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NBE Talks To My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner About Brexit & The Growth Of The Marxist Left

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29 Comments on NBE Talks To My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner About Brexit & The Growth Of The Marxist Left

  1. Another interesting post. Getting under the surface of reality.
    I have been working with a former BBC presenter and reporter and she decided to put her children first but then she lost her job in the newsroom. But then you have lost that empathic caring individual and that then reflects on the news. The beauty we have now is that we can use mobile phone devices on social media to get the truth out like David. I have to recommend an interview she did with a former victim of Prime Minister Edward Heath. I really do think that youtube is a better reflection now of public opinion and we are going out searching for truth and reality for ourselves.

  2. odd title.

  3. Ecovillage ecoclans NOW

  4. – “separating family”…exactly what the globalist elites and NWO scum have wanted and been trying to do for decades, along with wipe out half of humanity through civil war, vaccines, EMF radiation, poisoned/GMO food, and all the rest. Definitely living in dangerous times and the disrespect all governments are showing to their citizens/people is outrageous, but not surprising!

  5. Reveal the beast DP // 3rd February 2019 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Great interview fine lines was a belter of an album. I remember working at the Astoria theatre when my vitriol played there was an awesome show

  6. Looking forward to you boys blowing up.
    Future truth stars.
    Ps tell pops I love my copy of Robots Rebellion. I got it for Christmas.

  7. is that meant to say *Growing

  8. Equal opportunity? What does it mean to set-up a high-jump competition and then claim the dwarf has ‘an equal opportunity’ with the giant – excuse me if I dare to laugh.

  9. He was doing so well ……
    I would prefer objective analysis and objective criticism

  10. Loved My Vitriol. Saw them supporting Deftones on White Pony.

    • alchemy432 the fool card magician // 3rd February 2019 at 1:53 pm // Reply

      Andy M ha ha ha you wanna be me !!! what puppet sent you to me ???….he he he iam a magican and a Geomancer !!! did you like the 6.6 earthquake yesterday !

  11. Wake Up! Islam IS the cruelest form of SLAVERY!!! People of Islamic Empires do what they are TRAINED under threat of death to do! England beheaded, hanged & tortured people for their opposing beliefs also! Religions, Monarchies, & dictatorships are all the same! Soros sees himself as king of the world along with Trump & many other psychopathic FOOLS!

  12. Luciana Berger has called you a “vile anti-semite”. That’s nice.

  13. Excellent, really enjoyed listening to you guys.

  14. Human Genetics 101: The Hebrew race was driven into extinction by the Roman Empire! Genentech of London tested every Rabi on this planet to verify that they were all descendants of Cohen! Yea for Rabis! The tests were positive! But with the DNA from the severed finger from one of the Asinian Monks who was held up in the cave of Letters, they discovered that NONE of them were genetic Hebrews! Instead, they were found to be descendants of Yemenite Negros. Aka. The Queen of England took land that did not belong to her & gave it away to people who have never had the right of ownership. The Identity Thieves who claim to be Israelites walked away from barren desert land in their Yemen homeland that sits atop one of the largest oil deposits on earth! Crude oil was worthless back then & the overland trade caravans that once crossed their lands were replaced by worldwide Shipping. Ignorant Squatters for sure. All of Trump’s children are involved in mixed-race marriages. He’s NOT a racist, he is just greedy & ignorant!

  15. natalya grant x // 3rd February 2019 at 3:03 pm // Reply

    Infinite consciousness experiencing reality we are the light in the dark

  16. Scott Parsons // 3rd February 2019 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    “Psychology” is incoherent. Intelligence and emotion are interwoven. The Truth Is Perfect AllPowerful Love.
    “Empathy” is to be able to empathise. Murderers desire to cause suffering and death, to steal everything and to lie about everything.
    The more empathy folk have the more they know how to both help AND hurt. Empathy directed targeting. Words aimed right at the most vulnerable and painful parts. Weapons are designed to mutilate and kill. Lies come to steal, kill and destroy. The One Living Truth Brings Life To The Full. Lies didn’t create the Heaven and the Earth and all that there in is, The One Living Truth Created all things from nothing by will and word. Our One True Maker Is A Living AllPowerful, Immortal, Uncreated, Unchanging, Perfectly Loving Spirit Above all spirits, there is no other. Our Creator Is Perfect, Giving folk the Perfect gift of choice. Our Maker already Knows what we will choose. Our Maker Knows everything that will ever happen. Our perfect gift of choice can be misused, that’s not The One Living Truth’s fault. If folk know the way that leads to life then folk can choose life. If we didn’t have the ability to choose we would be as plastic and metal idols with no life at all. Our Maker Is Perfect.
    Righteousness, peace and joy is heaven on Earth. That’s what this place has always been Desired to be by our Maker. In the beginning there was no carnivorous behaviour, all the living soul creatures, bugs, birds, horses, lions, man, etc, etc, ate only food from plants. Our Maker Is Perfect. After the curse the creation began to devour itself, more so after the world-wide flood. The end will be like the beginning, Perfect. A Perfect Creator Creates Perfectly + folk can choose life if they know the way = righteousness, peace and joy through all creatures not only people. Heaven on Earth the way it was Desired to be by Our Perfect AllPowerful Maker. Folk need to simply love our Maker and what our Maker has made.
    Faith and Mercy Pleases The One Living Truth Who Sees all things. Saved by the gift of Grace (ability to be good) through the gift of Faith (belief/knowledge that our Maker Desires To Give Good gifts and Has The Power To Give Good gifts) that comes by hearing the gift of the word. Hearing/Seeing/reading/receiving/finding/believing/knowing/feeling/sensing The One Living Truth’s Perfect will.

    The One Living Truth Is The I AM that I AM. The One Living Truth didn’t begin to be True and neither will The One Living Truth ever cease being True. The One Living Truth cannot change. Only The One Living Truth Truly Exists, all things consist via The One Living Truth. We all experience reality subjectively and less-than all-knowingly. The One Living Truth Knows our subjective illusory experiences Perfectly.

    Only The Truth Is True. “There is no Truth” simply cannot be True. The Heaven and The Earth and All that there in is arisen out of The Holy Spirit.
    The Holy Spirit/God/The Creator sent Jesus to teach mankind how to be pleasing to our Maker, how to be righteous, peaceful and joyful. How to receive Perfect gifts from our Perfect Maker. How to be Truly Free and not enslaved to inner evil controlling the central motivations, but rather, to have Godliness. self control is Godliness. Knowledge of The Truth sets us free, no longer under the deceptive, destructive, thieving, murderous lies. The merciful will receive mercy. Perfect Love Hates evil Perfectly. Perfect Love Is Perfectly Merciful. Our Maker’s Mercy Is Greater than our Maker’s Anger. Mercy Is The Greatest part of The True Law/Justice. Vessels of Mercy are more Pleasing than vessels of wrath.
    By being merciful towards others we don’t risk hypocrisy in the Sight Of The One Living Truth Who Watches our inner most central motivations/desires/beliefs/perceptions, etc. Jesus encouraged his followers to be perfect, righteous and merciful (they are the same thing). Don’t repay evil with evil but instead Love our Maker and what our Maker has made. The Holy Spirit/Perfect-Love Speaks Living Truth. Truth from Truth Is Truth.
    Illusions from illusions are illusions. Lies from lies are lies. Lies didn’t make everything, The Truth Made everything. All that can be constructed with lies is illusions.

    The Truth is not a lie, simple logic. The Truth Is Alive, yet again, simple logic. We are the temple made by The Almighty for the Almighty to dwell within. The breath of life breathed by the Creator into all the living soul creatures not only man. All the animals experience being alive also. Man was made/Created with the potential to be a benefit to all life and live in paradise/harmony (righteousness, peace and joy) forever. Our Maker Is Perfect. The love of money is the root of all evil/the depopulation agenda/666 pieces of gold given to Solomon who already owned a thousand wives and concubines. To be more merciful than Moses, greater than John the Baptist, More “glorious” than Solomon. Jesus Christ Is The Only Saviour Sent by The One True God so that all men might be saved specially those that believe. Don’t repay evil with evil, the merciful will inherit mercy, be perfect for our Maker Is Perfect, have faith for our Maker Is AllPowerfully Good.

    There is no physical door that enables entry into Heaven on Earth. Grace by faith is the way. Physical Ancestry doesn’t warrant entry into paradise either. Heaven on Earth Is A Spiritual Place that is Righteousness, Peace and Joy that is the Perfect Gift from our Perfect Maker.

    Phycology is an industry that orbits around money like all industries tend to do.

  17. Love indie music! Thank you David!

  18. ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia // 3rd February 2019 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    Great chat guys!

  19. Jackie Bridges // 3rd February 2019 at 6:18 pm // Reply

    I love your information but with your awareness get spiritual with source step out of all this nonsense and bring your awareness out of this universe to the real solid universe. Wes penre YouTube talks Alot about this. then you are not controlled anymore you step out of political stuff deep state deception dogma TV mind control media all of it. live in nature and don’t get emotional involved in this insanity bulshit it’s all madness. we have to live in this game called matrix prison planet but you can mentally leave it before they get you trapped into the transhumanism agenda then they take over counsious mind it’s getting crazy folks last time we got this advanced in technology plasma took humanity out. things are about to get very interesting. don’t fear stay trusting in source it’s time we all left this insanity and evolve into our next evolved path.i just got a message on my phone to except 5g push upgrade now. hell to the no.

  20. devin williams // 3rd February 2019 at 9:39 pm // Reply

    Off topic but I wonder what Mr David Icke thinks of Rudolph of Germany the tall white (reptilian) aliien

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