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Mother Could Be HEADED TO JAIL After Toddler Falls Out of Car

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Car seats can be confusing. Should this mom’s common mistake be a crime? #PeakStatism

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32 Comments on Mother Could Be HEADED TO JAIL After Toddler Falls Out of Car

  1. Penalties are for people who do things on purpose according to the law. This woman did not do it on purpose therefore cannot be held accountable

    • Accountability and punishment are 2 different things. Someone should be held accountable and not the child. Whatever the outcome it’s her responsibility…

    • she is cleanly negligent – education is the solution for the first time but she is definitely responsible for her actions

    • Casanoa yeah I agree, that’s my point. God help us if we are not responsible for our actions…

  2. Derrick C. Williams // 30th January 2019 at 3:49 pm // Reply

    Imagine my shock at the justice system meting out that sort of justice.

  3. So at what age does the government officially own you? Birth?

    • yes

    • That’s what they think, yes, as of 1933 when birth certificates were introduced. Birth certificates set up a trust fund the government uses as collateral to borrow money from the bankers with.

    • InternetFreeForever // 30th January 2019 at 9:11 pm // Reply

      that’s why there is a birth certificate in the first place

    • ayatollah Vladimir Putin // 30th January 2019 at 9:26 pm // Reply

      Yes you are just plantation slave #987654 or tax payer #98765 given to you at birth. The bankers successfully destroyed families via the unconstitutional family courts and tricking women into the workforce, meaning the government raises you up to be a good slave for the banking cartel that controls the government.

  4. Insane Punishment! This is about keeping us Scared, and Small, a.k.a. Psychological Propaganda.

  5. If it was really about saving lives they would put seatbelts on school busses but it’s just about finding an excuse to fine people to make money. I will say I think maybe she needs to take a seat belts education course for child safety but much more than that seems crazy accidents happen.

  6. Sadly, Government’s primary purpose is to control everyone’s life with penalties and jail. Seems like it is impossible to go through a day without breaking multiple laws created by people who just want more of your money

  7. How dumb does the Dollar Vigilante have to be in order to say that kids falling out of cars is a common mistake? The mother got less than what she deserved. She didn’t install the seat correctly AND she left the car door open! The child needs to be protected from her mother. But that’s the way the poor muslims are…

  8. Electronic HQ // 30th January 2019 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    The parasites of government will grasp at any opportunity to make a quick buck; “Oh, your child fell out of your car while you were driving…give me $5000!”. Like, why?

  9. Every one is under so much stress today that our minds aren’t functioning as they should. A friend of mine put his new 2500 dollar computer on his roof as he opened his car two weeks ago. Drove off and the first right hand turn getting on the freeway it slid off in front of a FedEx truck. He was bummed and obviously didn’t do it on purpose! If this mother has no history of child endangerment then this sentence is an abuse of the judicial system!

  10. Maybe it was just a mistake.
    A busy mother could have just not closed the door all the way. There needs to be more info to determine the punishment. Accidents happen.

  11. Pilsbury Doeboy // 30th January 2019 at 4:24 pm // Reply

    Cop harassed me for letting my child play in the front yard. Got her inside, locked the door. He threatened me with arrest for not showing ID, sat in front of my house with blue lights on. I didn’t open the door. My 4yr old is scared to death of the police!

  12. You need car seat safety classes to understand the seat has to be fastened to the vehicle? Maybe a nice parade would suffice.

  13. TruthofChrist 777 // 30th January 2019 at 4:30 pm // Reply

    Oh yeah, separate mother and child, that’ll help. More government overeach.

  14. i do not think we have seen peak statism yet … far from it 🙁

  15. Did the mother have any other signs that she was neglecting her children? Giving her a fine and jail time is not going to help her family. Apparently, she is overworked and stressed. She would BENEFIT from a public service such as : 1. a SOCIAL WORKER to come to her house to check on her and the children. 2. Community or family witnesses to verify that she is mentally stable and competent. and / or 3. Family member who agrees to help her manage the safety and welfare of her little family. Don’t hurt this mother- I believe that she is doing her best. She needs help.

  16. As parents we are to do everything possible to protect our children regardless if the are Born or even unborn!
    And I have to say I agree with law when it says you should secure a baby or child securely in a vehicle! And I believe there should not be no warning if pulled over and child is out of restraints. I think the fine should be no more than a thousand no less than $500 with 2-year probation. But that’s taking another step farther it are so concerned about children how about The Unborn children are being aborted and murdered by the mother without the father having any say. If the father verse a killed the mother that was carrying their child he would get a double homicide. But the mother can freely without punishment or judgment murder same child without consequences. So if you going to be for the children be for all children because with the laws stating is a child don’t have a choice regardless if it’s in a vehicle, or even in the room a child is a child regardless if it’s born into the natural world or it’s a waiting to be born in the natural world. They cannot say that that baby in the room is not a living Bing because it has a heartbeat and blood flow and a brain to control the heartbeat. As far as what this country has came is a police state it’s all about the money I agree. Justice has been rebuild and the blindfold has been removed. That’s why our justice system is so recklessly intolerant and corrupt it in such a way where winners and losers are picked and chosen.

  17. By that reasoning, we should charge the government whenever they endanger us. When they failed at Pearl Harbor, 911, food safety, etc, etc, etc….

  18. judyofthewoods // 30th January 2019 at 5:29 pm // Reply

    Yet, they just passed a law in NY, I believe, where a baby can be murdered as it is being born (in-labour “abortion”). They call that a woman’s choice. But dare to accidentally, potentially harm your child, you do time and pay up. I guess, once born a child becomes government property which can be indoctrinated into a future stooge. They can’t let you damage government property. All about control.

    • Sadly, true. This world as we know it is speeding down the road to destruction via the path of insanity. Seek the Lord early while he may be found.

  19. zimbaliretreats // 30th January 2019 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    But they’re ok to kill a child up until birth in NY now…

  20. Frank E Paton III // 30th January 2019 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    Quite some years ago I happened to witness the same thing occur, door flew open while the car was making a turn the kid went rolling out into the middle of the intersection you got up looked around fry and ran back over to the car got in close the door and they drove off, the only reason they want to find this person is in order to feed the beast when they get someone in the system they want to keep them in as long as they can continuously extorting money out of people, she should have been sent to a car seat safety class in order to learn how to properly secure the seat in the automobile, as each day passes by I tend to more and more think about leaving this country, if the swamp isn’t drain soon and everything corrected I may tearfully have to leave the country I love and fought for

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