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NBE talks to the makers of ‘Plugged In’ About Social Media Links To Suicide & Depression

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34 Comments on NBE talks to the makers of ‘Plugged In’ About Social Media Links To Suicide & Depression

  1. JEWrassic Liars Uncensored // 17th February 2019 at 8:35 am // Reply

    You must Watch JEWrassic Liars 26 if you want to know how to spot a fake news story in less then a minute. YouTube search JEWrassic Liars 26 and be amazed

  2. Beware of the key interviewee in Grannon’s documentary, Sam Vaknin. Any person who tells you that social media algorithms are based on pathology and conditioning, while also telling you that the answer to our problems lies with AI, is not to be trusted. Especially if that person is a self-proclaimed psychopath from Israel.

    • Thank you God bless

    • I do agree that Vaknin is strange and hardly bearable, but the Icke-Grannon-Combo is great!

    • I agree. Sam Vaknin is a self proclaimed narcissistic psychoparh. Its unimportant where he is from. Its important that whatever he spews cannot be trusted . You cant tame the Tiger. Wisdom from my therapist. Trying to always leads to harm. I wonder why, Richard Grannon is so absorbed with this individual.
      I did find this discussion intriguing and important though.

  3. I deleted all social media years ago, and couldn’t care less. I’m not missing anything except sjw’s, political propaganda and egotistical selfie posting whiners.

  4. Hairy Chinese Kid // 17th February 2019 at 8:56 am // Reply

    Richard has some good videos on narcissism, helped me figure out I was a scapegoated child.

  5. good conversation although the rug was distracting.

  6. I like elephants.

  7. RICHARD GRANNON SPARTANLIFECOACH // 17th February 2019 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Thankyou David for posting this and thanks to Gareth for the interview!

  8. Where is David Icke?

  9. IIthestarisherenowII // 17th February 2019 at 9:56 am // Reply

    I deleted all my social media about 7 months ago. Mentally I can already see the positive benefits. Still I get some withdrawal symptoms though despite being better off mentally – which shows how greatly it grips you!

    • Bimsara Adithya // 17th February 2019 at 10:02 am // Reply

      True. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms is hard though. I deleted all mine 5 months ago.

    • Callum’s sister Amy // 17th February 2019 at 1:26 pm // Reply

      I deleted Facebook and had no withdrawal symptoms

    • Just deleted the only social media I had which was facebook last month. I already feel better and I get more done instead of scrolling through pointless rubbish. The only downside I’d say is the fact that most people my age (18) are all using it and that’s how they keep in touch, however I refuse to have it anymore. Sadly you try to tell people its bad and they don’t listen because they are so engrossed in the social media system which is actually making very many people my age sad and insecure because they are always comparing themselves to others.

  10. Stan D’nosharia // 17th February 2019 at 10:13 am // Reply

    In the middle is Gareth icke I believe, David’s son, good musician!

  11. Des Sherwood Guitar Tuition // 17th February 2019 at 10:40 am // Reply

    Gareth, why don’t you interrupt your guests like everyone else does? What’s the matter with you?? Oh, my bad, you know how to LISTEN!! Nice one, very interesting convo;-)

  12. Tortured Dummies // 17th February 2019 at 10:49 am // Reply

    Where is David???

  13. natalya grant x // 17th February 2019 at 10:52 am // Reply

    Light up the dark we are the resistance to there alien agenda for the planet earth save our children from these entities love live life

  14. Really enjoyed this conversation.Some excellent points made.

  15. I do agree that Vaknin is strange and hardly bearable, but the Icke-Grannon-Combo is great! …by the way… where is David Icke?

  16. Social media is not the cause of complex PTSD, BPD, psychosis and being a psychopath. The older generations didn’t have the Internet when they became ill. These serious mental health conditions run far deeper than social media.
    It’s interesting about the link/cause between depression, suicide and social media.

    People with serious mental health use social media and it can exacerbate an existing illness for different reasons.
    I personally think the owners of social media have traits of a psychopath or are complete psychopaths in the fact they know and use people’s mental health and egos against them in the way of vanity and “likes” and how many “online friends” you have. They have no empathy as long as they are making money.
    I do believe social media is fueling and is creating narcissistic behaviour. They are also making it “the norm” to be glued to your phone for an unhealthy amount of time.
    I don’t have Facebook for this reason.
    I enjoy YouTube and am having my morning cuppa and watching this video.
    Do you think YouTube is as bad as social media sites like FB?
    Its also creating people who make a lot of money from it via subscribers and advertising.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong but I see a younger generation glued to their phones and not connecting to the real world and people around them.
    Great video guys.. Thank you for addressing this subject. At least its opened up a conversation and could hopefully find a solution to this growing serious problem.

    • +Welders 4 Truth, I think thats true to some extent but I use YT mostly for learning via tutorials and entertainment. It comes down to personality and intelligence.

  17. Knut und Thomas forever // 17th February 2019 at 12:53 pm // Reply

    Sadly, the elites want people to commit suicide. It’s part of their depopulation agenda. So the elites promote social media. They plan to take out 7 billion of us and they are doing it already as we speak. The Rothschild’s rule and control all of us along with the rest of the deep state control us also. They are all buddies and playing a game with our lives. They are silently killing us now with EMF’s, Chemtrails, poisoning our food supplies, etc.

  18. Social media. The new heroin.

  19. Richard Grannon’s channel is fantastic, he really helped me understand narcissistic dynamics, abuse and their tactics. Once I understood that I wasn’t crazy but was the victim of narcissistic abuse from several different people, and then I decided to really look at my life and where and how I was made vulnerable to these monsters, my life changed completely. Social media addiction and the social engineering behind it is a topic that needs to be discussed far more than it is. It is the “soma” Aldous Huxley talked about in “Brave New World”.

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