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NBE Talks To Astrologer Krasi Attasio About The Hijacking Of Astrology & Who We Are

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62 Comments on NBE Talks To Astrologer Krasi Attasio About The Hijacking Of Astrology & Who We Are

  1. Samuel Concepcion // 10th February 2019 at 12:02 pm // Reply

    Thanks. So much for you hard working …to help the world ……am no speak perfect ingles bo a learning to fast we you self…..

  2. Wtf! I feel like i’m lost in the matrix and i’m desperately trying to get the fk out!

    • Dominic Marazzi // 10th February 2019 at 10:22 pm // Reply

      +Витя Русский The purpose is not to “escape” the Matrix because it’s a learning experience to the Soul…The purpose is to stay in the Matrix and raise ur frequency levels,so that u may be a creator of ur own reality…

    • Витя Русский // 11th February 2019 at 10:05 am // Reply

      +Dominic Marazzi Matrix IS the reality only the fake one so escaping it means,in other words,creating your own reality and that is only possible if you change your frequency level.You seem to focus yet on the small picture open your mind brother.


    • Focus on what you can see,feel and touch. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
      This place will lead you down a path that ends back to where you started.

    • Thank you +Tony Headen . Most kind regards

  3. Good luck with the podcasts young ickes.

  4. They come off smelling like a rose
    And nobody knows
    They’ll let you think their Dutch
    You start to understand
    They’ll say you’re out of touch
    Phoenicians, Phoenicians
    Well hidden out of sight cause we’re sleeping
    Phoenicians rewrote history all around

    They are petty we are lazy
    But they own the laws that’s crazy
    They’ll set you a spin
    Setting one another
    Against another due to skin
    Phoenicians, Phoenicians
    Well hidden out of sight cause we’re sleeping
    Phoenicians rewrote history all around

    Life could be easy yet it’s bumpy
    Fast food makes you lumpy
    Who invented chicken pox that itch
    A common language fools ya
    Dieases spreading thru ya
    But Phoenicians you’ll never know
    They made a switch
    You’re still trusting media corruption
    That back stabbing motion
    We’ll all be screwed they’ll take our pounds
    If they catch a wiff of your messing around
    Phoenicians, Phoenicians
    Well hidden out of sight cause we’re sleeping
    Phoenicians rewrote history all around

    • Jessica* Conscientious Observer // 10th February 2019 at 9:21 pm // Reply

      Jef Schobert cool, id never heard of it

    • Venetian Genoesewarmachine // 10th February 2019 at 9:30 pm // Reply

      @Horus Baals

      In these Barat Lycaonian coins Barati is seated in the pose of Britannia, in the first upon a rock (Tyre reference ?) , and in the second on a chair (of a ship) amidst the waves, the latter being personified by a semi-submerged water-nymph, as was the conventional method of representing rivers and the sea, after the nereid model of the Lycians, in the Roman art of the period to which this coin belongs. She holds a cornucopia or horn of plenty and in her right hand, in one of the coins, an object which may be a sceptre, as is figured in her representation on many of these coins; and in the other she holds the tiller of a rudder, indicating her marine tutelarship; and beside her chair on board ship is the shield-like Sun Cross or St. George’s Cross within the Sun’s disc, designating her to be of a sort of solar cult leading nation

      U.K. is Atlantis and lemuria of old ? It maybe an occult metaphor/ story. Hard to say

    • Venetian Genoesewarmachine
      I looked into that. Barat/ British Druidic belief system. The Druid’s, in their Kabbala, had a godhead and three golden rays of light flowing down :-
      (ie the original trinity even before the Egyptian trinity of Osiris/ Joseph, Jesus/ Horus and Mary / Isis)

      and Yesu/ Esus = the coming saviour in the future.

    • +Jessica* Conscientious Observer REALLY???…you don’t know this crap?

    • +Jessica* Conscientious Observer poetry…..bahhhh

  5. There could be something important in astrology. After listening to a discussion on Coast to Coast I decided to download birth charts for all of us in our home and the similarities and accurate personality traits are uncanny. It didn’t cost me anything to do this so I recommend it, though I know you can pay if you want a experienced interpretation of the data given.

    • +shakti veda Thank you for these links. I have been looking for this for a very long time

    • +shakti veda
      What is the significance of the Age of Aquarius?

    • +Sun Set Gush, Sun Set, you’re asking me to put in a night shell something that requires pages and pages of writing’s or reading, for that matter…indeed, there are tons of books I can suggest that I have read, but it also depends on what is the main topic of your interest. Let’s just say that you’re interested in Astrology I would probably suggest you to read some books by Jeffrey Wolf Green, it can help you learn more about yourself, but as far as it concerns the answer to your question, you can find it in more depth by listening some of the videos Teal Swan has on youtube. It is about human consciousness and the awaking of it, the Ascension for all of us even Gaia, Mother Earth, Sophia, She who has many names and one beautiful divine Soul. It is way more that words can describe, that is why it cannot be answered in a few paragraphs. We all have the answers to those questions within ourselves, inside of ourselves, when we go into meditation and quit our “monkey minds” that is when we begin to hear the answers to all our questions through the voice of the Universe. That is why I also like Evolutionary Astrology. Reading books also helps considerably. I really hope this helps and that you find your way through.

    • +Jeri Hurley lol

  6. isnt the whole 12 months/signs just another diversion or whatever. we got 13 moon-ths with 13 zodiac signs, like einstein, you get a decent working model but not correct..

  7. This would have been a great topic for a good conversation, but it would have been nice if, after all this incoherent babble, she would have at least answered to that one simple question that Jamie posed to her, since she is so “knowledgeable” about it: ~ when is the Era of Aquarius kicking in??? Are we already in it and if not when is it kicking in? ~ 48:44 min. of my time, lots of good questions coming from Jamie Icke, but not a final answer on any of them…are these what we may call as “gatekeepers?” It feels like I have been taken around the same block a few times, like we would do with our own dogs, right? I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, but am I the only one feeling this way with this video? They’ll take you there…all around the area, show you what they want us to see, hear what the want you to hear and then escort you out of the place without ever really showing you the real scenario other than what they wanted us to see?! Just wonder…

    • Dominic Marazzi // 10th February 2019 at 7:01 pm // Reply

      +shakti veda as I’ve said in my previous comments we are talking of a very large cycle where is about 30000 years,that means 2000-2500 years for one Sign…it’s not me inventing numbers, it’s mentioned on basically every astrological book…

    • +Dominic Marazzi So, each degree being roughly 70 years? Right?!

    • Dominic Marazzi // 10th February 2019 at 7:21 pm // Reply

      +shakti veda more or less yes…

    • No, you are not the only one shakti veda. In one of my comments about this podcast I said , among other things, that this presentation is an “insult to every rational mind”.
      I could not believe what I was hearing; either no answers, or half answers, or wrong answers, or contradictory answers, without any “rhyme or reason”. One of the worst podcasts I have ever seen. Best regards

    • +ANN TURI Thank you Ann, I needed to hear that.

  8. “We cannot change our destiny…” she says, so, if that is true, why all this pursuit of astrological “knowledge”? Also, preventing even the smallest detail of one’s life, would most definitely change one’s destiny, so which is it, can we or can we not? If one prevents a fatal car accident by “staying at home one day”, for example, how is that “NOT” changing one’s destiny, and the destinies of that person’s family members and friends, their community, and consequently the whole “world”? How is it that people who present their ideas to the world, cannot see the “loopholes” in them? And, what is the “POINT”, the aim and the purpose behind this ridiculously contradictory and confusing podcast? This is an insult to any rational mind!

    • We will live our lives and we will die. Aside from guidance, astrology points out specific exit points. For instance Astrology showd osama bin laden was slready dead prior yo thd nsvy se as l incident. Its possible real purpose was to put on a show and give away a hi-tech chopper to the Chinese. Somebody got paid as usual.
      Astrology shows pedophilia in personalities, who dunnit in murder cases and much, much more.

    • Ann Turri I hear what your saying and believe we change not only our destiny but destiny of so many more, just by a simple act of stopping cars on a zebra crossing to queuing in the supermarket we must change every beings life and animals even if it’s in the slightest way. What if the whole planet chose to throw a sickie on the same day! whoa…. the truth is out there or more than likely in there.

    • What can I say +Looney Rooster you said it brother, and you said it well! If that were not true, what would be the PURPOSE of human existence?! Wishing you the best of everything.

    • Window to Poland // 11th February 2019 at 7:37 pm // Reply

      +Edward JLo not at all. You speculate entire backstory to those few words. She has an entire video about that subject. You can change minor things in your life (and they will make a noticeable difference in your life) but you can’t change your life mission. Astrology goes hand in hand with reincarnation. You can’t change the subject of the lesson you have to learn for this life – but you can learn more to make your next lessons less hard. If you don’t believe in reincarnations (which is not the case for ancient cultures that started researching astrological knowledge and current ones like Hindu/Vedic astrology) then I don’t think you have much to look for in astrology besides a bit of curiosity.

  9. La Fleur Productions // 10th February 2019 at 2:17 pm // Reply

    Thanks for this – very interesting.
    A follow up about Trump’s astrological chart (and maybe Clinton’s??) would be interesting, since she mentioned that.

  10. great podcast Jamie and Gareth.. I’m a big fan

  11. Krasi and David together? Am i dreaming?!?!? Connect the dot guys yuhuuuuuu!!!!!

  12. mark passio or mark Devlin would be great guests.. just a thought

  13. 12 is a perfect number
    12 months of the year
    12 sighs of the zodiac
    12 tribes of Israel
    12 inces on a ruler
    12 decipels
    12 apostles
    12 brothers of Joseph etc etc

    • OK, so we have 12 of this, and 12 of that, and 12 of such, and 12 of so on… What is the connection and/or the MEANING behind all this information, and why is it relevant? Please explain. I really am most curious. Thank you.

    • ANN TURI Dear ANN I think these numbers emit from sacred geometry and numerology.Each number (symbol) has its own attributes and thus vibrational signature aka meaning.12 being a perfect number represents (tells the story of) the specific vibrations of number 1 and 2.You can google their significance if you wish to know more 🙂 Many blessings

    • Most intriguing +gppe huyt..Since you have been so gracious answering 2 of my questions, would you again pardon my ignorance, and answer one more question for me: How is this knowledge of numerology useful in one’s everyday life? How can one use it to his or her advantage, you know what I mean…
      Looking very much forward to your reply.

    • ANN TURI There are infinite applications of numerology and its use…Decoding numbers means your intention is to decode signals or signs around you..This can help you by giving you hints on what is in store for you energetically wise…The date (the actual numbers) someones choses to start or create a specific project or idea or take a certain action determines the the outcome of it.Just as a date of birth determines certain aspects and experiences in a human beings life.Archetypes such as numeric symbols thus determine the outcome,your free will, determines the experience.Hope this helps..blessings

    • This is one of the best responses to my questions I have ever received +gppe huyt , and I thank you for it. Does it help? More than you can imagine! All the blessings to you as well.

  14. I understand this ,but the truth changes your mind , i cannot focus on studies but then how will you earn for a living

    • +[X] [Y] lets @least keep up with the pace…both studies and private(passionate) research

    • You think that bad?! Try having an out of body experience and realising that the 3D world we live in is just an illusion in a 3D matrix. Oh how my soul yearns to go back to its true home!

    • +funkyguy99 perhaps even that “true home” is as bad as here..perhaps the whole concept of blissful ending or heaven or that true home is a lie and there is no such thing perhaps even astral projecting is u realising your in a matrix but not realizing that astral projection is just another form of the matrix..(like taking an ant out of a small box and putting it in larger thinks it’s finally free..but little does it know it’s still not free)….perhaps

    • +Kretos Kim it sucks being awake doesnt it?! Sometimes i wish i could forget everything that i know of myself and the world and live a normal life but no matter how much joy i have in this earthly plane i just can’t help wondering what it would be like to be truly free from this matrix.

    • +funkyguy99 so did you experienced enlightment

  15. GanjeeMcStanky // 10th February 2019 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    Angels are angles of the zodiac.

  16. Increasing Consciousness // 10th February 2019 at 6:32 pm // Reply

    Astrology is a sacred science and its always bang on… As we know the stars ✨ were made and give signs

  17. Good stuff, very interesting and quite right as well.
    The ancients were far more advanced than our historians (mainstream) make out, take the light bulb for instance or the Baghdadi battery.
    Same goes for most aspects of human history including Astrology.
    ffs I could babble all day about this!

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