but not anymore because the companies are not hiring Canadian born. It is about immigrants earnings more money. Most of them send their money back home. I have grown to resent the policies in place. My family has been here several generations but since a massive influx of immigrants has been allowed, our society has gone downhill. It has not improved for the majority of working class people. The cost of living has gone up significantly but wages have not increased to match the cost of living. To add insult to injury, many of the immigrants are dishonest and disrespectful to the people that built up this country. The answer is fairness, better wages and being United to support all. Remember we once supported the immigrants but are sadly disappointed to be met with disrespect, hostility, more sexism, violence, drugs and a lack of sharing and communion. Thank God not everyone is like that but when we are divided and not supporting each other is when the drugs and violence take hold of our children.

    • Elizabethan Diosa Sounds like you’re talking about the UK. When immigration becomes overwhelming these people don’t need to integrate because they have many of their own kind to socialise with. This creates many many more problems that only get worse.

  17. *Charlemagne Prize* Or the traditionally called *Kalergi Plan* Which has been won by Angela Merkel , Tony Blair (twice) is awarded to people who forward the Kalergi agenda. Look for *Barbara Lerner Spectre* videos on youtube

  18. The Dalai Lama — who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 — said Europe was “morally responsible” for helping “a refugee really facing danger against their life”.

    “Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country,” said the 83-year-old Tibetan who fled the capital Lhasa in fear of his life after China poured troops into the region to crush an uprising.

    “I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he said, adding they should make clear to refugees that “they ultimately should rebuild their own country”.

  19. Rick Heskey 13. // 7th January 2019 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe.

    land of milk and honey….

    the j ews are such a warm,caring,generous people….

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