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The Brexit Mess Planned All Along To Thwart The Will Of The People – David Icke

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55 Comments on The Brexit Mess Planned All Along To Thwart The Will Of The People – David Icke

  1. Wake up human race get of your knees take back power

  2. Simon Matthews // 6th December 2018 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    The PM is hell bent on trying to prevent the whole process of the Brexit & she is trying to dilute this day by day! She has used this mantra it is my deal or no deal! She wants to all to acquiesce so we give in to EU draconian ways

  3. Simon Matthews // 6th December 2018 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    The PM is hell bent on trying to prevent the whole process of the Brexit process & she is trying to dilute this day by day! She has used this mantra it is my deal or no deal & wants us to acquiesce to their draconian ways!

    • I agree she was dragging her heels till it was too late, the whole process should have been more open, me personally im ready to get out no matter the cost i believe as may should that this country is great and that we can carry on without being in europe im ready to take that chance… Hence the vote

  4. Great videos they really don’t want to leave the EU dragging it out as long as possible to break us

  5. This kind of thing happens in the US a lot too where the people vote and their will determined by Vote is not carried out. The US democracy is a sham.
    We have a saying, “if your vote counted they wouldn’t let us do it”.

    • TrickyVickey we aren’t a democracy but a conditional republic. We also have our 1st and 2nd Amendment. Our firearms prevent the government from taking over. This is why we fight so hard for the 2nd. It protects the 1st.

      Trump is doing an amazing job.

      You guys need your own 1776.

    • I AM ALIVE !!!!! // 6th December 2018 at 4:08 pm // Reply

      +Nikki T in all seriousness the US government would Massacre anybody that tried to protest armed just look at what happened at Bundy Ranch if it weren’t for the news coverage they would have all been massacred and covered it up just like Waco and the flamethrower tanks cooking children alive

    • We need to rise up and demand the cabal be kicked out. Small local control groups and small gubment over all is the way. If we cant get this going right we are all just sitting ducks to get fried off this plane at their whim…like the town of Paradise California was recently in your face example. Thousands of people gone and very few willing to talk about it very scarey subject. Makes me wonder about Australia fires as well who got killed off and why

  6. May backed the Remain campaign during the referendum. This is all theatre.

    • +Anon Ymous every interview raab has done since he resigned, he looks like a decent man who knows were getting stitched up, and its weighing heavy.

    • There would be no EU if each member country held a referendum but that’s “racist populism” obviously

    • Get rid of the PARASITE.
      The NWO ZIONIST globalists want the hard working people of White western European nations to pay for mass invasion of their own countries. Declining living standards, unsafe neighbourhoods, higher taxes to enslave citizens more by funding their crazy scheme of race mixing every country to create their mixed slave race totalitarian NEW WORLD ORDER.The people did not vote for this, it has been forced on them, the genocide of race and culture.THE PEOPLE WILL RISE AND DEFEAT THIS TYRANNY.

    • +Truth Seeker Well it better happen real soon because we are on the point of no return and so many of our countrymen are too blind, stupid or brainwashed by the lamestream media to see the truth.

    • If I travel to France Germany wherever I want to experience there culture and cuisine etc. Who wants to live in a world that’s a homogenous mess where no place is discernible from another

  7. Has it occurred to you that Farage might in fact be part of this so called ‘Big club’ and knows exactly how brexit will be played out. We the little people are being shafted left, right and center.

    • +Rick Elmes if UKIP had of intitially ran on an anti Muslim platform it would have never successfully pulled off Brexit. I’m positive that that was the ulterior motive and it was a much better strategy. He may have other plans and can see where the tide is headed. This is why Frauke Petry quit the AfD hours after being elected and Nigel quit as leader after Brexit. A lot can be done without the baggage of certain political associations. I agree that things are never by accident but I also understand that objectives are NEVER carried out directly. It’s all a rigged show, but we still have an ace up our sleeves

    • +blaquehart b Farage is always on FOX news and praising Trump, he also follows and occasionally retweets Paul Joseph Watson’s (infowars) nonsense. It’s quite possible Farage is a con man selling the ‘Big club’ brexit saga in order to unfold it’s true agenda i.e crash markets/global chaos etc. Interesting times.

    • I think Nigel was got at when he was invited to Elizabeths 92nd birthday bash. You don’t get invited to something like that for nothing after you have caused a problem to the Elite. He changed after that.

    • I think aliens have told world leaders we must all merge into one race to survive, and what we see is the early fumblings, mass immigration, destruction of nations, the evolving monetary system, ebola, war, increasing political extremes, terrorism, the illusion of true democracy.
      The future looks bleak, we need to get out of the eu, i see us leaving, as on some kind of par with our ww2 effort, standing up to tyranny once again, because thats what it is. And only in the early throws.
      Wto is the way to go, but then you will see vindictiveness personified.
      I despair.

    • +Rick Elmes I pretty much disagree with everything you said. There is no doubt that controlled opposition exists such as Alex Jones, but Farage is about the poorest example if I’ve ever seen one. While you are entitled to your opinion, your conjectured are wildly unsubstantiated……….at least for now. What you are doing is purity testing and guilt by association. Fox news has a very large audience and the message needs to get out. He has also criticized the powerful Israeli lobby in America and that is something a complete shillster what not do unlike Alex Jones, Esza Levant , Tommy Rob, and Prager U ( Prager U has great content otherwise). Ron Paul and John McAfee frequently appear are RT. Your point?

  8. Robbie Saunders // 6th December 2018 at 2:01 pm // Reply

    It’s all too shocking brother David. No wonder you’ve have a gutful buddy…

  9. Nice one David Icke. we are all fuct…. scuse my language.

  10. MudlarkDiggingUpTheThames // 6th December 2018 at 2:12 pm // Reply

    I feel completely confused about the recent goings on in parliament recently, I think they want us all to feel confused so we don’t realise that they will con us into staying in the EU

    • No confusion really They’re all in it together LIBLABCONSNPPLAIDCYMRUGREEN and someone is choreographing the whole Brexit event, like a theatre play on both sides.
      The plan has all along been, to come up with a “deal” that looks so ghastly they hope it shifts enough public opinion to hold another referendum later, to over-turn the first referendum. Project Fear 3.0. So the vast majority in Westminster will vote down the ghastly”Trap” Deal that also splits the UK into 2 with a regulatory border between NI and GB, because they hope to over-turn the Brexit result and remain in the EU.
      The flaw in their plan is now it requires the cooperation of the EU27 to change our minds, but as many of the Remainers are already cooperating with Brussels we may find that the EU 27 are already in the Plan to reverse it.
      Because of the limited time frame, to hold another referendum, will mean extending the Article 50 process and require 2 new bills, One for the Referendum and the other to delay Article 50 passing through parliament. The time frame for this would be going way past the exit date on 29th March 2019 and need agreement to extend from all the EU27.
      Not going to happen. getting all EU to agree will be a miracle as all 27 will be asking for Danegeld and other politically impossible demands.
      If May goes for reversing Brexit, she will require a new Bill through parliament to give May the power to revoke the Withdrawal notice unilaterally, but this may require all EU27 to agree – Still ECJ decision due on Monday 10th Dec.
      The EU have said they will not accept revoking the Article 50 notice, unless they feel the UK is serious about reversing Brexit and not just a way to reset the clock. This she will get through cross-party agreement, but will bring the government down as the DUP will no longer cooperate with the Tories to supply votes for them in Parliament and the Tory party will be history.
      Ironically the easiest solution is to do nothing whatsoever and leave on WTO terms, but this lot will sacrifice their first born child to make sure that never happens.
      It all depends what happens after the deal is voted down, whether May survives. She said “it the deal or perhaps no Brexit”. She’s waiting for the ECJ decision on Monday whether the Article 50 notice can be unilaterally withdrawn. It isn’t a coincidence there happens to be a court case on this the day before the vote?
      All being choreographed like a theater play.

    • No confusion at all, just the establishment working with the EU to formulate the United States of Europe, this has been the plan all along since 1925. Brexit wasn’t meant to happen and will not be allowed to happen. We have always been conned.

    • Dunno.I think the world order wants uk out for some reason.Not even sure the people did vote at all on the result.Just made to look that way….anyhow I guess we will see soon enough.

    • +jimmy riddle Interesting, I’ve had the same thoughts as you. In Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, some of the “society” hoped about the UK regaining the USA back into the British Empire, which is now called the Commonwealth of nations. However the British Empire was on the way out and the society switched their main base from the British Empire at Chatham House in London, over to New York in the 1920’s out of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The UK’s role in the EEC/EU has always been to steer the project to favour the US in foreign policy, but that is no longer working. Perhaps the goal is now to make the UK the 51st State?
      Perhaps TPTB sense the EU project is about to fail.
      How many times have we heard that when/if we leave the EU we will forge trade agreements with the Commonwealth and anglo-sphere? It does make sense but where does this plan end? British Empire 2.0? or will it be an Isreali Empire, because the Israelis control US foreign policy out of the CFR. Either way the UK might start to feel like a small fish in a big pond and still want to put its security in with a bigger fish, but not the EU fish.

  11. Welcome to the Hotel California…. you can never leave!!!! Every Remoner must get out of these negotiations because they are scuppering this on purpose. It’s actually TREASON !!!! I’m getting a yellow dayglow jacket in readiness for what is coming. Get yours on AND STAND OUT

  12. twominutetips // 6th December 2018 at 2:18 pm // Reply

    VERY well stated – on ALL counts David – thank you.

    • works for humans too its called behavioral therapy 🙂 that’s why Bulling vulnerable people is bad it cause behavioral problems like… demand avoidance syndrome.
      enjoined the video keep it up 🙂

    • 24yrukdesigner // 6th December 2018 at 9:14 pm // Reply

      If the EU plan was ever successful at one thing, it’s dividing the people, under the guise of unionship. (Exactly like Clinton’s Sales pitch… Exactly like Corbyns sales pitch… yes, loving your country is a selfish evil thing according to all these high o mighty politicians claiming “We’re better together” which actually means Globalisation whether you like it or not. Better together / For the many not the few… ABSOLUTE COMMIE TALK!!!

      Whatever they who control the populous want the populous to believe, they will let that roll, otherwise it’s conspiracy.

      The EU has painted immigrants as the most vile thing on earth, they have made even our own people turn against each other, through the never ending confusions via hard funded propaganda. They sure are laughing at the chaos they’ve caused, and we seem to quickly forget, that voting to leave something we never voted to join in the first place, shouldn’t deserve punishment at all, in fact quite the opposite… somethings not quite right there…..

      Look into that something, and it’s clear the WORLD is better off without the EU and those evil sick people behind it.
      How anyone has the ignorance to support this (Now self-proclaimed “United States of Europe” with flag, anthem and army pipeline…”) God help us all.

      There’s a great deal of woke people out there as of today, but still the self righteous proEU fools pretend everything’s fine despite it all.

  13. Well David you will be pleased to know they haven’t worn me down nor will they, in fact my resolve has hardened.
    What an education and eye opening experience these so called leaders have given the public over the past couple of years by shedding their camouflage so anyone with half a brain can see them for what they really are. If brexit fails democracy fails and they are prepared to take the hit, says it all really.
    Thanks for the video.

  14. Cheers for Great Britain for voting out of brexit. This gives others hope as well.
    It’s really simple they don’t want to be under the thumbs of those who nearly brought their destruction several times!

    • There’s a more than good chance were being ignored in a spineless, round about way. I believe they call this web of lies and deceit “democracy”.

  15. Your frustration is palpable, I tell you now as a fact that baseball bats to the elite will be the only way. We have to take what is ours, and not to rise up is to lay down as slaves. One World Government is their vision, and it’s not too far away unless we’re willing to make a sacrifice. The days of playing nice, deals, contracts, and other talk will not be enough. Their talons are dug in deep, and the only thing evil knows is brut force PERIOD. If not, culture and civilization will cease to exist as we know it..

    • Bang on! Its time to remove them all, arrest them, lock them up, and completely dismantle their evil system.

    • Been saying this for awhile now. We have tried diplomacy and now they have made their move. Time to FORCEFULLY removed them from power along with their puppeteers. Sick of these damn globalist bankers bankers.

  16. We need to do what the French are currently doing…. Take to the streets!

    • Global Warrior // 6th December 2018 at 3:35 pm // Reply

      +Harry Mason I’m glad you do agree the time for protest in this country started 5 years ago!!!! George Soros open borders policy is destroying Nations mostly of which are European countries. I am not racist but I firmly believe we should put our own people first!!!! English people have lost so many of there natural rights such as grandfather rights that were taken away from them, to make it easier for migrants to settle here and you didn’t even notice!!! because they kept it quiet.

    • Sheila Humphries // 6th December 2018 at 3:54 pm // Reply

      Yes, that’s right….but WE WONT…

    • I AM ALIVE !!!!! // 6th December 2018 at 4:09 pm // Reply

      And take it to the rich neighborhoods and destroy those globalists houses cars and livelihoods

    • OK ,you go first ! and we’ll follow! Promise.


  17. DoubleDeckerAnton // 6th December 2018 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    It’s sad the world we are living in…!!!

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