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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Norris Premiers His Post EMP Attack Action Film On Infowars

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Mike Norris joins Alex Jones live in studio to give his take on President Trump's first year and to premier the trailer and exclusive clips from his new action film The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde.

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33 Comments on EXCLUSIVE: Mike Norris Premiers His Post EMP Attack Action Film On Infowars

  1. First!

  2. Glow流星みゆき // 11th January 2018 at 11:35 pm // Reply

    How in the world have you been able to put out all this propaganda garbage without being sued?!

  3. Queerbec Ministry of Information & Broadcasting // 11th January 2018 at 11:43 pm // Reply

    Will Pokemon Go still work if there is a severe EMP Attack asking me ?

  4. Robert Phillips // 11th January 2018 at 11:43 pm // Reply

    ..whatcha probably with in a month Alex will have some sources tell him we are going to have a empty attack on us done by the deep state and funded by George Soros to put Obama back in office or Hillary

  5. Rob Meglaughlin // 11th January 2018 at 11:45 pm // Reply

    Two Steps From Hell , …Is always good

  6. Que pena, sem tradução e legenda!
    Só se entender inglês…

  7. King Not Indoctrinated #i will killuminati // 11th January 2018 at 11:45 pm // Reply

    Bruh can’t yall see Alex a disinfo agent bruh he shits himself everytime isreal is brought up he said he would call Trump out if he sold out Syrian gas attack was my wake up call but yall continue to let him bait you bruh Trump is a Zionist puppet just like Obama and Hillary they related thru the royal bloodline they gave you Hillary made you fear Hillary offered a savior Trump hook line sinker stop falling for divide and conquer tactics by the real owners of the country the federal reserve

  8. Palmira Enriquez // 11th January 2018 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    I’m glad the TRUTH it’s been exposed through a great production.

  9. Trump called some countries shitholes………he is 100% ACCURATE!!

  10. If we have a good proper faraday cage, we can at least protect our electronic devices against an EMP attack.

  11. The movie looks stupid! hahahha!

  12. It’s hard for me to believe that I’m the only one who has watched this video!!! I thought it is great!

  13. Looks like a great movie. While I dont agree with your views on the rapture, because the Bible clearly states, the elect arent appointed to the wrath of God, so at somepoint, either before the tribulation period, or at the midway point, the church is taken out of this world, as it is whats restraining the lawless one from having free roam. I lean towards a pre-trib rapture, but I can see those who point to a mid trib rapture as being a big possibility. Reason why is this the 1st half of the trib, isnt nearly as bad as the last half, as God calls the last half of that period the Great Tribulation, due to his wrath being poored out on this earth. The word of God tells us there must 1st be a falling away, and that man of sin be revealed. IMO were seeing a falling away now, as many churches arent teaching the whole world of God, they are just tickling the ears of the people, like a Joel Osteen. So sound doctrine isnt being preached now. But the man of sin has yet to be revealed, although I think he is on the seen now, and we have likley saw him, he hasnt taken his position just yet. I think he will likely come to the forefront either during or after the Psalm 83 war, and possibly not till the 1st Gog, Magog war. I think the Psalms 83 war will take place soon, as in while Trump is still in office, because that will be some border nations rise up against Israel, and Israel wins, which my guess is we help them in that victory. I think the announcement that we recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, sets the stage for the Psalm 83 war. This is just my opinion, Im by no means a Bible scholar, but Israel IMO has to be involved in a major war, which is what brings the man of sin to the forefront, and I actually think it probably isnt till the Gog, Magog war, when he gets revealed. But were told to always be prepared for the Lords coming in the clouds to call the church out of this world, because it will be on a day that is unexpected, and why he comes like a thief in the night. God Bless

  14. When satan was thrown out of Heaven, there was war in the Heavens, real war. Angels and demons (what we perceive as demons now) fought against one another. There was a true battle, in which both sides obliterated one another with advance weaponry such as the world has never seen. God and His Angels won that battle and threw satan and his army to Earth. Part of the deal was satan was given dominion over the Earth for now. Earth is satan’s kingdom and he has power here, and people have free will to choose sides.
    Once the main battle ended and satan was thrown to Earth, satan and his army became engaged in a Cold War with God and the Heavens. This Cold War will last until the Final Battle when Jesus comes with His Army and battles satan and his army.

    In the meantime, while we wait, satan uses God’s Creation to hurt God. he wants to take as many people to hell with him as possible, so as to bring ultimate heartache to God. It’s a middle finger to God, mockery against God, by bringing down the Creation, humanity.

  15. Bull, theyre winning us! We are losing the fight NOT winning.

  16. Alex can’t shut up….

  17. please do not invite guest that look like they just fell down the stairs, plus they have nothing to say, except peddle, “c grade ” movie

    • bio ROBOT like I said before, you are stupid. Can’t help it because I am old. Hopefully you won’t make it this far in life.

  18. We are at the final acts of the trobulation. 5th seal is about to break

  19. Look. I’m really sorry, but over dramatic, bad acting, church movies, will turn people away. I am a Christian. But if it doesn’t look exactly like Hollywood, then the kids will not watch. And I appreciate the movie, but it looks corny as hell. GOD, this is what pisses me off. Why in the hell do we have to have corn pone movies. Every Gen-X knows this. We grew up with Pulp Fiction, not some bible thumping story-time. But I genuinely wish the man luck.

  20. Northern Lassie // 12th January 2018 at 1:05 am // Reply

    Where did all these nasty anti-AJ people come from on here??! Is Bannon paying them from his ‘Dark Money’ foundation to verbally attack? The demons must be getting desperate to keep their deceptive powers, as they are frothing like a cornered rabid animal…

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