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Marcie and David’s Topic Video

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1 – Diet Species Specific Diet – Optimal diet for our anatomy. Lack of Nutrition or Lack of Eliminations? Can we survive-thrive on only fruit. What qualifies as a fruit? Best fruits, specific fruits, categories of fruit. Greens and Veggies – Pros and cons. Specific veggies. Whole Foods vs blending vs juicing vs dried vs fermented.

2- Supplementation -Isolated chemistry – Examples of rations and complexes found in nature. Importance of consuming whole foods. Deficiencies – Digest, absorb, utilize, eliminate. B12 – What is it? Why do we need it? Where can we get it? Testing levels? Minerals – What are they and what are they for? Omegas – What are they and what are they for? Ratios? Probiotics – Pros and Cons. Temporary fix vs changing internal environment. Digestive Enzymes – Different kinds? Can we become deficient-dependent?

3 – Protein and Sugar Myths – What is protein? What is it used for? Effect of excess proteins? What about plant proteins? Best Reponses for Where do you get your protein? What is sugar? Types of sugar? How does sugar feed cells convert to energy? Responses for Sugar feeds candida and sugar feeds cancer.

4- Thinness and Muscle Loss. Malabsorption and Hyper-thyroid. How think can-should I get? Am I too think to detox? Exercising while detoxing. Negative effects of too much exercise? Best Forms? Cycles of cleansing and building – Timeframes. Food, herbs and strategies to use when building.

5 – Connective Tissue Weakness. What is it and what are some of the signs? Parathyroid – What are it’s functions and how is it responsible for utilizing calcium? Best ways to cleanse-strengthen the parathyroid.

6 – Kidney Filtration – How the kidneys filter lymph and how to know if you are filtering? How much sediment? How often? Top strategies to get kidneys filtering – Diet, herbs, hot/cold, massage, dry fast etc.

7- Renal Failure – What is it and why is it increasing? Causes? Dialysis – What is it and what to do?

8- Blood Sugar Issues – What do they mean? Hypo/hyper glycemic, diabetes 1 & 2. Differences Type 1 vs Type 2 and the different causative factors. Sugar levels, testing, insulin. Plan of action – Diet, protocol, lifestyle.

9 – Eliminating Virus’s – What is a virus? Are virus’s different? HIV, Hep C, HSV, Etc? Transmittable? Realistic timeframe. Emotions, Plan of action.

10 – Mindset and Approach to Detox – Motivations, Goals, Will-power, Personal responsibility. Habbits, traditions, social settings, cravings, emotion detox. Becoming educated – Keep it simple/information overload, dealing with family/friends, Understanding healing events.

38 Comments on Marcie and David’s Topic Video

  1. Love you! Love the information you share with the World. On the list to watch tonight. THANK YOU

  2. Love this video style!!! So informative and well spoken! Great topics David : )

  3. imenchanting // 12th April 2018 at 1:58 am // Reply

    Good topics and I like you two talking together… nice mix of energy

  4. I tried to do a high fiber diet without the fruits that didn’t work well for me at all got rashes everywhere

    • purpleman173 // 12th April 2018 at 8:11 am // Reply

      bears 25 are you on herbs? Have you properly completed a cycle of parasite detoxification? What are you eating, have you been eating predominately fruit prior to the high fiber, and do you like Chicago Bears? Lol I had to. Are you currently on a protocol?

    • Chicory Root high Fiber I should mentioned I have … Psoriasis killing bacteria and fungus releases a tone of endotoxins

    • You need to keep cleaning out your bowel and focus on kidney filtration while on fruit initially until you get to a level of health. Use GI BROOM for bowels and kidney and adrenal formulas for filtration. Fruits are the lymph movers!!! But are you eliminating your wastes…

    • Jack Cross you are correct the problem is the electricity in food it’s very easy to fall off when your body is flooding with toxins while your cellular energy is low

    • purpleman173 // 12th April 2018 at 8:43 pm // Reply

      Thank you Jack Cross

  5. I think she just said she went to the doctor to get a Rx for insulin! What? Shouldn’t she be healed if she does what Dr Morse says??? Wish she would explain why she still needs insulin. She seems to be very knowledgeable about health and healing….did anyone else catch this? I don’t mean to be too critical ….is fruit causing this problem for her??

    • tawana wilder // 12th April 2018 at 12:40 pm // Reply

      Too answer you honestly and straight to the point. She falls off the diet sometimes but they are great at healing others. I have seen people totally healed from diabetes following Dr. Sebi Method but I love Marcie and Dr. Morse.

    • Danijela Erbes // 12th April 2018 at 3:24 pm // Reply


    • Aphrodite Mikonos // 12th April 2018 at 3:58 pm // Reply

      She is a type1 diabetic, which I believe she was born with, which means something in the pancreas doesn’t produce the insulin needed, it’s much more difficult to reverse vs Type 2. Marcie is doing fantastic considering what she’s had to deal with.

    • Myhealing journey // 12th April 2018 at 6:49 pm // Reply

      She born with it and she claims trying to get off of insulin but been very hard even doing so much but she said the insulin amount is much lower now.

  6. imenchanting // 12th April 2018 at 2:14 am // Reply

    who can make a raw food website for dating? lol… we need one.. this is so important for companionship

  7. Fruit does not cause .it exposes. I get so psyched during these videos!


  9. You know I keep seeing this commercial I’m not even going to say the name but there’s all these herbs growing and I thought wow this is great. but then they said they were selling herbal extracts. that’s not what Dr Morse uses. He uses the whole herb dried and pulverized and capsuled or tincturesd.

    • Susanne C Dr. Morse’s book, “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” will BLOW YOUR MIND and begin to help you CLEARLY understand all these little JEWELS! They sell it through their store but we ordered one from Ebay, used and less cost but excellent INFORMATION! There are sources galore in there for every kind of herbs and raw foods, etc., plus the herbal formulas to blend for this or that, or just learning which herbs do what and go from there. We’re CHANGING our garden BIG TIME this year!! WO-HOO! Bring on the WEEDS!! Also, growing HERBS and planting MORE BERRIES!! Yeeeee Haaaaw!!! I’m SO EXCITED!

    • purpleman173 SO! Now I SEE YOU more clearly than the FIRST comment. Gorgeous! It’s SO LOVELY to see someone help hoping. *chuckles.. HUGS YOU TIGHT!*

    • Becky Lewis
      Thanks I’m going to get it. The detox Miracle sourcebook can’t wait.

    • purpleman173 // 12th April 2018 at 8:35 pm // Reply

      I believe the extracts may have their place but yes according to the greats, wholistic chemistry is best because they are buffered etc. You will have more results without side effects.

  10. Oh yeah and another thing the body recycles amino acids. That’s why we need very little if you want to call it protein.

    • Thanks for the gracious reply. so well said. You have vision.

    • purpleman173 I’ve been on the FRUIT ONLY now (except 3 purposeful drops in vibration, TOO MUCH dark energy coming out after 53 years of SERIOUS suffering and tormenting pain and sickness) for 12 weeks this Saturday the 14th. This past April 6th was my 4 year anniversary of getting free of 20 straight years of HARD CORE, heavy dose narcotics PLUS. (I did a video on my 1st anniversary called, “Exit Ramp! The Prison of Hell that IS Medication” but I was still BLAMING back then.. still, it IS! “Big Pharma” but.. IGNORANCE.. KARMA.. who knows? but I don’t BLAME “them” anymore.

      I was a near vegetable for 17 of those 20 years, not even being involved with life at all, not my kids or family or anything/anyone. I can’t BEGIN to tell you the HELL RIDE I’ve lived from premature birth and being put on Tetracycline twice a day, EVERY DAY until I was 11, as an “immune replacement therapy” which, as you might imagine if you know anti-biotic HELL, it DESTROYED my stomach and all my systems. Then add the Tagament, Gavascon and ELAVIL to my teen years but NOTHING for PAIN or bleeding out huge clots in public, crying and carrying on.. HUMILIATION..

      I suffered terrible sickness and then endometriosis and a LIST of horrible issues and continued pain and suffering, all the way to Fibro and MANY other things.. It’s been AWESOME detoxing but a VERY CONFUSING RIDE. I never contacted the office until at 6 weeks.. by then, I was already “off my rocker” and had NO CLUE… Long story and a VERY confused one from way too many angles to even get a TRUE grip. I’m still spinning circles and finding my way. Can’t afford the herbs I need but getting what few I can for now. Trying to come up with financial means to get more herbs.

      Dr Morse’s offices are great to give sliding scale help but sadly, it’s just not close to helping enough to get on with it. We were DEVASTATED financially 3 times in a row.. MUST BE KARMA because nobody has so much crap continually when you’re a Loving, giving, kind hearted Soul since childhood, even under dire sickness and pain. I’ve come to accept it and trying to deal with all the new info.. I’m VERY MUCH in the dark but at least now I have a LIGHT in Dr Morse and his lovely staff and people like you to read.. Its been TERRIBLY LONELY being basically a total hermit in this house, not driving or leaving and no family, friends or associates to talk to for a VERY!! long time… MANY YEARS.

      One can only watch SO MANY videos before it’s overload. I can barely read for keeping my attention or focus. The detox got so severe I actually HAD TO eat cooked food.. UGH!! GUT SHOCK after 11 weeks on all raw fruit and the few greens. (protocol, I’m 73 pounds). Anyway.. *THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!* I wish I would have been reading comments for this 3 months but was too weak and sick and could not even hold my head up. I’m getting stronger!! YAY!! *I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for BEING! Thank You for BEING and DOING and REACHING OUT!*

    • Becky Lewis
      Yeah Dr Morse is definitely the light. Your story was inspirational and very well put. it gives me a lot of inspiration too. so we’re not walking alone; we’re all together in this. much love to you Becky

  11. Rick Sanchez // 12th April 2018 at 6:54 am // Reply

    Great video (going to show some family)! I didn’t know David worked at the office, that’s awesome 🙂

  12. Anita Parker // 12th April 2018 at 7:51 am // Reply

    That was greeeaaaaaaat! 🙂 Thank you!


  14. King James III // 12th April 2018 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    Juicing is a much more pleasant experience to water fasting, in my experience. Solid food vacation lol

  15. Kathleen LeMaire // 12th April 2018 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    Great video! Looking forward to watching and learning more!

  16. Diana Boedecker // 12th April 2018 at 2:38 pm // Reply

    Watched the whole thing..YAY!! Thank you ,that answered so many questions I had. I would love to see a video on the healing crisis’. I’m stuck with lymph draining and causing asthma symptoms. I really want to dig in but I’m so afraid when I can’t breathe. Only doing fruits until dinner and then eating non sweet fruits with dandelion parsley and cilantro salad.

  17. Thank you Marcie! Nice to meet you David, you seem like a top guy! 🙂

  18. Steve Jobs was fruitarian? :O

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