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Visiting The Anarchic Mexican City That Threw Out Government… And Anarchapocalypse

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Anarchast Ep.433

Jeff Berwick interviews documentary filmmaker, Chis Harrigan, Topics include: the documentary Anarchapocalypse, Cherán, an Anarchistic town in Mexico, anarchism comes naturally to Mexico, self government, the growth of the liberty movement and Anarchapulco, the making of the vital documentary Anarchapocalypse, seeking some support from the community.

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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31 Comments on Visiting The Anarchic Mexican City That Threw Out Government… And Anarchapocalypse

  1. Yeah.. sounds like a nightmare. I was hoping to see the city..

    • Outstanding In

      Well it’s hard to tell, the video didn’t show much. The idea of the leader being an “elder” is certainly nightmarish enough for me.

      Tribalism is bad m-kay

    • Outstanding In // 3rd September 2018 at 3:37 pm // Reply

      I didn’t hear either of them say the Elder they were referring to was “the leader” of Cherán

    • +Outstanding In elder is another word for leader.

      It’s the same sort of ”governing body” as native Americans. Awful.. just awful.

    • Outstanding In // 3rd September 2018 at 7:40 pm // Reply

      I haven’t done any research on Cherán, but saying that some place is ‘governed’ ‘in the same sort of way’ as ‘native Americans’ did seems impossible when you consider that there were thousands of different ‘tribes’ who all did things differently!

    • +Outstanding In

      Well, Tribalism is a blanket term. Essentially meaning the group makes the rules. If you aren’t part of the group, you aren’t going to be very popular. That doesn’t sound like a very inclusive society. Diversity is what makes America great.

      Weather those thousands of tribes are similar or entirely different, it’s still governed the same way. A mild dictatorship, as it were.. they’re just simply aren’t that many ways to govern smaller groups of people and even less ways to govern large groups of people.

  2. Perhaps an awesome place to holst Anarcpulco?? And boost their economy?

  3. Outstanding In // 3rd September 2018 at 1:16 pm // Reply

    4:36 – 5:41

    Holdin it down and keepin it up for the cause!

  4. One HUGE problem with living in a place like this, as wonderful as it may seem, all it takes is for the existing or a new, “Real government”/ the powers who truly control these lands in this area of the world, to decide they don’t want to “allow” the people to self govern any longer. They come in and take everything and what can those living in a fools paradise do to stop centralized governmental institutions/ militaries from coming in and taking control, Not one damned thing, then you loose everything!!!!Just hard facts and smart thinking. I personally would NEVER trust placing my future in a situation where the rug can be pulled out from under my feet at any time having ZERO abilities for any judicial protection of losses. NO WAY !!! If you like living in this place and taking such chances, More power to you, and I wish you the best. I simply think the risks tosses common sense out the window.

  5. Cheran is not anarchist. They have a government. It’s just not Mexico. I’ve not heard of anybody being able to opt out. Until that point, there’s government.

    Ditto for Liberland.

    • Your ad hominem remarks are of no value. Never questioned what you know and don’t know, that would be silly of me. No one is superior, a single human has more value than any collective. It is not significant as to place one lives, what is significant is what one understands,  The children of Cheran are invited to attend school not required. The people of Cheran do not object to their current voluntary security force and do not vote for them. The people of Cheran have no leaders, police, taxes, procedure laws, prohibition laws or any ruling authority. The people of Cheran are definitely, without a doubt, anarchists. The people of Cheran have NO government. I implore you to view the 2014 JT Cheran Documental, mentioned to you previously , you’ll find the Documental truly inspiring. Peace

    • Peace to those living in Cheran

    • No Leaders; there you go lying again. They have leaders. Please contradict the above quote from their OWN WEBSITE. Or don’t you even speak Spanish? It is a government. It may be a good one, but it is a government. Stop lying and directly refute the cited material. You cannot.
      If you are going to reference a documentary, at least provide a link.
      As I said, ancaps are silly. That is no reflection on the GOVERNMENT of Cheran. You have no response. You have replied to nothing. You are a coward.

    • And stop using ad hominem incorrectly.

  6. Daily reminder that socialism always ends in starvation and genocide.

  7. Nice interview.

  8. Victoria Layrisse // 3rd September 2018 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    Ditto. The same people govern New York and Cheran, they are in Rome and Brussels.

  9. Hilarious how wikipedia calls what Cheran is doing “direct democracy'”, hiding the anarchism behind a word associated with politics.

  10. I just sent a donation to Chris’ pateron account and I encourage every other anarchist to do the same. Let’s get this film made so we can show it to our statist friends and family whenever the word “roads” begins forming on their lips.

  11. Lorenzo Zjalarre // 3rd September 2018 at 5:08 pm // Reply

    Did they finally clean up all that trash in Acapulco?

  12. Cheran has a government and therefore is not an anarchy. It’s just that their form of government is non-traditional, in that it’s a muti-member council rather than a single mayor. This is not unique to this city either, the mexican constitution allows for this type of self determined framework.

    As proof of this, drugs are illegal there still. If it was a true anarchy, then drugs would be legal.

  13. Jeff, you and Chis Harrigan should view this Documental showing how the Cheran people fought and died to save their town forest from the tyrannical government. on Aug 19, 2014Es conocida ya la historia de los últimos 3 años de lucha de Cherán. Esta comunidad de Michoacán, en defensa de sus bosques. encontró la autodeterminación política y la autodefensa ciudadana.
    Los niños, niñas y jóvenes de la comunidad a través del arte y la cultura expresan sus ideas y emociones sobre el conflicto y la actualidad de un Cherán que se refuerza reforestando y gozando de la paz en sus calles. La voz de las mujeres – pioneras en el levantamiento-, de las radios comunitarias y de miembros de las simbólicas fogatas complementan este relato que mezcla un retrato de la comunidad y su lucha con la representación que los niños hacen ella.
    La Bufón SOSial es un colectivo artístico que realiza talleres y campamentos artísticos en zonas de conflicto estimulando la creación y asi, mediante la creatividad, machacar la violencia contenida en los jóvenes y sus familias.

    Realización: Sebastián Labaronne
    RumboSur Cine.
    Junio 2014

  14. It appears the government was allowing cronies to log and destroy the towns forest, the women organized and starting guarding the forest at night and throwing rocks at loggers and burring their cars. The men of the town finally joined the women and many lost their lives until finally forcing the loggers, corrupt police and politicians out of their town.

  15. Capitalism is legalized usury. Free markets are fine, usury is predatory and destroys freedom.

  16. Barry Dutton Sells Homes // 3rd September 2018 at 9:38 pm // Reply

    It is amazing many of us for Liberty etc have not heard of this city til now. You learn something new every day. Great interview Jeff. Get me outta here LOL.

  17. Jeff why did you go Ginger?

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