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Chris & Marcie Gunderman Troyer Detox Specialist Podcast Interview 9 19 18

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16 Comments on Chris & Marcie Gunderman Troyer Detox Specialist Podcast Interview 9 19 18

  1. Hi sir Morse, I was just reading Ehret’s book where he says that dates, banana’s and figs are the ‘muscle builders’. But most of these fruits nowadays are hybridized, are they not? Also, Ehret recommends tree-ripened which is impossible to get considering where I live(the North)

    • I have walked the path and had issues. I work 14hrs a day and eating fruit to sustain that work ethic was making me lose weight and I had no extra weight to lose… My teeth were hurting and didn’t sleep well. If you eat these foods for the purpose of sacrificing yourself for the animal, thats fine. I want to perform my best and I fully respect and love animals. Proper care of animals should be our passion. All life ends and animals should be appreciated and consumed after a health loving life. I have a belief that we all were animals in past lives and we all need bad and good experiences. Maturity is knowing death is a reality and that there are shorter periods of life as an animal. Less to experience and learn etc.

    • +TRUTHANDTIME Bebe Right on! Go you!!! Yeah I had all the symptoms he mentioned and more too. Some people want a joy ride to health. Thinking all the bad chemistry they’ve been intentionally putting into their body, not to mention the toxic chemistry all around us today, is going to just dance it’s way out. It isn’t a party for those who can’t take it. But for those that can it’s pure bliss! The ups, downs, ins and outs! I wouldn’t trade any of it in! If I didnt go through the work and all those experiences I wouldn’t value the journey, this planet, the universe and life itself!

    • +TRUTHANDTIME Bebe And you got a new sub! I’m in my 27th week 100% raw 90% fruit. Cheated once on Oct 5th my moms bday. Had veggie coconut curry. I had many of the same issues you did and have seen them disappear one at a time but not without a price to pay! Healing crisis symptoms abound. One more crazy and intense after the other. I love meeting and connecting with fellow travelers to wellville!!! We have to all start sharing our experiences more openly.

    • TRUTHANDTIME Bebe // 17th October 2018 at 11:13 pm // Reply

      +Bob Schmob … It is a journey and the only way out is through. .☺.. I had lived so long feeling ill with no sence of well being it became my normal… Sadly… It wasn’t untill Robert read out my case and cried that I realised I was in big trouble. … As for cheating I’m a big believer now after seeing so many cases that it is for some a requirement to help them to succeed… I hit a 40 day grape fast right of the bat and I loved it…. Did I feel I’ll? Yes…. 27 years of systemic candida dying off with myriads of awfull symptoms. My adrenals we’re in the dumpster and I crawled to the food hall’s on my hands and knees…. Every symptom known to man, trust me, I felt it, some I can’t even put into words. .. We are all diffrent in strengths and weaknesses but we need to realize it… Brain zaps, adrenal surges, no coordination, tingling brain, numb chest, freaky visuals, severe joint pain, no sleep, strange dreams, severe depression and anxiety off the scale…. I felt like I was dealing with MS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s all rolled into one Trust me, frightening stuff….. I had to embrace it I had no choice. ..I’m a survivor now and a healer and I feel blessed. …☺

  2. Raw CoCoNut GirL // 17th October 2018 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    Amazing content! Lets show true to the world! We love you all <3

  3. Christ Energetics // 17th October 2018 at 5:51 pm // Reply

    Must take breaks from the detox protocols at some points and turn away from it depending on needs, to excercise and rebuild , eventually you will detox better and less complicated due to getting a dynamic strength applied instead of become a wet rag.

  4. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 17th October 2018 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    With all of these energies coming in. First time in Human history. Are bodies are going crystaline on a cellular level. Detoxing would be best now. Best self love you can do I believe.

  5. Christ Energetics // 17th October 2018 at 6:01 pm // Reply

    BTW Marcie love your story and attitude. You have Gods grace upon you !

  6. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 17th October 2018 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    Burn up those damaged cells with hard dry fasting. One day of dry is around three days of water. Go all the way!!! Go!!! Disease is false programming. Push it. We are the best of the best sent to Earth.

  7. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 17th October 2018 at 6:17 pm // Reply

    How important is freedom to you?!? I moved up the street from the clinic. I’m not coming back to Earth to detox again. Blessings folks.

  8. i like Marcie´s voice! so comfortable

  9. God bless you Dr Marcie, your an inspiration!

  10. Please would someone be able to give me the link to the video Marcie talks about regarding the guy who used to be in a wheelchair?

  11. Good interview Marcie! Great info. Thank you.

  12. Have you ever heard of the Lactic acid threshold?

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