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The US Government Is Coming For Your Guns

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Advocates of firearm restrictions have often said, “no one is coming to take your guns,” but now it seems their tone has changed dramatically

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39 Comments on The US Government Is Coming For Your Guns

  1. This And That Facts // 6th December 2018 at 11:48 am // Reply

    AWESOME videos Jeff

  2. If Americans give their guns away it’ll be game over.

  3. This And That Facts // 6th December 2018 at 11:49 am // Reply

    Guns and Gadgets… on YouTube


  5. politicalprisoner2 // 6th December 2018 at 11:52 am // Reply

    The governments of the USA have launched their Civil War Against The People, and confiscating ALL the rest of their guns and wiping the Second Amendment off the books by theft and thuggery. This is the GUN WAR.

  6. The frog in slowly heated water works every time!

    • Sometimes the frog gets wise & jumps out. I hope this is 1 of those times.

    • +ice9 – These evil bastards are wicked smart, they’re fine with moving things along at a snail’s pace because historically at that pace they accomplish every single agenda item they want. The only time they fail is when they move a little too quickly (like the recent carbon fuel tax in France)
      So yes, use the fuel tax riot’s in France to teach (wake up) everyone you know!!!

  7. The UN seems to be involved in this and I dont get how they’re allowed to do this inside our Country. I dont believe that this is local POLICE doing these confiscations as i saw a report where the police wouldn’t do it so they deputized UN agents

    • Once u realize there all on the same side it makes it easier.the un trump and all politicians including other countries like putin xi etc.we will go to war but it is all planned.yhey want the west destroyed and that’s y france is really revolting and other countries in Europe.if we want to avoid a nwo we will have to as well

  8. Package and bury deep under and with scrap metal.

  9. The Dollar Vigilante
    The real problem is that the US Government secretly operates under the second constitution the Act of 1871! Without a constitutional convention to rid ourselves of this that changed the people from creditors to debtor citizens nothing is going to change but only get worse and more oppressive under the foreign banksters!

    • Congress was adjourned before the civil war, Lincoln was a member of the Bar, thus prohibited to be actual president of the Continental unites States.

  10. Let’s see them try confiscating in Texas

  11. withoutexcuse2011 // 6th December 2018 at 12:24 pm // Reply

    All criminal governments in any country **ALWAYS** come after the guns.
    For undeniable proof of this just look at the last 100 years of world history.

    • withoutexcuse2011
      Yes Sir is true, i am from Switzerland and i own many Guns, the Europe goverment have startet a campagne step by step to take the Swiss owner they Guns. Our Politicants out there are Puppets just like in the USA.

      „Slaves cant have Guns“ Have says the Communists,I say suck my balls.

      Illuminatism is Communisms! Simpel

      I pray that the Americans will start to wake up!

    • withoutexcuse2011 // 6th December 2018 at 2:49 pm // Reply

      +Ilvan Nakuc — Yes, Ilvan. The reason is obvious: they KNOW that they are criminals committing crimes and they KNOW that they deserve to be severely punished for those crimes. That’s why they want to take our guns. They are cowards. That’s why they want to be the only ones with guns – so that they can commit all the crimes they want without fearing the just wrath of their victims. We CANNOT EVER allow this – if we do, they will squash us like bugs (which is what we are to them). Best wishes to you and your country.

  12. You know I’m pretty sure this whole Trump train is fake. Hate to admit it but it’s looking that way. Considering what I know about Jewish circles the Chabad movement wants Jared Kushner as the leader of the new Israel. And they are going to take down the UN and replace it with a new international religious body that enforces the noahide laws. But the problem with the noahide laws is it basically means Christian genocide. Because Jews believe that Christians commit idolatry through Jesus. So to enforce the noahide laws you have to behead Christians. I might be coming to Mexico bro.

  13. erictheBaptist // 6th December 2018 at 1:04 pm // Reply

    “Mass shootings” are of course nothing more than government perpetrated hoaxes. It’s like pictures in a book Danny, it’s not real.

  14. Parasitic governments need to be removed.

  15. PKV1611221 1611221 // 6th December 2018 at 1:49 pm // Reply

    In 2016:
    38,658 americans died from firearm related deaths.
    44,965 from suicide, and
    635,260 from diseases of the heart

  16. Jeff’s bummed because BTC is tanking, and is putting out clickbate. Just kidding dude. They don’t need nukes they will just burn you out with DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONRY, like that being used to torch paradise, CA.

  17. ALL mass shooting are fake hoaxes to grab the guns, the only thing stopping concentration camps . .

  18. Government clowns.. They are clearly afraid of us the people uniting and becoming more then just tax slaves. They let us choose our own jobs after slavery was banned so they can increase their profit on us but they made the cage to big. We can take control of our own future now and break out of the cage.
    It’s a desperate move from their side, time to stand our ground and make a change for the future of ourselves and all generations to come.

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