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How To Change Your Reality with Christof Melchizedek of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection

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Anarchast Ep.429

Jeff Berwick interviews Christof Melchizedek of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection. Topics include: vitality and well-being, corporations and cancer, deep self transformation, returning to your divine template, the internal work is the most important, programming your DNA, energy from zero point field, the energetic basis of childhood traumas and how we project them, quality of experience, universal love, moving into a new golden age of decentralization, karma and quantum past lives, bringing more light into your being, becoming more powerful, the importance of good diet, intent and attention, love and service for others, Anarchapulco 2019

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9 Comments on How To Change Your Reality with Christof Melchizedek of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection

  1. Jeff!! we miss you walking your dogs!!! Lucy sitz!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. Edward Brady // 9th August 2018 at 7:07 pm // Reply

    I think I saw this guy walking around Anarchapulco, Mexico
    Looking forward to 2019

  3. Rica The Hopeful Voluntarist // 9th August 2018 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    That echo…

  4. “Existence exists — and the act of grasping that statement implies two corollary axioms: that something exists which one perceives and that one exists possessing consciousness, consciousness being the faculty of perceiving that which exists.

    If nothing exists, there can be no consciousness: a consciousness with nothing to be conscious of is a contradiction in terms. A consciousness conscious of nothing but itself is a contradiction in terms: before it could identify itself as consciousness, it had to be conscious of something. If that which you claim to perceive does not exist, what you possess is not consciousness.

    Whatever the degree of your knowledge, these two — existence and consciousness — are axioms you cannot escape, these two are the irreducible primaries implied in any action you undertake, in any part of your knowledge and in its sum, from the first ray of light you perceive at the start of your life to the widest erudition you might acquire at its end. Whether you know the shape of a pebble or the structure of a solar system, the axioms remain the same: that it exists and that you know it.

    To exist is to be something, as distinguished from the nothing of nonexistence, it is to be an entity of a specific nature made of specific attributes. Centuries ago, the man who was — no matter what his errors — the greatest of your philosophers, has stated the formula defining the concept of existence and the rule of all knowledge: A is A. A thing is itself. You have never grasped the meaning of his statement. I am here to complete it: Existence is Identity, Consciousness is Identification.”
    Ayn Rand, For the New Intellectual, 124

  5. “Innerversity of Divine Perfection”?!??Wtf…we’ve all heard of Universities but wtf is an “Innerversity “?!??

  6. sunny hasbrook // 9th August 2018 at 9:47 pm // Reply

    Awesome! Glad you’re showcasing his work – been following him for over a yr now

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