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Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante’s Rafael LaVerde

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Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante's Rafael LaVerde

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Topics include: Jeff and Rafael go way back, early days of crypto, the state of the markets, libertarian ethics, Ross Ulbricht, Jeffrey Tucker, Mister X, The Crypto Vigilante recommendations, TCV reports, creating a world of freedom and prosperity, rapid development in crypto tech, everyone hates their bank, ending economic enslavement, many economic leaders still don't understand crypto, major reason for hope, Monero's value proposition and privacy, is the bear market over? the halvening and changing economy of mining, The Crypto Vigilante launch

49 Comments on Crypto Predictions and Picks with The Crypto Vigilante’s Rafael LaVerde

  1. Ivar Baratheon // 21st May 2019 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    What are the crypto picks?

  2. On July 3rd, 2013 bitcoin was $90.

  3. “If the American people understood how the monetary system works there would be a revolution overnight.” – Henry Ford

  4. Banks are ridiculous I live between two countries for 15 years but they still freeze my account every time I move around…..paypal is worse, western union is just criminal. In the UK banks are freezing peoples accounts for months more and more .

    • The Man with the Answers // 21st May 2019 at 10:10 pm // Reply

      The highest banks control governments, but the lower banks are all controlled by government. The lower banks just obey whatever master government tells them – which is to treat their subjects as criminals who don’t own their own money.

  5. Jack Underhill // 21st May 2019 at 1:44 pm // Reply

    Why do dollar vigilante members have to pay to become a crypto vigilante subscriber? Does this also mean that now dollar vigilante subscribers will no longer receive crypto recommendations?

    • Making too much money is also a disease, it’s like being a drug addict but being addicted to money, not really healthy at all, that’s why you see most capitalists struggle with their self.

    • What about ‘I am an Anarcho- Capitalist’ from Jeff’s mouth did you not hear? it is all about the $ and profit, nothing less and nothing more.

    • Physiotherapeut Marvin Seidel // 21st May 2019 at 4:45 pm // Reply

      I have subscribed before 10 days at the dollar vigilante newsletter because I have thought that’s also include the crypto vigilante.
      I decided to cancel it because I don’t want to buy two newsletter and I have got my money back.
      So everything is fine

    • Because Jeff is a Jew

  6. Todd E. Maher // 21st May 2019 at 1:55 pm // Reply

    Jeff looks like he packed on some muscle. I mean, you were built last year, but now it looks like you’re going full Arnold, brother.

  7. Crypt Of The Python // 21st May 2019 at 1:55 pm // Reply

    you rule Jeff!

  8. My bank literally has robbed myself and family blind. They will take the food out of your families mouth. I’m at my wits end. The only hope I have to dig out of this rut is to try to invest in crypto. Thank you for all of the great info you put out for us.

    • +Jason H1 Precious metals, gold and silver, still cheap

    • MichihiroHonda // 21st May 2019 at 4:30 pm // Reply

      Be careful. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

    • Thank you. Ive been looking into silver. Definitely buying as soon as I’m able.

    • Nomad Wizard // 21st May 2019 at 4:52 pm // Reply

      +Jason H1 …eventually u will only be able to use ‘their’ cryptos.
      …all governments and the monopolies will have ‘their’ own blockchain coins, Walmart has already started with ‘their’ partnership with MoneyGram which will be using ‘their’ coin Ripple.
      ….. if u want to eat, heat or cool ur house, cloth urself, etc., etc., u will have to have ‘their’ coins
      …’they’ will only accept ‘their cryptos, so again ‘they’ will be in total control.
      ….just look at what ‘they’ r already doing to PPT, VERI, PLR and especially Centra.
      ….look what MasterCard just did (April 2018), and that will likely have an impact on cryptos like CIVIC.

      ….tokenized real estate will be to the detriment of the ‘little’ guy.

      …I’m not saying not to make money with cryptos, but they r not good for humanity they r just leading us one step closer to transhumanism.
      ….’they’ r disguising it as easy free money knowing most people r greedy and will hang on to the end chasing the money for ever.
      …it’s pretty much too late for most still holding as they will experience major loses so they mite as well let it ride.
      ….just like “they’ have been doing for decades …it’s a wise gambler who gets out of the games when the cards r not falling his way, it take brains, balls and backbone, then get back in the next game.
      ….don’t get suckered in, don’t be greedy take gains and buy equatorial farmland in nonwestern world countries

      …good food and clean water r the gold and silver of tomorrow.
      …for example, why do u think the Bushes bought several 100s of thousands of acres of farmland in S. America AND on top of one of the world’s largest fresh water aquifers, probable oil under there too.
      …take some of ur cryptos to those countries where u bought the farmland and cash it in for silver bullion coins and bury some on each piece of property, that way u r covered pretty much across the board …………. Dec 2017 “
      “…wouldn’t hurt to have a little XRP and also Stellar is one other bankster ‘coin’.
      …keep an eye out as ‘they’ re;ease them and tuck a little away.
      …however, as I mention in the comment I beleive u r alluding to, u still have several yrs to make some money with cryptos like ETH, bitcoin, BitcoinCash (it has don well recently and IMO is a sleeper), also think Veriasium is also a sleeper, Digibite, Tron…do ur own research
      ….but, be sure to take profits, just copy, paste and file that comment of mine for ur future reference.’s not only because of the economy that I suggest the nonwestern world equatorial farmland…and if nothing happens u have inexpensive vacation property that is paying for itself if u ‘lease out ur farmland to large organic farm companies, make sure there is a clean yr round large creek or even small river running thru or adjacent…good food and clean water r the gold and silver of tomorrow.
      …we have entered a Grand Solar Minimum/mini iceage, no global warming.
      …just look at the spring and fall crop losses the past 2 yrs due to early frost and late frosts in the lower Kannadian provinces and the Midwest of the ussa, in 12 to 18 months food prices will be up 30 to
      …if u have the time and patience look into food commodities.
      …check out Adapt2030, Ice Age Farmer, and Diehold Foundation, they have documented evidence that u can easily verify for urself….Feb 2019”

    • +Nomad WizardI agree 100%. This has been my thought from the beginning. I got into crypto hoping that I would be able to become financially secure. My wife and 3 year old daughter are my main concern. Trying to get prepared for the coming tidal wave of disasters, economic and monetary changes we face is hard to do when you live paycheck to paycheck. The system that we live in now feels like oppression and slavery. The keep us focused on racism to keep society blind to the fact that we are now slaves to debt. I have to break out of this so my 3 year doesn’t have to repeat this cycle. Thank you for your comment. I will still be doing my research on these sleeping giants!

  9. Small cap? limited members? Smells like a pump and dump

  10. I want to get the Crypto Vigilante, but I’m not spending 300 bucks I barely have in one shot. If you offered quarterly like I’m doing with Dollar Vigilante I’d be right with you.

  11. all for the low price of $600 per year

  12. JSNIP4 is now working with Jeff and the Dollar Vigilante and is the one who introduced Mr. X to them. JSNIP4 and Mr. X are both lowlife scammers. Run far away from this new circle jerk of corruption. Bad move Jeff bringing JSNIP4 into your company.

    • Noel Whelan // 21st May 2019 at 8:13 pm // Reply

      +James Brooks Im so glad i got away from that guy. I was very green back then and didnt understand like i do now. I was one of the lemons that followed him in to the bitpetite scam

    • GoddessDivine // 21st May 2019 at 9:14 pm // Reply

      James Brooks, yes his sell was based on Mr X’s prediction or as he referred to him as “my guy”.

    • Jeff Berwick // 21st May 2019 at 9:55 pm // Reply

      Who/what is jsnip??

    • +GoddessDivine Exactly right, Rafael LaVerde just teamed up with JSNIP4’s “Guy” or as Snippy used to call him “Mr. X”. JSNIP did mention in a vlog a couple months back that he and Mr. X were teaming up with someone big in the space, never would have thought it would be Jeff and The Dollar Vigilante. 100% scammers

    • +Noel Whelan And now he’s teamed up with Jeff and Rafael. This will be a disaster.

  13. Mirko Potokar // 21st May 2019 at 5:45 pm // Reply

    “All of three coins of bitcoin”, WTF is this? How can anarchists support heavily centralized not to say scammy coins. There is only one bitcoin and that is a bitcoin. Amen

    • I think bitcoin will be equivalent to myspace. We’ll see how lightning network goes, but I think other cryptos are technologically better, and will be used more for day to day transactions.

  14. Keith Razack // 21st May 2019 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    Jeff colored his hair

  15. Ross Ulbricht should not be in jail.

  16. Yikes! JSNIP4 in involved with this? I’m out if he is part of it.

  17. I agree, it has to go down first before going up.

  18. Is jsnip4 involved and mr x is the guy he uses to sell litecoin at the bottom?

  19. Taylor Eckhardt // 21st May 2019 at 11:00 pm // Reply

    Amen to what you both shared. Thank you… and thank God for crypto!

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