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A Financial Elite Who Left The Globalist System and is Now Trying To Destroy It – Mads Palsvig

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Anarchast Ep.413

Jeff Berwick interviews former investment banker and founder of the Danish JFK party, Mads Palsvig. Topics include: over regulation making life difficult, insights from the financial sector, how money is created, ignorance in high finance, making money assuming central banks will do what is worst for the country, banksterism, dinner with Janet Yellen, it's a club and you're not in it, the war racket, starting the JFK party, staggering avoidance of economic understanding, propaganda and manipulation, depopulation, resistance to awakening, taking away the right to make money from the elite, supporting the JFK Party, reducing state power.

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41 Comments on A Financial Elite Who Left The Globalist System and is Now Trying To Destroy It – Mads Palsvig

  1. LUCY SITz

  2. Andrew Harris // 19th April 2018 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    They don`t want billions of people to understand that the thing they spend forty hours plus a week going to work for has no real value.

  3. It’s so freaking sad how dumbed down the world is. I keep thinking that we are gaining ground but then I’ll go onto a main stream YouTube video comment section and it’s still a bunch of hypnotized zombies..

    • Yeah- I know what you mean, but those comments could easily be AI. We have to keep in mind Langley/ CIA/ mossad created and run facebook, google and YT and all the monopolist corporations operating in America right now.
      No man or woman on earth would be a slave to these thieves willingly. All it takes is for a person to get financially knocked down a few too many times by the greedy pirates running the gangs in the counties and states- and then to LOOK at the truth for a few hours before they will realize the criminals running things are all illegitimate and have no lawful authority over any man or woman- and they will start to deprogram themselves.
      Think about it.

    • TCBTT
      Spend some time in the comments on CNN, MSNBC and FOX news channels… There are some good comments but people are mostly brainwashed heavily into either the right or the left. They “love” their country and their flag and simply don’t realize that they are slaves.. And it seems that religious people are the worst. I think that’s why they make churches tax free, basically to keep people in a doomsday mindset…

    • Oh yes- that’s true, the religious people and the order takers of the OZ machine are the densest of all. They share similar motivation, emotional needs, they are heavily influenced by the American culture of the day- and they obey their chosen leaders like blind mice.
      Check this guys channel out:
      He logically shows how everyone running and working for the system is going to be exposed and their lives are going to crumble into dust soon. The resistance is maturing- it’s civil, brilliant, lawful, peaceful and it’s growing like a weed (aka Medicinal herb : )

    • lol I’m trying to stay optimistic…

  4. Savage Reality // 19th April 2018 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    Excellent conversation. Great to hear from fellow awakened souls. Agenda 21 is steam rolling ahead unabated with its next phase 12 years away with Agenda 2030.

  5. This was a fantastic interview. If the socialist country Denmark can produce a truly great man like this investment banker humanity still has hope.

    • Silky Johnson // 20th April 2018 at 8:32 am // Reply

      Pete Main depends on the definitions… To me, a “full-blown socialist” country is one where the government/state owns everything. All businesses and services. Denmark encourages entrepreneurship to some extent and there are tons of loopholes for both both small and large businesses. Very few people (and no politicians, as that would be complete suicide) are completely against the welfare state / safety net since we can see how little corruption and crime there is here as a result of everyone being roughly equally rich/poor compared to other countries. No one really struggles, and that of course also stifles ambition for many.

    • Silky Johnson // 20th April 2018 at 8:37 am // Reply

      Pete Main I’d love to see the federal budgets of Denmark and the US compared side-by-side. The US spending is probably completely out of control due to military “adventures” and acting as the police of the world. But I’ve also heard that the biggest deficit / money sucker comes from retirement and welfare. I know that Denmark’s debt isn’t spiraling downwards as fast

    • Agreed. Though the objective defenition of government owned businesses etc. ie. means of production is communism. When I was entering business years back I was eager to find those loopholes and ran my head against a wall of a system that seems very effective in taking my money. And as Mads says, I have spent and wasted a lot time trying to figure the system out.

      So knowing what I know now, would I start the same business again here? I dont think so… Atleast much less motivated than when I began.

    • They finance their welfare/warfare state with deficits where as the danish government is much more responsible with their finances.

      Looking a few years into future we (and all western governments) will have a huge retirement crises if we dont raise the retirement age constantly every year. Which a lot of voters, 50+ year olds will be very angry about and voting against. I’m fearing this will create some sort of generational conflict because younger people -50 years are not gonna accept the huge tax increase following extra retirement costs.. Interesting times ahead!

    • They have spun us in such a deep web of deceit We will not see freedom in our lifetime,impossible…there will be many bloody battles ahead and nothing is certain..I would say it will take 100″s of years for mankind to eradicate this cancer

  6. Thanks Jeff, I strongly identify with Mads (and I have just got my Danish passport), my dad took our family and left Denmark in 1978 for Australia for this very reason. Now I am leaving Australia … again dumb regulations out of control.

  7. Roxy Stellar // 19th April 2018 at 2:09 pm // Reply

    awesome talk guys thanks, kudos

  8. Excellent,Excellent interview Jeff-God Bless You Guys!—
    How did such a small group of cowards gain such enormous power?nephilim bloodline?Reptilian DNA?? who the F knows……

    • Jews ruined the world forever

    • Jews didn’t ruin it. One of the Popes deemed touching money as a sin, so the Jews became the bankers. Later a different Pope realized that was a stupid idea (giving up so much power) and fought to take back what the Jews controlled. The enemy is religion and government NOT Jewish individuals or Christian individuals or Atheistic individuals, etc. I suggest you channel your hate toward government and embrace humanity living by a mantra of “Do No Harm”. You will have far more peace in your life rather than throwing stones at “Jews”.

    • Anthony Leach // 20th April 2018 at 3:37 pm // Reply

      SCAN IMAL if you want to really know how ? Follow mark passio, and buy the cd set called your wish is your command , you will learn exactly how!

    • I do like Marks’ work…Thank You

  9. Great Interview! Along the same lines as what you covered here but with an actual blueprint to transform the world, try to get Michael Tellinger on to talk about Ubuntu Contributionism to help people discover his a step by step plan to get to a world with a truly free market; without corporations and abundance for everyone – without government controlling everything (and without the need for money). Here is the plan: “One Small Town Can Change the World”

  10. Best interview in a very long time Jeff. Thx…

  11. Mads has allot of good insight in the economic, since he worked there, but allot of the other information should have been investigated a little deeper. then he would have realized to make a party is the false hope to change the system from within, and he know that cant be done and its not about infiltrate, but to wake people up and not throw them into the system again there is the problem

    Im one of those there speak against the party system in Denmark, they are controlled by the same top, with there same agenda, infiltrated with Bilderberg people, The trilateral commission and so on

    Its a mix exactly of fascism, and communism. the both sides end with the same goal – the big cooperation, the state as one, with the money bank system where they can print out of thin air, they got most by the “balls”

    The system is rotten, you cant keep a plant up when the root is rotten, that’s why you cant change from within. the root is the problem we need to take the control back to community and not give the power to the system.

    But good info about the banking system and allot more should investigate that part of the system, the banks, the military always control both sides, they have there puppets as leaders and so on from top to bottom so the can keep the control in power.

    THE RABBIT HOLES GOES DEEP – But most people will wake up to all this, its clear to see the system is under pressure around the world, since all the false flags and distraction for the many.

    Minions of Darkness – Full Danish Documentary

    100% its the same, Hitlary, Obomba or Trump the same deep state control there`s puppets and that`s the same here in Denmark, see that video i linked to – Minions of Darkness – Full Danish Documentary

    Mads have some good views what can be done and could be build up in the community, there could dry the system up.

    Just a note 😀
    Its hard for me to understand how a anarchist can promote a party and will join the system in that way. leaders? 🙂

    • Like Jeff said at the end… it doesn’t hurt to hit them from both sides.. from in the system and from out of it.

    • The problem here in Denmark, they cant hurt them from inside, the need to follow our constitution if they get in, they need to sign that and then, they are sold, some have tried before and always end up as “the false hope where people can vote, if they feel outside” and the system is happy. that`s apply both sides…as they are controlled by the same elite.

      When people vote, is only build up in %, on how many there is voting and that`s normally high in DK, but its the systems “contract” to do what the want. they have the peoples mandate for it.

      Both sides, outer, is called “safety valve for dissatisfied voters” here in DK 😀 facts sadly 🙂

  12. You need to quit promoting Adam Kokesh. He can not be taken serious at all…

  13. Jeff we miss your dogs!!!!

  14. BornOnTheWater // 19th April 2018 at 3:47 pm // Reply

    Adding to your comment about losing your job/J Yellen…I heard of a Jewish businessman who would fire one of his salesman during his monthly sales meeting. Sometimes he would fire one of his top salesmen just to keep everyone insecure about their job, no matter who they were!

  15. Sean Burnett // 19th April 2018 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    Really good interview

  16. Crypto Surfer // 19th April 2018 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    love this story ! glad you guys spread the word ..

  17. Crypto Surfer // 19th April 2018 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    love this story ! glad you guys spread the word ..

  18. Robert Terlaak // 19th April 2018 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    How about a total reset of the system. Give everyone in the world like 50 cryptotokens a day. Enough to exchange for food/clothes and a roof over your head. You can’t buy them only exchange them. If you do anything productive you can accumulate more. No government, no banks, no taxes, just free trade. As those cryptotokens are all registered on the blockchain you can immediately check if someone did get some tokens illegally. Totally transparent.

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  20. A young Michael Maloney?

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