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Deleting Cash Is All About CONTROL The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

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76 Comments on Deleting Cash Is All About CONTROL The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

  1. Prefer the old into music

  2. 1984 George Orwell, .? …. you never fail to amaze me… i love ya

  3. Nice ear rape intro.

  4. Bridge Rectifier // 10th November 2017 at 10:13 am // Reply

    All fiat currencies will eventually crash, now crypto currencies are on their way. Amazon have just announced the acceptance of Bitcoin & Etherum.
    Still though, the elimination of cash will open up a greater opportunity for barter and the use of gold and silver, because nobody trust the banks.

  5. david, look into Sophias step into crypto currency…. AI is paying itself one week from now goes alpha… or live… profit for the machine makers and the machine will soon shake off the makers as well……….. hmmmm….. step up people!…. ask questions of the government regarding Agenda 21 and sustainability 2030 in your own countries… i did in Australia and I see the UN hammer, the face of the frequency, open the eyes please!!!

    • is very good all this but do not know where videos there in Spanish david?

    • Katie von Olendörp // 10th November 2017 at 1:29 pm // Reply

      poiuytrewq8ff Excuse my English which is not this virtuose to tell exactely the tendence in Germany but in one sentense it is to pay in goods or with silver and gold. And more and more people buy little coins of silver for bad times. And another good which seems funny: honey! When a system breaks down or people try, as a proverb says “flying under the radar” of the government, to pay without being controlled which makes some things becoming rare they can pay with honey. Everybody needs honey to sweet something or it can be even used for health treatments on wounds for example. Same with silver (silver colloid water). A glass of honey lasts very long and it has a price, A value. And for smaller transactions these little honey pods from hotels can be used.
      This is where we would be going if not stopping this march of control immidiately!
      Who does not want to be registered by doing a transaction in privacy, for example buying a second hand smartphone for about 60£, has no other chance to pay but in goods.
      The internet is not private at all.
      I am sure that they also control which bit coin is payed by whom for which item. So, all the same.
      To prepare by buying always small amounts of silver and gold is not too bad: the prices for them are stabil and it can be sold when someone needs money. And sometimes there are days with very good prices to sell or to buy. And if I would sell my TV and the buyer would offer me the amount in gold and silver… why not?
      It is the same idea Gaddafi had. And this is a healthy way to pay.
      And for mowing the lawn for the neighbour getting a glass of honey is also something that can be accepted in times of total control.
      Very old people who survived WW2 and living out in the country side still love to pay in goods. I helped an old man washing his sheep and his horse and he gives me eggs and veggies for that. And this is more joy than buying this by barter or credit card. 🙂

    • that is a good shout about Honey, it can last for 100’s of years.

    • Yes, I too thought about that.It could just bring and strengthen “community”.Growing plants,sharing exchanging skills.Many places/communities are doing just that.Also

  6. Boom. In other words, in the last days people will not be able to buy or sell without the number 666 ( barcode) Face ID, palm print, neuro synaptic chip implants, the list goes on. So the Bible was correct after all. Carbon print. 6 protons, six neutrons, six elections.(666 ). Brilliant presentation David. God bless.

    • exactly what i thought

    • same as the eu, bilderburg and soros, trying to control the world, oust trump. ready for the antichrist

    • Jason Hawkins trump is a pacifier for the so-called truthers. They all eat together.

      Damn daddy governments and harry potter books. Grow a pair

    • Stevie Gee You don’t need a chip under your skin, your holding it in your hand, the radiation in your forehead as you watch it for hours each day, cannot trade without it, it talks to you, its happening, the mark is your cell phone, the time to make your choice is coming soon

  7. Mystery Mashine // 10th November 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply

    Thoughts on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies? There’s a lot of speculation that these will be the precursor to a fully controlled digital monetary system but at the same time these cryptos are completely anonymous and encrypted so many believe theyre more safe.

    • no such thing as completely anonymous – you extrapolate individual identity from metadata. saying completely anonymous is like saying perfect security which does not exist.

    • steve parkes, Yep, I don’t know one shop that accepts Bitcoin. But even if bitcoin is widely adopted it is easy to ban it for business later through legislation. Or they could allow Bitcoin only (ie not Bitcoincash or other cryptos) and it becomes too slow to use as a payment and only good as a store of wealth. Damn sure they have something up their sleeve.

    • markwatch12 To me, it is exactly the same as having a piece of paper saying you own gold “somewhere” if it ain’t in your hand you don’t own it. Even then it can (and has) been taken away by governments. People no matter what they think, can not survive eating bull s#*t.

    • +steve parkes Coins can be confiscated if you give up your private keys sure; so keep your coins in an encrypted wallet (a multi-signature wallet preferably where practical) and have 2-3 hidden USB drives containing your backed up wallet. The piece of paper you’re talking about is issued by your country’s federal reserve. Fiat is also centralized and its directors have the ability to increase or decrease the supply which has an effect on inflation, among other things. Crypto coins are backed up by the cost and effort that was put into minting/mining them. Now I know this isn’t tangible the way gold is but it works similar enough to produce 1:1 backing of effort:value. The last thing that comes to mind that it offers cash-like anonymity (certain coins) on purchases in a modern era.

    • Please watch this…very informative about the problems with Bitcoin:

  8. Im surprised david hasnt done more research on bitcoin, it completley protects you from government confiscation.

    • Not so, Mr. Run…watch this please:

    • Julian Keippel im sorry but what youve posted is nonsense lol they clearly have no idea of the technology which you could understand yourself if you wernt so lazy…your realise in time as this all unfolds but please stop with these nonesense videos.

    • Julian Keippel the comments are disabled? I wonder why lol the guy doesnt make any sense they cant even get the creators name right, he called it a centralised system which its not he clearly doesent understand block chains and even you could realise that if you learnt for yourself how this all works… stick with these sort of videos if you want but in time you’ll realise you’ve been wasting your time and I have no more time for this nonsense good luck

    • Julian Keippel informative , jesus you cant be this ignorant?

  9. Virtual fake money

  10. The intro music is too loud David.

  11. What about bitcoin? What role does it play in all of this?

    • The Lone Prepper // 10th November 2017 at 11:18 am // Reply

      Introduce the final solution and make us pay for it. By greed and envy We lust for Bitcoin, If only I would have got in sooner would have been rich. Next time I will be in the next coin when it is cheap.

    • freedom forever // 10th November 2017 at 11:29 am // Reply

      People will use crypto currencies specifically for what you are talking about a coin called ripple or stellar will be used

    • Bitcoin and other cryptos will be digital currency, next step tattoo barcode. Just scan you .

    • It seems to me that they continue with the theme of creating a universal single currency

    • I don’t think bitcoin will be the future of currency, maybe as a store of wealth. Transactions will become too expensive and too slow.
      Cryptocurrencies will be the future, BTC is the prototype if you like, it was made with open source software to be copied and adjusted for a future currency.

  12. Mark of the beast

  13. Youngsters have been so brain washed into accepting what they are told I don’t know if us older generation can convince them they are going to be owned or chucked out of society with no where to go. I do wish they would look up Coudern hone Kalergri plan Agenda 21/30

    • the parents/guardian might have something to do with that as well.

    • I don’t know about that. I see whole load of ‘youngsters’ that are awake. Many cases i see them with the knowledge (probably from more internet useage) and that older generations are stuck in their ways and unable to awaken from a lifetime of conditioning.
      Although there are kids that wouldn’t question anything as long as they have a phone in their hand.

    • Every generation has followers and leaders.Children need more parent guardian nurturing and encouragement to be creative ask questions and follow through on their ideas.Not just a mind full of information.Less time in childcare centres reduce consumption and the constant need to buy
      things or travel.

  14. Old into music please.

  15. If cash goes away how will I buy the C.I.A.s drugs? They take debit cards?

  16. Here in Sweden you can’t even buy a bus ticket with cash anymore…
    They say it’s to prevent robbery and make it more convenient for travelers…
    And most people here seem to think it’s modern and ever so hip!

    • People like me are going to have trouble, but that’s okay, I’ll manage somehow. I have no cell phone, not TV, and pay for things with cash. Also, I will never fly again because I absolutely refuse to be herded and groped by TSA. NEVER, will they touch me.

    • Kul att se en svensk! Tror vi kommer bli bland de första som tar bort kontanter

    • Same in London

    • Lúðvík Guðmundsson // 10th November 2017 at 9:12 pm // Reply

      I travel to sweden almost everymonth, im writing this few hours after my last visit. Was in a restaraunt in a shopping center, there was a sign that said “we prefer card payments”. First time i have seen that there. I know they have been trying to eliminate cash in Iceland to. I remember reading something about RFID chip under your skin, whats going on with that ?

    • Yeah.Hillary Clinton used an unencrypted server to hide information from the public.She said it was for “convenience”.BS.The convenience is for the controller of the controlled.Thanks David

  17. They’re already chipping people who are getting drug treatment in San Francisco, California’s Tenderloin District. They’re telling the patients/addicts that they’re doing it to keep track of where they are……it’s for THEIR safety. I KNOW a female that has been chipped, it’s not a game.

    • Lois Prew I’m from there, and can’t see myself moving back.

    • Rio415 the sad thing is that some people may want to move but can’t afford it. California, from what I’ve seen on TV seems to be a beautiful state, but the nwo is ruining it. I feel bad for the people that can’t afford to move.

    • Lois Prew It’s a beautiful place, but because of the cost of living in the Bay Area, it’s easier to get out, than it is to get in.

    • Rio415 kinda sad how people think all this is crazy talk this is how it always happens people are talking about things that seem crazy then they end up being true.

      The world we live in isnt a la la land Disney land theme park people literally are killed every single day we are close to a nuclear war and if it doesn’t happen just the fact theirs some short man out there who is a complete god to his people and has weapons of mass destruction is insane. People wake up this isn’t a fucking game this is real life do research, people say to defeat an enemy you have to think like the enemy, same thing here we have to think what insane power hungry people want, this might all seem like a conspiracy but their are conspiracys out there that have been proven this isnt some flat earth bs this is people trying to control us. It all seems insane but thats the thing people who are insane usually get power just look at Hitler. And even worse Stalin who killed over 20 Million people, Wake up people this isn’t a fucking game, when you think all this is bs then you’re bank is frozen or empy due to National Security Reasons… in the early 1900’s in America we had to give all our gold to the Federal fucking Reserve not a conspiracy thats actually 100% true. Most if not all governments can use excuses to take away you’re rights this isnt some damn game people this is you’re childrens future you can comment and be dumb and negative but people seriously need to wake the hell up most people that live in my country wouldnt even believe that the Federal Reserve took all gold from the people in the U.S in the early 1900’s why because they dont do their research they are zombies they are weak minded and easy to control, I mean seriously think about it there has to be atleast one person on this planet that would love to control everyone on it, seems insane but hey the world is insane now wake up.

  18. I am a 62 year old man who has so far gotten by with no credit whatsoever! I will not consent to being chipped, so when it comes to that, I will have to leave this body behind. How old are YOU? What will You do? Time is up, so decisions are unavoidable!

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