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The David Icke Videocast: Madness Or Beyond The Program? Open Mind Or Programmed Life?

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The David Icke Videocast: Madness Or Beyond The Program? Open Mind Or Programmed Life?

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25 Comments on The David Icke Videocast: Madness Or Beyond The Program? Open Mind Or Programmed Life?

  1. Great video , im trying to talk to my friends about the various subjects you work on and its pretty hard to break that barrier of perception , one of my best friends still looks at me funny when i talk about 911 and thats the most obvious one , havent even started to tell him about the secret space programmes or the holographic universe . Wish me luck ! 

    • +Haniff Din I thoroughly agree with every word you said . the one i saw years back was a glowing orange ball , shot off all erratic in different directions then eventually went down into the ocean , pretty mad . 
      Are you aware of the “chair” that they used in the Montauk projects , apparently taken from a downed UFO , they trained psychics to use it to travel space and time , that would be my dream man ! 

    • Yes most definitely amazing
        Nice one man , i wish i could do it , gonna check that robert bruce thing out later cheers for the heads up! 

    • +weewzard68 They go hand in hand. 

    • +weewzard68 Very true. 

    • +Haniff Din I took a few acid trips in younger days , it was all good and yes it does explore the other side of conscious being . 

  2. Mahdi Templario // 29th August 2014 at 3:32 pm // Reply

    I have a story for you. Napoleon didn’t die in St Helena, it was his butler Cipriani who died poisoned with arsenic. Napoleon wrote a letter to the president of the United States asking for his freedom. I was told that the White House still has this letter.
    The U.S. managed to free Napoleon and brought him to Louisiana where he lived until 1840. With the pseudonym Charles Abel he marrried Betsy Balcombe and had a daughter Leticia Abel who later married a Dutch navy officer. I descend from them on the side of my paternal grand-mother. V.S.

  3. When Tesla heard about Einsteins discovery he said there is no solidity and all there is are electromagnetic waves 
    Also some people maybe heard of the other phrase he said that “I you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration” and by the way in schools they never teach you about Tesla, only perhaps a few formulas.

  4. Danijel Grahovac // 29th August 2014 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    Dave,turn the camera exposure down.

  5. Simon Follett // 29th August 2014 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    Good to see comments are turned back on, David. We get a sense of ourselves from other people, whether or not in agreement or disagreement.

  6. Hornet Predictions // 29th August 2014 at 8:50 pm // Reply

    Great video, always very interesting to listen to you

  7. you clearly need medical help David

  8. good day David, never stop, never surrender…thank you

  9. Love you David you are an inspiration and truth speaker telling it clearly and well hence the work you do is of universal help to the universe and all those living in it.

  10. I agree, nice video.

  11. David Icke the Truthsayer

  12. thanks for your time David.

  13. Have a good October Dave you rock. Peace☼

  14. NaturalFuturist // 4th September 2014 at 1:45 am // Reply

    I was staring at a seagull visitor on my roof, when I visually transfigured into his body, viewing reality from his scaled perception. I realized this ability to visually transfigure into other animals via a vivid imagination fused with high empathy levels, is just a glimpse of how God, who incarnates eons from now, becomes conscious of everything in existence within the universe and is able to *see* the perspective of all forms of life to ever have spored. This attainment of ultimate awareness clearly will be the end result of modern Man’s infinite evolutionary progress into the future.

    Of course this visually empathetic power of consciousness is only attained by a purely empathetic mindset, which invariably demonstrates how God will only come to incarnate via Man’s transition to the upper pyramid of the Star of David; Pure Christianity, out of the Jewish hexagram prison of the mind where Man is subject to be pulled down into the lower Satanic pyramid, where The Devil incarnates.

    A purely devoted Buddhist’s heart understands what it means to be all compassionate and merciful. To them, what point is there in life other than to help others? For them, they will use the greatest extent of their power which they possess to help bring healing and contentment to any creature under their dominion. This is the mindset of the all compassionate. And this is the mindset of God, who incarnates through Man’s path towards angelic divinity through conformity to the pure values reflected in Christianity.

    When Man reaches this point of God, and where he has incarnated as a result of the evolutionary process we live within and which we observse, having gained Ultimate Power, what will be his purpose?

    Being all empathetic and all compassionate like the enlightened Buddhist, his purpose will naturally be the sole devotion to help others. But if the collective force, God, is in a state of perfect contentment, the only one’s left to save are all the biological relatives of the past, throughout all of space and time.

    What level of ignorance would be acceptable for this God to without judgement of a creature because of it’s cruel actions? The Buddhist doesn’t judge the tiger for it’s ravenous predatorial behavior, because the tiger knows no other way. The tiger is a result of it’s particular biological evolution where in order to mercifully end it’s own suffering, it must eat by killing, unlike the panda bear, or furthermore; human beings.

    At what degree of conscious negative intent does the biological creature no longer become innocent in the eyes of the all compassionate master, be it human or God? At what point does the behavior go from being natural, acceptable behavior, to criminal and unacceptable behavior?

    The gradient of the humanoid mind is so immensely vast that it is a fine line to draw between an “innocent” or a “guilty” human, from the perspective of a Godhead.

    If humanoids are the only biological creatures known to this current evolutionary time period who are capable of “negative intent”, then surely from a Godhead’s perspective it would only be within the humanoid evolutionary gradient of the mind where such a fine line would be drawn, exempting all lower animals from judgement of behavior. All of the Godhead’s judgement will thus be focused on modern humanoids, from the point of their evolutionary incarnation of what we define as “moral judgement”, onward through the entirety of humanoid evolution, to post-human, to God.

    But one thing is certain, that throughout humanoid evolution, a line will be drawn. Humanity will divide itself from it’s dualistic, unconscious nature, and Man will infinitely venture towards the greatest heights of both dueling pyramids of enlightenment, where Satan will incarnate through one evolutionary path, and God Almighty will incarnate on the other , through the incarnation of what we define as “Angels”, who will have incarnated through the evolutionary devotional mindset of pure compassion carried on from it’s point of inception, when Jesus Christ was born and died.

    If time and space are an illusion, and we are freed from the limitations of space and time in our final moment of life, where “an entire lifetime flashes before our eyes”, and if a heavenly celestial Kingdom is incarnated in the future, then Heaven is right amongst us right now where we are, at all times. The key for us is to tune our spirits into it’s frequency. The traversing channel of this frequency from our spirits (the infinitely echoing imprint of our consciousness) to Heaven is referred to as The Holy Spirit.

    Emulating The Son/Jesus(Present) allows us access through The Holy Spirit to The Father/God(Future).

    As the foundation of this Kingdom’s incarnation in the deep future will have evolved from the generational pattern of fascinated focus on the humanoid Jesus Christ, it can be assured that’s Christ’s enthronement by Heaven is where he will be *given* pure freedom to express His infinite love to all of those under His authority/judgement.

    This moment of Christ’s incarnation into Heaven, where He is throned and crowned by *God*, is the perfectly synchronized moment in time where He in turn uses His granted authority to raise up with Him to this perfect state all of those who had been held in question under God’s magnified judgement and fairly judged as innocent.

  15. Good luck….

  16. Thing is about David Icke detractors…he has been proven right on soooo many things…!!!!

  17. Shaun Antoney Walsh // 8th September 2014 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    ithink therefore ivegan

  18. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  19. Chemtrails Hitting Portsmouth England. captured 3 days of it so far.

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