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Melanie Shaw, Savile, & Establishment Paedophilia – David Icke

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36 Comments on Melanie Shaw, Savile, & Establishment Paedophilia – David Icke

  1. Thank you for reporting on this, pray the truth will out. Shame on those covering it up! #Pedogate

  2. thank you David …

  3. It is, indeed, very exciting time to live cause now we have been witnessing all the nefast secrets coming to light. Thruth has come to stay with its high frequency of love.

  4. TheRoaringSilence // 10th September 2018 at 11:23 am // Reply

    Draw & quarter all pedos & those of whom cover it up!
    The human race needs to clean out the bad blood.

  5. Well done David for bringing this up. Like many others who have actually done the research.
    Like Savile, history will judge.


  7. I was in the same children’s home as Melanie in1981, I was ten years old at the time, I was taken to Beechwood children’s home straight from juvenile court, my crime was not going to school, I witnessed all kinds of madness

  8. Esther Rantzen is part of this. I worked as a volunteer at Childline some years ago and I asked Rancid to help a very well known sexual abuse victim and she completely ignored me….that is when I knew that Rantzen and Childline are gatekeepers. Of course I walked out and later, when the Savile scandal broke it all made sense….Rantzen and Savile were friends….all the dots start to connect.
    Incidentally, does anyone know which prison poor Melanie Shaw is being held in?

    • I agree with you Tania……it takes an incredibly courageous person to stand up to the might of the British establishment, which as we know is infested with child raping psychopaths.
      That’s why people like Melanie Shaw are so special…… is a Woman who could have stayed silent, just like Rantzen, Street-Porter and so many others have done. Melanie could have taken the easy route and simply carried on with her life……but she didn’t.
      She spoke out……..and the price she is paying is absolutely horrendous. The bottom line is this: Either your soul is for sale or it isn’t……and for a very few courageous and decent human beings, poverty, obscurity and hardship is better than helping others to escape justice for raping and murdering our nation’s children………perhaps this is not pragmatic……….but if more people were like Melanie Shaw instead of Rantzen and Street-Porter, then our world would be a safer and more beautiful place.

    • @lorraine smith
      Sorry I hadn’t seen that post. My apologies.

    • No need to apologise johnny b…..we are all on the same side, and I can absolutely understand why it seems hard to believe that Rantzen is a paedo gatekeeper.
      When I first volunteered for Childline I was full of admiration for her……I truly thought that she was a kind and decent woman who wanted to help kids… wrong I was! Of course I was a lot more naive back then……..I have since discovered that our entire establishment, from royals, to politicians, to judges to police chiefs are infested with child raping murderers.
      Being ‘awake’ is not easy…….but at least we now know the truth……even if the truth is painful.

    • Off Grid Madman // 16th September 2018 at 4:04 pm // Reply

      20 years ago, the area manager for Childline lived over the road from me. Next thing you know, he’s all over the papers as a nonce, I don’t trust anyone who engineers themselves into certain positions in life.

    • Styal prison apparently.

  9. Thanks for covering this. Poor melanie Shaw. And others my heart goes out to them. When is all this going to stop. Its an injustice. Cover up wrong.

  10. Hey David you’ve spelt establishment wrong on your screen saver.

  11. Bless Melanie. The truth alone is not enough. Punishment of the “overprivelliged” guilty must be equal to that of the less financially well off. Unfortunately for the despicable crooks and freaks running this country, public awareness of their pure evil is growing by the week. Everyone involved will hopefully take their place in hell very very soon.

  12. So glad you mentioned Melanie Shaw! Can not believe they have locked her up, only to keep her quiet!

  13. Lawrence van der Berg // 10th September 2018 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    UK Column do a lot of good work covering this subject, including Melanie Shaw.

  14. It’s said that “The truth will set you free’ Let’s hope this is the case for Melanie.

  15. UK column have been on the Melanie Shaw case for yonks, It would be nice if David acknowledged that.

  16. David Woodings. // 11th September 2018 at 7:26 am // Reply

    The very fact that the so called inquiry will not take Melanie’s evidence , confirms that we all knew this inquiry would be nothing more than a cover up.

  17. I am a survivor of ritual child abuse and other forms of abuse. Coming up in the 80s, “children seen not heard” was extremely difficult. I know many people do not want to hear about child abuse and how depressing it sounds, but many children that I was in foster care with are now dead (most of them died before 18). Their death was really due to grief and despair because no one would help. So thank you so much, David for your work because many of us have been intimidated, shamed, and BULLIED to keep silent!

  18. Have just taken a look at UK COLUMN. Apparently Melanie Shaw is due back in court on either the 28th September or the 4th October, where there is a very REAL possibility that she will be sectioned. Now as we all know, once this happens then poor Melanie will probably never see the light of day again.

    The governor of STYAL PRISON , Mahala McGuffie has been SUSPENDED due to complaints about the treatment meted out to prisoners, including Melanie, who has been brutalized whilst in this prison (which in fact is nothing more than a Gulag.)

    The question is, WHAT DO WE DO? How do we actually help Melanie? Well, for a start we can make sure that she isn’t FORGOTTEN……..speak out about this appalling abuse of power on facebook, on youtube……share links regarding this case before they are taken down……..shout it from the rooftops………..this abuse of power by those child raping filth in the establishment MUST STOP……our nations kids deserve no less.

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