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The FDA Reduces Lifespan Of Average American by 5-10 Years – Mary Ruwart of Death by Regulation

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Anarchast Ep.442

Jeff Berwick interviews Author and activist Mary Ruwart, topics include: ever increasing regulations, massive increase in drug discovery and development time and cost, making drugs expensive, FA approval process, many vital drugs not developed. adds up to 5 years off our lives, censored supplements, opioid drugs, political involvement and conflict of interest, Vioxx, Trump and 'right to try', 'free to choose medicine', return of 3rd party testing and certification, Anarchapulco 2019

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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8 Comments on The FDA Reduces Lifespan Of Average American by 5-10 Years – Mary Ruwart of Death by Regulation

  1. Jamie Wynacht // 5th November 2018 at 6:10 pm // Reply


  2. Hey thanks for free book, everyone whatch till the end … Great info and good people on healthcare … thanks for finding catching another bug-in-the-matrix lol…

  3. We already have anarchy in the U.S, criminal anarchy.

  4. Government kills.


  5. -More 3rd-party testers would be the obvious procedure to follow. The more 3rd-party approvals, the better the drug. Why is there only 1 tester; the FDA?
    -$2,400,000 to test 1 drug is outrages.
    -You can return the body back to a state of health by eating fruit!

  6. Haskell Monads // 5th November 2018 at 8:20 pm // Reply

    Another great interview! It seems counter-sensical but red tape from government bodies slows down progress and skews the market.
    If pharmaceutical companies only had to worry about their product working and meeting the ‘market need’, then not only would medication be cheaper but also safer, since their reputation rests or falls on the effectiveness of their pharmaceutical product(s).

    At the moment, they just produce a product that passes an arbitrary FDA benchmark. Whose to say that benchmark is even correct? Then after their product was FDA approved they can absolve themselves of all liability (not in the strictest legal sense) and say well the FDA approved it, we thought it was safe, blame them. Meanwhile Pharmaceutical competitors who might have a better or cheaper product cannot afford to jump through the same hoops and spend the same time in getting their product passed, so we end up with a skewed market and worse one company that has a monopoly; not from having a superior product, but for being able to survive the government red tape. And you know what happens when Government and revolving door gov-corp employees starts supporting monopolies -see Marty Shkreli’s biotech firm!

    Anyone remember that Kid George Hotz (I think his name was) who invented a self driving car, whose AI was as perhaps on par with Teslas?
    Elon offered him a job which he refused and the only reason his company didnt go from 0 to 60 (pun to intended) is because the hoops he had to jump through just to test the car were ridiculous. For anyone interested, we should have had self driving remote control cars by the 50s and definitely by the 60s all the tech was there, but for some reason it never caught on. See RCA labs and their work with General motors’ Firebirds .

    Well I suppose that’s what you get when you dont have a free market! Probably could have flying cars now too ( and recreational nukes -I jest).

  7. Governments are just organized crime families.

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