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54 Comments on The War On Anti Vaxxers – David Icke

  1. Craig Randell Fitness // 11th February 2019 at 8:03 am // Reply

    Wow this is incredibly Alarming !

  2. AT HIRIZI AT HIRSIZI SUCUK UZMANI // 11th February 2019 at 8:04 am // Reply


  3. That is pure fascism.They are upping their game.

  4. When I vote in Australia I just put a black line through all the names. Therefore the ‘vote’ is void. More and more people should consider doing the same.

  5. Nancy J Wiemers // 11th February 2019 at 8:23 am // Reply

    In the 50’s the kids average vaccines until age 18 was 12, today is 86. You cannot vaccinate against any virus. I wish people would understand that. I see no cold vaccine, just saying. Do not vaccinate period.

    • You don’t generally die from the common cold so it is not necessary

    • Polter Geist Source?

    • Well, to that degree here’s a compromised way of saying it: don’t overvaccinate.
      Known in animals already, now look up for overvaccination in humans. It should be researched as an important matter

    • N BOR I’m aware in animals but haven’t thought about humans. In the U.K., many vaccines are given to those who have weaker immune systems only, elderly immunosuppressive disorders etc such as the seasonal flu shot.

  6. Enlightened Hummingbird // 11th February 2019 at 8:25 am // Reply

    I have a friend who, at 65 never had pneumonia in her life. Cut to, she took a pneumonia vax at the urging of her doc based on her advanced age. Interestingly, she came down with pneumonia, and has had pneumonia every year since getting that vaccine. She is now 70. This world sucks…

    • +Be Good To Yourself Stay strong and determined in your human right and your child’s right to live; you know now what’s best for your child. Find like mind people who you can share your experience’s with and find support.

    • +Newmath907 You bet’ya!

    • +Susan B You might not fully own your body at last, but you have the choice of your own console and your soul should be the only one you have the final say on it, no one else.

    • Indeed. The world is run by criminals.

  7. Once something …. ANYTHING … . becomes “obligatory”, mandatory, you are no longer on a “need-to-know” basis. ANY information available to you is 100% DISCRETIONARY. Oh sure, today you get a package insert, a brief chat with your doctor ….. tomorrow a visit by the “vaccine enforcement squad” with no information. There is no such thing as “informed-consent” without consent, first and foremost. No consent? Why inform you? Like-it-or-not, you’re getting it. Big things have small beginnings. This is a civil rights issue, under “public health” cover. PSYOPS.

  8. I’m from Melbourne and once read a study regarding which suburbs contained the highest number of non vaccinated children. The results pointed to the two most affluent suburbs as the top contenders. The two with the highest number of doctors.

  9. That’s a fascist/communist takeover right there

  10. I live in Melbourne, Australia and your children cannot attend school or kindergarten either, unless vaxed. I don’t vote because it’s all BS, take a look at how the prime minister has been overthrown a few times of late, and in with some random, who no one voted for! Your vote means nothing!
    This whole thing is tripe and use the media to condemn anti vaxers. My children are never sick were never vaxed, all the vaxed kids, always sick, whooping cough, runny noses! They pump the kids full of poison before the kids immune system has even had a chance to start to develop, if you think that’s smart, clearly you’re an idiot!
    Misinformation, not to mention the cures that exist for various illnesses, that are illegal and or banned, why? BIG PHARMA!

    • If it’s against your religion I don’t think I can make the kids have shots

    • Moya MacGregor // 11th February 2019 at 3:58 pm // Reply

      Be Good To Yourself
      ✨BLESSINGS✨ on y⭐️ou and your chi⭐️ld. When you feel it appropriate, and you will know, speak your story and your truth from the rooftops in order to help others. With Love.


    • +Be Good To Yourself hey I’m from Dorset in the UK too! I’ve tried doing the same! But my family are completely all for them and won’t recognise the dangers of them

  11. I’m in the UK and just contacted a lawyer about medical negligence. I had a reaction to my medication and got sent home from the hospital twice! Even though I had abnormal blood test results. The third time I was rushed into hospital and could have died from Malignant neuroleptic syndrome. I’m left totally traumatised to take any new medication or have my flu jab vaccine. I don’t trust them what so ever. You should be given the freedom to choose not “dictated” to about what’s injected into your own body or your child.

    • +Lynette Marie despite, alcohol and sugar abuse for most of my adult life until more recent times…exercise, reasonable nutrition and a belief that I don’t need a doctor I suppose. I get flues/colds/bugs like anybody but have always believed that they make you stronger and your body adapts, becomes immune. People who over wash/clean/use chemicals etc are destroying good bugs that attack the bad ones. Have you ever seen that OCD cleaners on TV.. when they test some of their own steering wheels…it contains more harmful bugs than a bus seat? Or people that have to have other peoples…well you know what..injected into them because of deficient gut bacteria. The diseases that these inoculations fight come from poor nutrition and living polluted water/air etc….or some say introduced by man…like they did with myxomatose in rabbits etc ……I’ve been veggie for about thirty years too…may be that helps. Best wishes.

    • +Lynette Marie Lynette, I often just say what I think…and not always considerate…so don’t take offence..NMS sounds terrible..and my story doesn’t help you. Best wishes. FreeJulianAssangeFreePalestineFreeUsAll.

    • Jimmy Corkhill // 11th February 2019 at 1:49 pm // Reply

      +Lynette Marie I best stop putting to first thing that enters my head! Best wishes.

  12. Oil company stopped us going overseas for work until we could all prove we had received their prescribed vaccination list.
    Some took all, others, myself, managed to wing it as the stocks were low but we were required on the job.
    Those that had the lot, one by one, came down sick, over 3 months and had to medivac out.
    The money was unreal, but my gut (or something) told me to chuck it in.

  13. I wasn’t drugged (vaccinated) when i was a kid and i havnt drugged my child either.
    She’s healthier and stronger for it. She got her first cold / flu the other day and 2 days later she’s back to normal.
    Her immune system is most excellent.
    Also voting here in aus isn’t mandatory. No matter what they say, an offence maybe, but not illegal.
    They cant make it a law without a proclamation certificate or a referendum

    • That’s great! Dash Man, you guys might want to keep it that way. In USA ppl. would like to see these voting machines go away for good. With the machines ppl. do not longer have a choice, it’s all BS. gov. has the upper hand on everybody, no wonder that beast is unleashed even in places it doesn’t belong and does what it wants.

  14. I have never had a vaccination in my life.

  15. Marisa Aguilera // 11th February 2019 at 9:28 am // Reply

    Thanks David,
    Firstly: I came to Australia as a toddler in 1971 and have never voted. I have permanent residence but refuse to take up citizenship mostly because voting needs to be a right not an obligation.
    Secondly: I owe the Australian Tax Office $8k because they apparently made family payments to me for having school age children and when they discovered that my kids weren’t vaxxed they want *’their’* money back because kids need to be up to date with vaccines to receive this family allowance- and at the same time they happily announce that the diseases that we’re vaxxing kids for have been eradicated in Australia – You can’t make this up can you?
    Don’t get me wrong. I love living in Australia, I love the land and its people, but i don’t share that love for those who want to hurt me and my family.

  16. Veritas Vincit // 11th February 2019 at 9:30 am // Reply

    100 % facist. No democrates left in Australia

  17. There’s a war on anti-vaxers here in the States as well.

    • There’s even bullying done in the scientific community. Unthinkable

    • My EX whom I have 1 child with is graduating Nursing program this year and I had a heated discussion about putting ANY shot in my daughter without my say so. Then i inundated her with Vaccine horror stories and got her to relent finally. Stay Vigilant. Good luck!

    • Possibly psyops happening. The tide is turning according to David Icke.
      And I can confirm that not just with the independent scientific community, but also with cases in other nations states. Italy has already repealed the mandate.
      From aluminium toxicity acknowledgement to toxicity of thimerosal. On these, there are studies to find: thimerosal lowers methionine production, which is essential for neurodevelopment.
      Aluminium is known to have other effects, from stimulation of immune system in brain, more cytokines get to the brain and thus leading to these NDDs, only possible mechanism and correlation found. Just connect the dots for understanding, which a reductionist (hyperempiricist) is unlikely to do.

  18. Agua de Estrellas // 11th February 2019 at 3:02 pm // Reply

    It’s profitable to keep us ill, thinking we are mentally ill, and being compliant, non thinking robots.

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