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Empowering Women with Raw Food

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Gain confidence, re-establish your relationship with food, and gain true success!

For all the ladies who are here and need encouragement (and gentlemen too), I've just shared a new video on Empowering Women with Raw Foods. If you are struggling with feeling confident, losing weight, or finding health success, I truly hope that this video reaches you. I believe that women in particular have a truly unique relationship with food that can either rule them or empower them. Every woman that I know wants to glow when she walks into a room and inspire the world–so "lettuce" do this together! I hope that you take a few minutes to watch and share it with your family and friends. Gain confidence, re-establish your relationship with food, and gain true success! Are you ready?!

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22 Comments on Empowering Women with Raw Food

  1. Ana Karen Cornejo // 31st August 2013 at 10:32 pm // Reply

    only if you eat them fried and covered in chocolate..

  2. read 80/10/10, girl!

  3. Please expand your food co-op to ohio. We really need it!

  4. This video is awesome it inspires me a lot!:)

  5. Copy and Paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will discover why certain foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  6. What is unhealthy about chicken or fish?

  7. Love that you are empowering women with raw food! I wanted to post a video response but I can’t find a way to do that here. Anyway, I am in Houston too so it would be awesome to meet sometime! 🙂 Hugs from one health nut to another!

  8. I love this girl. You’re a gift for all of us. And you just say the truth.

  9. love that the background music is from under the tuscan sun! beautiful soundtrack 😀 thanks for the vids, truly inspiring <3

  10. Reina Tricarico // 26th September 2013 at 7:41 am // Reply

    can you please please pleaseee tell us the story behind your hair?? It is soo long beautiful n gorgeous. tell us everything.. your hair care routine, how long u been growing it, how u style it.. truly anything your willing to share. I always admire your hair watching these great informative videos.

  11. My weird uncle was able to make the most beautiful stripper there is in my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I became excited for him but I wish an eye-catching person would fall in love with me. I am exceptionally jealous. Does that make me a lousy human being?

  12. Johanna Nikoletos // 19th October 2013 at 7:22 pm // Reply

    As much as I love the raw food&vegan movement, affirming the message that womens’ bodies are the key to their confidence goes against what female empowerment and feminism strive for. These movements try to advance women as individuals whose value is not determined by their looks, but by their character and intelligence. Truly empowering women means portraying the message that physical appearance does not determine your value, and that confidence should come from within – not what you look like.

  13. Anti-hegemony // 19th October 2013 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Girl needs a hamburger! TOooooo skinny!!!

  14. GLITZYGIRL8011 // 21st October 2013 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    Hi Kristina I would like to go raw I eat nothing but fruit in the morning (my1 full raw meal) but I would like u to make a video on how to be raw in a not raw house. My family would never be raw. I’ve talked to them about it and they just don’t wat to try this journey with me my dad has meat with every meal ad my mom is the same except with bread how do I stay confident in my raw journey if I don’t have a lot of support at home …. Thank you:-)

  15. Christina is at perfect weight, if someone isn’t don’t worry about it and continue to carb up, you’ll get there and be healthy

  16. Bailey Peterson // 7th November 2013 at 7:43 am // Reply

    I love your hair is there anything you do with it, in particular, that makes it so beautiful??? And thank you for your kind and clean words, keep it up!!!! Your the woman!!! Lol

  17. You are so inspirational. I am trying to eat more raw foods now thanks to you. *hugs* 

  18. im sorry but wtf does raw food have to do with gender?

    • healthandwealthdiva // 24th April 2014 at 10:53 pm // Reply

      Not that Caucasian men don’t have to deal with low-confidence issues but women tend to have more low-confidence issues because a bunch of Caucasian men are bombarding (directly or indirectly) them with what they can’t do or should be limited to.  When the negative energy that comes with consuming processed food or food that must be slaughtered begins to flush from a woman’s body and is replaced by the vitality of fresh, whole, organic foods, she can then begin to step into the power that most Caucasian men take for granted.

    • Cassandra Michelle // 30th January 2015 at 4:30 pm // Reply

      +healthandwealthdiva said it perfectly<3

  19. Thank you for this beautiful & heartfelt sharing.  So true and so inspiring…  <3

  20. Christine Gobac // 18th December 2015 at 9:27 am // Reply

    LOVE THIS!!!! Absolutely love all your messages Kristina!! Good on you for doing what makes you happy whilst helping others. A true inspiration 😀

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