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Q&A – 494 – Advanced Cases – Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis

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03:46 – I'm 49 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, after being misdiagnosed with a bulging L5/S1 disc for a number of years prior to that. My primary symptoms are brain fog (I have two lesions on my brain and several on my C­ spine), fatigue, and neuropathy in my lower legs {more on the right than left side). The neuropathy makes me feel as though I have a balled up sock under my feet when I'm not wearing any footwear. My legs are also very heavy {I can't run at all), andmy balance is compromised. I am 51411 {I know, I know – pituitary and adrenal;) and about 155 pounds…

20:45 – I thank you first and foremost for what your doing to the world and to each individual that seeks help.Although my writing might sound like a broken record, the fact of the matter is the writer is worse as I'll probably take a few hours to write this. Around the time I was in elementary my health began to take a plunge.Every year getting worser and worser. Till this day I'm not sure how I managed to pass high school or even stay in seated for so long…

46:17 – I have cerebral palsy and I have been trying to reverse the symptoms . I have been watching your yt videos on health and I wanted to see about your herbs and what I can do to reverse it. I've been vegan for a year and a half I've been taking a liver detox and using essential oils and a colon cleanse. I need something that can remove ammonia and heavy metals from the brain I've been taking ginger essential oils to remove ammonia.I also have a metabolic condrition where i cant breakdown Trimethylamine and it caises body oder at times.

58:47 – Julio – Hi Dr. Morse! I have Multiple Sclerosis. I still have full function of my body, but want to tackle this. I'm on a strict grape/lemon diet – and will continue – trying intermittent dry fasting to jumpstart kidney filtration. I'm still not filtering after 2 weeks; am I being impatient? Heart palpitations, constipation, low libido. I'm not taking herbs, I'm a law student on a tight budget. What would you recommend? The spiritual rewards, I suspect, are around the corner.

01:01:56 – Sami – I suffered a TBI a year ago, and unfortunately had a seizure around 5 days after, and therefore l1m on lamotrigine every day and have been told I need to do so for five years, I'm a bit concerned as what's the natural remedy for healing brain trauma and nerve regeneration please, I have watched dan the liferegenerator on YouTube and he's suggested some raw fruit andjuice, in your opinion what would be a full protocol to heal this issue and stop any neurological issues?

01:10:26 – I was diagnosed with MS in 1997.Before I experienced extreme fatigue,bed wetting,numbness.Now I am 62 male feeling young,bedridden,urinary catheter,bedsores.Unable to stand up,walk,wright hand v.weak,left slightly better.I can't talk easily,sight weakening.I am staying in nursing home Warsaw­ Poland.I've been listening to you for 3y and I see your way of coming back to health as the only way.How can I get to Costa Rica Clinic please inform me.I trust you with all my Heart

01:16:05 – Lynn – I love your videos and they are helping me tremendously! Thank you! Also studying for level 1. My best friend's son is 15 and has Marfan•s Syndrome. I have researched your videos and not found any information in this area. Both parents are nurses and leary about herbs. They are switching to a mostly fruit diet with salad at night. He has problems with his heart valve and other connective tissue problems. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Also, the mom was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago

1:25:42 – Kevin – I am a 41 (soon to be 42) year old Caucasian male. My father passed away from ALS in 2016 and I'm starting to get scared I will be handed the same fate. I have been getting muscle twitches that don't seem to improve, but I also do not have any weakness that I can tell yet. I feel it will be a little difficult for me to determine weakness compared to most, because I have been lifting weights for 26yrs, which has included powerlifting and bodybuilding.

32 Comments on Q&A – 494 – Advanced Cases – Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Love Ya Morsey

  2. ARNOLD FAMILY SHOW // 21st February 2019 at 11:06 pm // Reply

    nice One

  3. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Do U Know What Mandella Effect Is // 21st February 2019 at 11:58 pm // Reply


  5. Do U Know What Mandella Effect Is // 21st February 2019 at 11:59 pm // Reply

    I wish u would share your thoughts about THE MANDELLA EFFECT !!!!!!!

  6. shawnanagins775 // 22nd February 2019 at 12:07 am // Reply

    Hooray! Another vid by Dr. Morse!

  7. Hi everyone, please I need his email address or how to contact this wonderful man?? Thank you all
    Love from London UK

    • Hi there. 1-941-766-8068….525 Tamiami Trail Ste #5 Port Charlotte, FLORIDA 33953….If it’s urgent he always suggest you call because he gets around to emails whenever he can

  8. i have nothing but LOVE & RESPECT for this man , He is a GODSEND for humanity, you have saved my life Dr Robert Morse , I Thank you , God Bless you Sir

    • black & blue & rasp berries (not necessarily all in the same cup i used individual varieties per serving) mixed with apples or pears & heal all tea smoothies helped get rid of my lesions, dragon fruit apples or pears & heal all tea smoothies worked the same , 3 months consuming these daily & the lesions were gone , no more constant tingling in the brain

    • +Mr C Juicing is processing the food and is detrimental to it. Mixing fruits is not recommended, mono meals are the best for the body.

    • +Happydaze I am testament to what i have wrote above & it works, i will admit im not a big fan of juicing, i found the smoothies have worked far better for my MS, & yes a mono fruit diet works far superior (currently on day 22 date of typing consuming only papaya’s illness much easier to deal with) what i wrote specifically above HAS got rid of my lesions!
      the reason ive took the time to type & share with others,
      Thank you for your criticism

    • +Mr C But you think it is some magical concoction and I would argue that just because that is what you are doing, and it healed your lesions, doesn’t mean it is. I would argue that if they are EATEN in mono meals, you would be optimizing the healing and power of the fruit.

    • +Happydaze i would like to suggest that you go find something better to do with your day rather than attempt to ruin mine, are you a doctor or a troll ?
      i think you might be both,
      let others decide for themselves !
      do you have MS?
      ive had it 11+ years ! so yes the healing power of these fruits is magical to me whether mixed or not & dont you dare try to knock me down with what ive found works for me, yes we are all different, but are we really that different that what ive done wont work for someone else? i beg to differ
      i have already agreed what you said about mono , so lets just leave it at that shall we !

  9. Lisa777 There is a better way // 22nd February 2019 at 2:54 am // Reply

    My mom had M.S. I wish I knew this information when she was alive. Makes me sad.

  10. Martha Packard // 22nd February 2019 at 7:34 am // Reply

    Thank you SO MUCH, Dr. Morse!!! You are helping me IMMENSELY!!! I’m going to try to write you soon and I am just extremely grateful for everything you do (and I just wanted to let you know that)!!! MUCH LOVE!!! 😀 🙂 <3!!!

  11. I keep trying to subscribe to your health club but everytime I fill out the signature “waiver” it just says “email not validated” when I just received an email from the health club welcoming me. I’m sure I know my email. I have to have the signature waiver. I work a crazy schedule and can’t be there to sign a package. I’ll try to contact again soon

  12. YOU LIE!!! ooh my goodness!!! are you telling me I have ingesting GLUE!!!!! (FLOUR) All along????

    • Gluten??

    • +Shawn Kennedy No, he said, there’s way too much GLUE in white flour

    • +sisanda mrali missed that but, gluten is effectively “glue”. Clogs up the liver and doesn’t allow it to rid the toxins easily.

    • +Shawn Kennedy and this is why I used to feel so much pain after eating bread (when I used to) my body could never digest it at all. This man changed my life

    • Claudia Bothner // 22nd February 2019 at 2:51 pm // Reply

      +sisanda mrali Great! Do you find wholemeal, wholegrain gluten free bread, bake your own or stay off bread? I find it so convenient, but since there aren’t good spreads without detrimental additives and Nitrite, dairy,and one should separate proteins from carbohydrates, there is little point in bread anymore. Maybe at special occasions? But I notice it borders on my eat addiction( sugar mainly), and trigger eating cheese and meat on it. The solution is : getting enough good sleep and being happy enough socially during the day, not to “have “to eat for comfort. I need doctor .

  13. Soul Of A Painter // 22nd February 2019 at 5:02 pm // Reply

    I have Spastic Dipledga Cerebral palsy effecting my trunk and everything below. My spasticity is very bad I use a wheelchair full-time since age 19 .. I did fairly well making gains until age 10 and then I started going down hill FAST.. I lost the ability to walk at all and my balance just standing in one place was pretty darn good -it wasn’t until I started to take steps that I couldn’t walk by myself.. It’s been so SCARY as I have aged because I keep getting worse no matter what I try…. I’ve always felt on the verge of normal – If I could just fix one thing then I could walk (but I’m really not feeling like that anymore-) I feel disabled for the first time – ironic huh? … My breathing has become effected I cannot swallow pills.. I choke on “water” or pretty much anything if I am not paying close attention… it’s getting scary.. I run a support group (private) because most of the people going down hill are WOMEN… Most of my guy friends aren’t experiencing the same kind of PAIN/FATIGUE/MIND FOG… Losing control over everything…

    I’m desperate – we all are…. I need help…

    I don’t know if this matters but I had a very vicious form of Mono in my 20’s they had a hard time finding it. At first they thought I had Cancer…. After that I NEVER felt the same

    I’ve never had control of bladder issues my whole life until lately.. I can’t stop it (from time to time) not all the time.. Which is scaring me to death. What’s next? They say CP doesn’t get worse (YES the issues after the initial damage of CP do get worse)

    I have ALWAYS craved salt like crazy… I could put a handful in my hand and eat it… Also when my mom was pregnant she said it felt like a butterfly was in her stomach.. I never felt like my brother did as he kicked and moved around… I was an emergency C-section (side ways) they didn’t realize anything was wrong until I didn’t meet my milestones (holding up my head- rolling over) I however learned to talk quickly *LOL* …

  14. Can fasting kill Candida and restart the digestive system?

  15. Marlen Ouelton // 22nd February 2019 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    Try the superfood blend it is wonderful. I add it to my smoothies every day.

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