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Assange Arrested! Free Press In US and UK Has BEEN DEAD For Years

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Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy and faces extradition to the USA

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Topics include: Julian Assange arrested, dragged from Ecuadorian Embassy by police, IMF grants predatory loan to Ecuadorian government, the role of Assange in the propaganda machine, Snowden and Manning, Cypherpunks and the origins of Bitcoin, there is no free media in the USA!

37 Comments on Assange Arrested! Free Press In US and UK Has BEEN DEAD For Years

  1. Truth and Freedom // 12th April 2019 at 3:37 am // Reply

    I will get u and u re little dog too lol!

  2. Good commentary, spot on assessment from my view.

  3. Great information Jeff, keep it coming my friend.

  4. Huge American hero. Hate to see what the tyrants have planed for him. Exposing the elite criminals is a death sentence

    • RealRickyRoss // 12th April 2019 at 4:03 am // Reply

      I can’t believe how many people are falling for this Julian Assange freak show!

      Has anyone of significance ever been arrested for his Wikileaks? Has anything of importance changed in your life because of Julian Assange? Did he ever talk about the inside details of 911? (hell, did he ever talk about 911 at all?) Did he ever talk about the Jews? Did he ever talk about the NOT Federal Reserve? Did he ever talk about Obama’s real birthplace? Did he ever talk about Michelle’s real gender? Did he ever talk about the Oklahoma City Federal Bombing inside job? Did he ever talk about the Government making Domestic Propaganda LEGAL to be used against the American Citizens in 2013? Did he ever expose what was in the UNPATRIOTIC, Patriot Act? Did he ever talk about Vaccine agenda? Did he ever talk about the control Corporations have over Politicians? Did he ever talk about False Flag events or HOAX events? Did he ever talk about rigged Selections? Did he ever talk about what was in the NOT National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Did he ever talk about the “most advanced” nation on earth having the MOST Debt of any nation on earth and why? Did he ever talk about the New World Order?

      … or did he just talk about subject matters that kept the sheople on the edge of their seat and/or a bunch of nothing that served as a great distraction for the NWO gang while you continued to be stripped of your freedoms and liberties while arguing about who your next Master should be???


  5. It’s hard to get used to you wearing eye glasses. So odd…

  6. At the end of an empire, nothing is true…

  7. This is why you need Skycoins Skywire. Decentralized internet infrastructure

  8. OverTaxed42Long // 12th April 2019 at 4:42 am // Reply

    Almost no one really knows just how horrible the govt is in the US. About all they understand is that politicians are liars, that the govt is corrupt, that taxes suck, that the infrastructure needs maintenance, etc. What they don’t ever do is think critically or put two and two together or connect the dots.
    Sure infrastructure needs the taxes they take from us at the threat of a gun in our face, but the taxes already taken when we buy fuel, oil, inspections, registrations, licences is enough to fund all new road projects and old road maintenance in their entirety with that much more left over. Then there is the revenue generators called cops writing billions in tickets those crooks again demand payment of with the threat of violence. People don’t seem to understand that the government is NOT necessary at all. Who the hell needs a separate group of people in a society that places itself in a higher position than the rest of us and does so using threats to do physical violence on us and even murder us if we don’t pay them their extortion money. The govt today is NOT a de jure or legitimate govt. Govt today is a corporation registered as such. Corporations are not sovereign and they are dead entities. They are legal fictions with a status of personhood. They have living people in the top positions who are arguably the absolute worst examples of humanity that can be found.
    People should be able to understand this but they are so heavily propagandized, indoctrinated, drugged into submission from the flouride that they just are incapable of having basic common sense about these things. It’s frustrating as hell trying to tell friends stuff like this only to have them cut you off miss sentence to say how the rain sure is wet today or gas prices keep going up. People either don’t care about the criminals called politicians stealing from them or they are too stupid to comprehend the depth of the criminal activity that the govt is responsible for. Very sad indeed.

    • #resistblueisis Tyranny resistmedicalTyranny! // 12th April 2019 at 2:43 pm // Reply

      Wow , it amazes me to see so much trurh written in this comment! Why? I beleive everything you just said, and its become difficult for me (maybe because as a sahm,who has been suffering ptsd rhis last year, from police abuse at NO fault of my own, still no criminal history, just living in this world among other people and its been a struggle to make new friends (in real life in my own community). I have actually lost friends (well,I cut them off myself because I refuse to participate in their willful,or ingorant BLIND lifestyles) faster than I can make them. I totally get what your saying. It’s frustrating to know stuff , while watching people around me in life, be SO blind and refuse to listen to what they are told! Even one of my own kids (who is grown up) that won’t speak to me,or listen to anything I say. He is so fooled by the world he acts like I’m just totally crazy/mentally ill person, evrn told me I sm crazy snd “need help” , he is ambarrast to be around me ,says nothing is wrong with fluoride and there is no such thing as chem trails.

      My sister was treated this way by her co workers. She can be more outspoken than me ,and her co worker asked her to stop telling him things because according to him, shes just a conspiracy theorist beleiving nonsense. I totally get what your saying. It’s so frustrating , and to be honest it gets me feeling lonely & angry. And people wonder why I’ve become more angry and more outspoken in the last year. I wish I didn’t have to live in this worls in this time period. Would be so much easier to be back in the 60s or even the 80s to have another 20yrs plus to not worry about what’s going to happen next.
      It’s not fair my kids cant dream of having their own children one day, without worrying about their own kids being forced injected with vaccines ,or even taken away from them.
      Like what parents are worrying about right now. If I knew what I kmow,now, 20years ago I would already be out of the country or living off grid somewhere away from society by now. People who will find out they are wrong, (the naysayers to what is truth) when it’s too late are in for a huge wake up and it will be worse for them.

      For me I’m not even financially prepared , for whatever will come next. But at least I can SEE what is going on,and am mentally prepared. I dont know if I’ll ever be emotionally prepared.

      I’m still suffering from the shock of what happened to us in 2017,with blue isis. If anyone wants to know what they did, I made a long review on the Aiken County (SC) sheriffs office website. I don’t know if it’s still posted,or if they removed it. I couldn’t even type everything that they did, because it only allowed so many characters to be typed for the review.

  9. Gage Ashbaugh // 12th April 2019 at 5:17 am // Reply

    Yeah we use our spent uranium from reactors creating electricity for Depleted uranium munitions over there.
    Total shitbags

  10. Thanks Jeff. By the way I like the setting taking the doggy for a walk. 🙂

  11. Great info but my media is legitimate

  12. I missed these walk and talk videos

  13. Grant Ellman // 12th April 2019 at 7:55 am // Reply

    you look very healthy Jeff! Keep taking care of yourself. Government is slavery, ladies and gentlemen! Eye opening and tragic watching those videos of people being bombed…. No wonder that will never be shown on the fakestream media television programming. More people need to see that and remember that the US government is the largest terrorist organization in the world, period. Also the fact about 25 soldiers committing suicide per day… PEOPLE do not want war. Only GOVERNMENTS want war .. or rather the bankers who finance both sides.

  14. fox ultrafeel // 12th April 2019 at 8:54 am // Reply

    Again I learnt something new, thank you very much Jeff! Pura Vida from Switzerland!

  15. And the US government is dominated by dual-citizens whose wars, and massive aid program have benefitted Israel. Just saying.

    • Better watch out goyim speaking that truth is illegal now. What does the law say? Perceived or REAL crimes may not be blamed on Jews.

    • +John Galt oi vey! Time for more trials into white nationalism! And if you don’t support Jewish nationalism and wars then you’re an anti-semite!

  16. Great to hear your perspective on this, thank you. PerDiePie’s announcement to stream only on Dlive was great. A major Internet personality moving to a Blockchain-based streaming service

  17. withoutexcuse2011 // 12th April 2019 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    As I’ve been saying, the reports of “the Deep State is retreating and panicking” are delusional. When people are “retreating and panicking” they are NOT doing interviews on national television … they are NOT doing book tours … they are NOT selling tickets to speeches and they are NOT bad-mouthing, investigating, shutting down and arresting people (Gen Flynn, Trump, Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone and now Assange – to name just a few). Quite the opposite — people that are doing such things are on the OFFENSIVE and LETTING YOU KNOW who’s in charge.

    Ask yourself, why aren’t they stopped? Why are these things allowed? Why isn’t Trump doing ONE DAMN THING about these events – other than running his mouth? Why is Jamie Dimon and the rest of the banksters allowed to continue looting this country? Listen, if you want to be stupid and believe all of the blind, fanatical, wishful-thinking propaganda then go right ahead. Don’t expect thinking people like myself to follow suit.

  18. Ricky Sparks // 12th April 2019 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    I was in a Mercedes Dealership in SoCal was annoying to have Fox News/CNN in background hearing their propaganda on this…Yes bring back the walk and talk videos!

  19. Jim Davidson // 12th April 2019 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    So at least we know how much it costs to buy Ecuador. Affordable, eh?

  20. great video. and beautiful background. thanks jeff

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